"I believe I learned more in your five-day challenge than I did in grad school!"

The free Become an IDOL Challenge is five days of instruction to kickstart your instructional design journey, delivered straight to your inbox.

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What's included in the free Become an IDOL challenge?

In this challenge, you will learn corporate instructional design principles and how IDOLs select development tools so you can create several pieces for your portfolio with just one course topic.

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On-Demand Daily Instruction

You'll learn the corporate instructional design principles needed to land your dream IDOL job. We make it easy for you to take quick action!

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Simple, Clear Assignments

Alongside each day's lessons, you'll unlock simple, clear assignments that help you apply what you've learned.

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Exclusive Community For Support

Make connections with other IDOLs. You'll meet other people learning the same skills in our Become an IDOL Facebook Group so you can have accountability buddies on your journey.

Here's How The Challenge Works

Each day, a module will open for the day's challenge. You'll receive an email straight to your inbox each day giving you information on that day's activities.

You have access to the content of the challenge for seven days. That timeframe is to ensure you TAKE action: get in and get going!

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