Land your dream job as a corporate instructional designer… without the confusion, tech overwhelm or fear!

IDOL courses Academy® will give you the knowledge, credentials, and confidence you need to become a corporate instructional designer and online learning developer.

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Get One-of-a-Kind Implementation Experience + Instruction: By IDOLs for IDOLs

The IDOL courses Academy® is a full training program built by instructional designers & online learning (IDOL) developers for future IDOLs®. 

The IDOL courses Academy® is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your job application assets and build a portfolio from scratch, but it also includes credentials, mentorship, and paid experience opportunities in instructional design and online learning.

Kickstart Your Dream Career at an Amazing Company

Why do our academy students land IDOL® jobs at brand name companies? The answer is that our students accelerate their skills, knowledge, and practice in instructional design and eLearning through deliberate practice and paid experience opportunities. Students who successfully complete the Academy lessons are provided the high-valued skill sets that make them competitive candidates for leading corporations. 

Real Feedback From Real IDOLs

Nada M.

Beyond the monetary value that I put into this training, there are some things that you can't just buy such as confidence, love and peers' genuine support. For me the IDOL Academy went above and beyond my expectations. It did help me land an ID corporate job and finally proudly claim my instructional designer and developer identity.

Ashanti H.

After completing a university certificate in instructional design & elearning, I joined the IDOL courses Academy. My best advice is to join the Academy because it is a supportive and goal-driven school/community of practice that prepares you to do the work needed in a corporate environment beyond just theory. Dr. Robin is literally the reason I have my current position! Love her! And love the IDOL community!

Juli O'C.

I landed my first instructional design job because of the IDOL courses Academy within 4 months of starting the program. IDOL provides members with unlimited, LIFETIME mentoring, feedback & quite a few friendships!

How We Do It: The Unique IDOL courses Academy® Curriculum

The IDOL courses Academy program helps you develop your skills and instructional design job application assets through four levels of credentials.

IDOL courses® partners with Credly to provide digital credentials on the Acclaim platform, which empowers individuals to capture opportunities, and enables organizations to measure impact. 

IDOL courses Academy® uses the power of Acclaim for your benefit. It provides you with widely recognized digital credentials to represent the skills you demonstrate in our program. 

Plus, with lifetime access to the IDOL courses Academy® materials and coaching sessions from our team of experts, you'll have everything you need to build and thrive in your career.

Level 1: eLearning Developer

Learn to build online learning experiences with industry standard tools and assets. Take the visual design of your courses up to the level hiring managers will be wowed by and earn the IDOL courses Academy™ Level 1: eLearning Developer credential.

Level 2: Instructional Designer

Learn to design plans for effective, engaging online courses and earn the IDOL courses Academy™ Level 2: Instructional Designer credential.

Level 3: IDOL Consultant

Complete the assets that will help you land your dream instructional design job and earn the IDOL courses Academy™ Level 3: IDOL Consultant credential.

Level 4: Master IDOL

After landing your first instructional design job and demonstrating mastery through evidence of courses designed and/or developed you will qualify for the IDOL courses Academy™ Level 4: Master IDOL credential. All coaches in the Academy are Master IDOLs.

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Your IDOL™ Journey

Our unique blend of training, coaching, and real-life experience is specifically designed to give you the information and skills you need to become an IDOL™. Here’s a look at what your first three months in the program can look like:

Month One

Deep dive into the IDOL world!

Join our private community, work through lessons at your own pace, attend live calls with Mentors as you can, and build your first storyboard and job aid to submit for feedback from your peers and our Academy Coaches.

Before the end of 30 days you will also have an entire project plan with self-determined deadlines for how and when you will reach your IDOL goal.

Month Two

Create more assets for your portfolio!

With the help of our team, our templates, and training you will create portfolio pieces that include: eLearning, instructor-led training, and animations.

Earn your first IDOL courses Academy™ Level 1: eLearning Developer credential.

Month Three

Build your job application assets and start applying for corporate IDOL™ positions or land clients as a freelancer.

You’ll set up and brand your website, update your resume with our training and templates, and overhaul your LinkedIn profile so recruiters and hiring managers are reaching out to you directly.

