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Metaverse and VR

Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., is president of The Gronstedt Group, which develops multiplayer VR simulations and learning games for industry leaders like Walmart, Pfizer, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Daikin. In this workshop Anders introduces you to the role of the metaverse and VR in education.

Facilitating Fantastic Virtual Classrooms

In this workshop, Jo Cook and her producer and brother Mike Cook, share and show you how to facilitate a fantastic virtual classroom.

Recruiter Q&A

In this workshop, the recruiter, Maysea, answers participant questions about working with a recruiter. She provides great insights into the recruiting process.

Learning Management System Training

In the workshop, CanpoyEd CEO William Minton provides an overview of the CaponyEd LMS.

Learner Motivation

In this workshop, Valary Oleinik discusses non-linear learning and how to motivate learners for better results.

Anti-Goals Workshop

In this workshop, Moe Ash takes a unique look at goal setting. What is your anti-goal?

Elevator Pitches that Pay and Slay

Academy favorite, Precious Williams, is back to share her approach for creating killer Elevator Pitches.

Powtoon for the Corporate World

Adam Suissa gives us look at Powtoon and some of the features they offer for the corporate environment. Hint - Powtoon is way more than the "cartoon creation platform" that you may be familiar with.

Start and Grow a Business Selling Your Expertise

Have ever dreamed of having freedom and flexibility to do those "things" you never seem to have time for? Majeed Mogharreban shares his journey to building a freelance business that provides good income and flexible schedule allowing him the lifestyle he always dreamed of.

Personal Branding

Precious Williams - a 13-time national elevator pitch champion - shares her experience around creating your personal brand.

Game Design as Instructional Design

"Don't just use a video game in your class, but think about how to turn your class into a video game." Paul Darvasi shares insight from his experience using games to drive learning and goes into detail about two specific classes that he did turn into a video game. Prepare to be inspired!

Storyline out of the Box - Javascript Foundations

In this workshop - Zsolt Olah shares about using Javascript to really expand what you can do with Articulate Storyline!

Engaging Virtual Producer

Academy favorite John Chen joins us again to teach us about producing produce amazing virtual meetings.

Your Ideas Matter - but so do theirs

Dr. Claudia Ruiz joins us again - this time the topic is collaboration. Follow along as Dr Claudia describes how to effectively build each other's expertise using the proper tools to develop and grow professionally.


Review of Animation Tools

Academy favorite, Linnea Sjogren, is back to share info about different animation tools.

Mindset of Transition

Sara Torpey talks with us about the Mindset of Transition - which is essentially the mindset of managing change. Why is change hard? What is normal? How to "ease the process"?

Technical Writing 101 for IDOLs

Academy alumni, Chantel Dean, talks about technical writing and how important it is for your learning programs.

Performance Consulting

Ettie McCormack shares insights about the overlap between instructional design and performance consulting.

Microlearning for IDOLs

Join Academy alumni, Star Peterson, as they share their experience with some different microlearning platforms.

Artisan Storytelling

Paul Kreiter approaches storytelling the way a chef builds a sandwich - with creativity and layers and cohesion and nuance.

Graphic Design for Course Creators

Dr. Dawn DiPeri shares her thoughts about the most important graphic design skills for new Instructional Designers.

Ask the Instructional Design Hiring Manager

Dr. Claudia Ruiz returns to share more of her insights, and to answer questions, about corporate instructional design.

Story Design in Real Life

Academy favorite, Rance Greene, is with us to share his approach for creating stories to bring life to your learning experiences.

US Government Job Opportunities, Things to Know

Ron Nakamoto shares insights about applying for US Government jobs. He has great information about how your resume and cover letter should be different from what you use for Corporate positions.

Interactive Maps in Learning

Russell Sweep shares some examples of how interactive maps enhance a learning experience and shows you how to add a Google Streetview map to your Storyline project.

Transition from Teacher to ID Freelancer

Academy Alumni, Laine Istvan, shares her experiences transitioning from Teacher to ID Freelancer.

Make Change with Assessments

IDOL Alumni, Kristi Oliva, shares her insights on the value of learning assessments within your organization.

Teacher Mindset in the ID Transition

Academy Alumni, Mandy Brown, tries to make the transition from Teacher to IDOL a little less overwhelming.

RISE Feedback Model

Emily Wray shares the RISE model of giving and receiving feedback.

Accessibility and Testing: Why its Important

In this session, Nicole Larson shares her lessons learned and best practices about testing for accessibility.

Getting the Story: Interviewing SMEs for Stories

The information instructional designers gather during the SME interview process is essential to creating an effective learning experience. In this session, you'll learn strategies writers use to conduct effective interviews.

Tips and Tricks to Developing World-Class videos

Matt Sustaita shares his best tips for ensuring your videos are world-class.

Internalization for L&D programs

Mariana Horrisberger shares her passion for localization of learning experiences.

Goal Setting Digitally Using Vision Boards

Jennifer Mack-Watkins shares secrets of Digital Goal Setting with vision boards

Best Practices Working with Clients and Fostering Positive Business Relationships

In this workshop, Gretchen Johanson covers how to navigate relationships and conversations with your clients and stakeholders at every stage of your projects to build trust and foster positive business relationships.

How to Boost Visibility, Attract Clients & Increase Sales with Video Storytelling

Have you ever run into somebody who told you a story? And you just wish they'd stop talking. What's wrong with those types of stories? And why do people tell those types of stories? Robert Kennedy III shares the secrets of good storytelling.

Mining the Gold in Mistakes

If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by perfectionism, or fear of making mistakes when presenting, this workshop shows you some tools that might just help you loosen up, AND you’ll learn some activities you can use in your own sessions.

Data and Analytics for ID

Megan Torrence, from TorranceLearning shares her passion for data analytics in the ID space.

Overview of Document Accessibility

Shawn Jordison shares his passion for making all parts of the learning experience accessible.

Get Away With Cheating Workshop

How to create learning content without the "right" tools and finding shortcuts as an instructional designer. Workshop led by Linnea Sjogren.

Infographics & Job Aids: Workshop

An overview of the types of job aids and infographics and how to create them for learners. Session is led by Tandi Vaughn.

Proofreading and Editing for ID

Academy alumni, Victoria Knight, teaches about proofreading and copyediting practices for IDOLs.

From 0 to Finalized Video Workshop

Rued Riis ( shares a simple framework for creating explainer videos "cheaper and faster than all the others." Rued's company works exclusively in Vyond, but the framework will help no matter what tools you're using.

Adobe Captivate Workshop

Follow along as Kimberly Fields shows you how to create a simple interactive module with Adobe Captivate.

Virtual Escape Room

Learn about the escape room game Tracey Stokely built for her company's onboarding program and hear how she adapted it to virtual. Then watch as Academy members attending the live workshop actually play the game.

Introduction to xAPI

How to get started with xAPI with Jeffrey Riley

Kickoff Meeting Workshop

This workshop cover who, what, when, why, and how to run kick-off meetings for an instructional design project. 

Designing Learner Personas Workshop

Dr. Jonathan Peters guides us through the process of creating learner personas - and helps us see why they are important.

Dynamic Visual Powerpoint Presentations

How to create dynamic visual presentations with Richard Goring from Bright Carbon.