Accessibility with Storyline®

Get on the fast track to becoming an expert in accessibility in eLearning

Discover how accessibility benefits all learners, master the lingo related to disability laws, understand guidelines for eLearning accessibility, and gain lifetime access to step-by-step tutorials for creating accessible eLearning in Storyline 360.

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Here's What You'll Learn in Accessibility with Storyline®

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Universal Design for eLearning

Learn how universal design applies to eLearning and identify potential barriers to learning in your project.

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Disability Laws and Accessibility Standards

Discover what Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 have to do with eLearning and dive into accessibility standards.

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Accessibility & Storyline

Relate accessibility guidelines to Storyline features and learn how to stay on top of the latest Storyline updates.

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Create Accessible Text

Learn the basics for creating accessible text and apply them to your badge project.

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Create Accessible Images & Graphics

Learn the basics for creating accessible images and graphics and apply them to your badge project.

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Create Accessible Keyboard Navigation

Learn the basics for making your course accessible to keyboard navigation and apply them to your badge project.

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Use Accessibility Checkers

Learn best practices for checking accessibility, including how to use a free screen reader to test your course.

Earn the Accessibility with Storyline® Badge

Participants who submit an eLearning project that meets accessibility standards will earn a digital badge for Universal Design for eLearning.

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What others have said about working with us!

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Marina Gibbons

Dr. Robin has created a truly safe and encouraging space. All the members are professional, supportive, and motivated. Soon, I will be publishing my portfolio thanks to the knowledge, encouragement, and lessons from her IDOL Academy... I am beyond grateful - for so many things - the reinforced knowledge, the new stuff, her direction and guidance, the IDOL community, personal validation, and her belief in me. I am most definitely doing what I should be doing. #grateful #RockinRobin #GratefulToBeAnIDOL #IDOL #IDOLAcademy

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Tonya Robertson

Dr. Sargent's academy is not to be missed - especially if you are interested in expanding your instructional design knowledge. She is very knowledgeable of the latest trends in the field and she is eager to see all of her students succeed. The resources available to students that enroll are plentiful and extremely valuable.

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Sherrise Lee George

I really enjoyed the IDOL Academy. I have been an Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer for 7 years, but I found the IDOL Academy to be endlessly helpful even this far into my career. The sense of community and the personal help and advice from Robin was invaluable, and the course content was spot on! I highly recommend this to anyone in the eLearning industry, whether you've been in it for years, or you're just starting out!

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