Most of our students who work full-time land their first IDOL™ job by the end of 90 days.

Earn your second IDOL™ credential: Instructional Designer.

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State-of-the-Art Training, Templates, and Resources to Help You Become an IDOL™

IDOL courses Academy™ includes world class training, templates, resources, and coaching to help you develop your dream career as an instructional designer. The IDOL courses Academy™ is so comprehensive it has been pre-approved by ATD for 40 points towards recertification.

Here’s a preview of you what you’ll cover in the Academy:

Build Your Online Portfolio

You'll get step by step lessons on how to build your online portfolio from scratch. Even if you've never developed a course before. Each lesson gives you very specific actions to take so that by the time you’re done you have an incredible career asset. And as you build your portfolio you’ll get feedback from Academy coaches and your classmates in our exclusive Facebook Group.

Scripting Instructional Content

So you know you have to write a course script, but how will you do this? Follow the steps for the ID writing process so you can confidently create a course script for your instructional content. 

Graphic Design for Non-Designers

Your instructional assets need to have visceral appeal, but you're not an artist.  Not to worry! An expert in graphic design covers all the principles and how to apply them so your course assets are beautiful.

Animation Principles

This training will help you learn how to animate videos so they look professional! You'll also build animations using Vyond Enterprise Level so you can download your creations and upload them to your portfolio and eLearning courses.

Create Explainer Videos

You'll learn to create explainer videos using screen recording software and editors like Snagit and Camtasia. This way you can create software training and other assets for your portfolio.

Articulate Storyline® Tutorials

From beginning to advanced interactions you will learn the most popular eLearning authoring tool through project based training. You will be trained on things like triggers, conditions, and variables will no longer be scary. You'll have the power to develop any design. Even games!

eLearning Process & Storyboarding

This is where you’ll learn the process for developing an eLearning course so you can follow the steps with clarity.  You’ll also get the full breakdown of how to storyboard for eLearning so you can cut your development time in half.

Instructional Design Models & Theories

Not only will you learn the instructional design models and theories that inform our field you'll be able to apply them to your practice. 

Working with Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Learn how to work with SMEs so you’ll build relationships and corporate training the right way. You’ll be able to determine how to pull their knowledge and overcome the SME challenges everyone keeps talking about.

Project Management for Learning & Development

This is where you’ll learn the practical steps and project management methodology you’ll use to run your development project like a boss. 

Interview with Confidence

We’ll start with the basics of interviewing and preparation. Then I’ll walk you through the most common questions and question types that come up during an IDOL interview.  In addition, I’ll give you examples of how to answer each question. This lesson is done in a way that you will want to watch and listen to it over and over again as you drive to your interviews.  

LinkedIn Makeover

Here, I’ll guide you through a makeover of your LinkedIn profile.  You’ll want to make sure you’re ready to start interviewing for IDOL jobs once you implement my recommendations to your LinkedIn. Your inMail is going to flood with recruiter messages.

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Your Complete IDOL courses Academy™ Curriculum

Here is what you'll get when you enroll.

30+ Modules

There are 10 modules per credential level in the course. These modules include actionable consumable lessons that get you to the next step in building your skills and your portfolio assets. This is an ever growing library of resources for our members.

Paid Experience Opportunities

These are IDOL opportunities to apply your new skills, get experience on your resume, and get cash in your pocket. You’ll be able to apply for experience opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Who else is going to pay a jr. instructional designer and let them use pieces in their portfolio? (priceless) *Note: Some members have made over twice the cost of the program through experience opportunities

Access to our Private Facebook Group

Yep! A Facebook group for getting feedback on your job application assets and connecting with IDOL courses Academy members and coaches. You’ll be able to  ask questions, start conversations, and maybe even VENT! (just a little). The KEY to this journey is having folks by your side.

In addition to the incredible group of IDOLs you'll be a part of, Dr. Robin Sargent will also be Live in the group 3 days a week for 2 months answering your questions so you NEVER get stuck. This is the next best thing to having her as your personal coach. All Q&As are recorded.

