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The Do It Messy Approach

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What People Are Saying:

The Do It Messy Approach is a great way to just dive in and stop procrastinating! We often put things off because we know we can't achieve perfection on the first try or because the big picture is just so overwhelming. It's important to just get started and do it! Perfection can come later. Robin gives a step-by-step guide on how to jump-start your ID portfolio. Well worth the read!

Swigalicious Art

The Do It Messy Approach is the most encouraging, accessible, and easy-to-follow guide available for novice instructional designers. Dr. Robin Sargent does an excellent job of keeping you entertained and motivated to take action and build your own course...the messy way. She teaches progress, not perfection, which gets you quick and easy results!

Janelle Newman

I was fortunate enough to be one of the early readers of Dr. Sargent's book. I have to say that her clear, concise, and simple to follow approach is easy to absorb and enjoyable to read. I love that it's right to the point and doesn't overcomplicate things. If you are looking for an ID guidebook, you found it.

Dr. Luke Hobson

Dr. Robin Sargent writes in a way that makes you forget you are learning how to create the best material possible for your ID needs. Her friendly tone and helpful examples make this process seem like an adventure while not compromising practical tools and real world examples. She has clearly done the hard work necessary to make herself and others successful and this work seems to be an overflow of that desire to see others succeed. A must read for anyone intimidated by a switch to creating their own Instructional Design materials or moving into that career path!

Emily Wood

Enrolling in IDOL Academy and reading this book has been the best career decision I have made. I have wanted to transition out of public education for 15 years, but did not know where to start in order to become an instructional designer. In this book, Dr. Robin is specific and intentional with setting students up for success with the information provided. She provides action oriented information to help new instructional designers set up their portfolio and add assets to it. The information she provides is grounded in solid research. She provides a succinct recipe for success! I highly...I mean HIGHLY recommend that anyone (especially teachers) that want to become an instructional designer purchase this book to support you on your journey into the ID world!


This handy guide is worth its weight in gold for the extensive compilation of resources. It has links to everything you could possibly need as an Instructional Designer.

Kelly L.