Getting another degree is not going to land you a job in Instructional Design & Online Learning.

Here is the list of 5 things you really need to get your first corporate instructional design job.


What You Will Learn

The most important things you can do now to improve your chance of getting interview invitations for instructional design and eLearning positions.

Hiring Managers

Find out what hiring managers are looking for in an instructional designer or eLearning developer.


Get noticed and taken seriously by recruiters who are actively sourcing IDOLs. 

Bonus Tips

Extra tips and information you may not have considered about how to approach landing your first IDOL job.

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This is a pre-launch gift from the IDOL courses Academy.

If you're struggling to figure out the exact job assets you need to land your first instructional design job, you're not alone.  I started a Facebook group to help people just like you called Become an IDOL.  What I discovered is that while a Facebook group is a good start it's not a full solution for someone in your position.  You need the exact steps to build your job assets, a layout of what should be included in your resume, tutorials on the eLearning authoring tools, and a dedicated guide to help you along the way. I've been listening to you and hence the birth of the IDOL courses Academy. 

What the heck is the IDOL courses Academy?

The IDOL courses Academy is the bridge that crosses the knowledge gap you encounter when you want to either change your career and become an IDOL in a corporate environment or when you are trying to get your first job after you graduate with a degree in instructional design.  It is a membership to the place where you will get the information, resources, experience, and network you need to land your first IDOL job. 

Pre-Launch Details about the IDOL courses Academy

  • Learn how to change your career and become an IDOL
  • Get access to a step by step course so you can build your job application assets
  • Get access to PAID instructional design experience opportunities you'll only find in the Academy
  • Handshake introductions to recruiters
  • Beautiful templates released monthly for everything course creation
  • Learn how to build IDOL courses
  • Early access to the Become an IDOL podcast where we answer your most pressing questions about all things course building and instructional design
  • A private members only Facebook Group with challenges and support
  • eLearning authoring tool tutorials that start at the very beginning and teach you the 'why' and the 'how'

If you join at the launch of the IDOL courses Academy, you'll be a founding member who will give input about what you need and when. You'll be a part of building a resource that is helpful for you and other members to come!


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