Recorded Group Coaching Calls

You’ll have access to my library of live coaching calls so you can see the lessons in action. This will help bring the strategies to life and help you adapt them to your own progress! 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every week for 8 weeks Dr. Robin Sargent shows up to help answer your questions, cheer you on, and share feedback. You'll never be left to just figure it all out by yourself.  You’ll also get the benefit of meeting + networking with other instructional designers and learn from their courses as well. 

Academy Coaches & Mentors

You'll have access to feedback and support from members in the Academy who have been there, done that, and landed the job! Our Master IDOLs will help you get timely feedback on all the assets you submit while class is in session. And our IDOL Mentors will be available with open office hours so you never have to stay stuck!

Lifetime Access to Materials

Corporate instructional design and online learning  is an ever changing organism. Which means we’ll be updating the course materials on the reg. You’ll have access to the materials and all updates, for as long as this program exists! (priceless)

4 Credentials 

By completing lessons, practicing with activities, and completing final projects relevant to your job application assets you will be able to earn up to four levels of credentials. These are verified digital badges you can share on your LinkedIn page, portfolio, email signature, or any other social media channel. IDOL courses partners with Credly and Acclaim to both verify and host your credentials.

Templates, tools, & IDOL toys

Through the power of our community and the ability to purchase enterprise licenses you'll get access to templates and creation assets you need to create courses! Custom Canva templates, Envato Elements, Vyond Animation Full Version, Trello Templates, LMS Sandbox, DIVI Theme Editor for your portfolio site, and more surprises inside!

Become an IDOL Podcast

Get early access to the Become an IDOL podcast. It's the podcast where newbies come to learn and veterans share their knowledge.

Live Workshops

We are always adding more than we promise on this page in the Academy and this includes workshops that happen during the 8 weeks. We find out what the cohort behind you wants to learn more about now that they're Alumni and we bring in experts (Faculty) or deliver that training in-house. All live workshops are recorded and put in the Academy. These topics range from LMS administration to more details about gamification. You'll never run out of things to learn about IDOL in the Academy 💚

Weekly Challenges

We theme each week to keep you on track and motivated as you go through the program. These challenges are optional, but fun and another opportunity to build for your future career.

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Want a summary of what the IDOL courses Academy™ is all about?

Check out this video where I explain how the IDOL courses Academy™ works and answer some of the common questions.


Meet Our IDOL courses Academy™ Faculty

Our program is built by IDOLs for IDOLs. You'll get trained by some of the best and the brightest in our industry. We've also brought in experts from other industries to teach you things like graphic and animation design.

Matthew Daniel

Matthew is a Partner leading the Corporate Learning and Talent Development practice at Entangled.Solutions, a strategy consultancy for the education and talent ecosystem. He is an expert in Learner Experience Design (LXD) and he share the principles of this practice with you in the Academy.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is an expert freelance graphic designer for over 12 years. She teaches graphic design principles for non-designers in the Academy.

Cara North

Cara's areas of expertise in L&D include facilitation, instructor-led training, curriculum design, LMS administration, workforce development, assessment, and eLearning. She teaches creating measurable assessments in the Academy.

Dr. Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

Dr. Papaioannou creates training programs and content for businesses that want to improve performance and engage employees. She is the founder and owner of Your Instructional Designer and The Upskill Experience. Her expertise is instructional writing and that's what you'll learn from her in the Academy.

Noel Saabye

Noel has a 25+ year career in the animation industry with skills in art direction, flash animation, illustration, storyboards, mobile and flash game art, graphic design, and production.  Noel shares how to apply animation principles he's learned over the years to instructional videos in Vyond with the Academy.

Dr. Robin Sargent

Robin is the owner, founder, teacher, and mentor in the IDOL courses Academy.  She has the vision to make a program that's better than grad school for instructional designers. And because the Academy is Built by IDOLs for IDOLs ® this dream is coming true for current and future members like you.

What Our Members Say

Erika Rellstab

Join the IDOL Academy!! I taught Spanish for many years and did not go back to the classroom this year. I started a contract position with an L&D team in a major corporation after only 4 weeks in the program. I did a lot of learning, preparing, reading, trying things out. But what put me over the edge was the IDOL courses Academy. Best decision ever!

Jennifer De La Mota

The IDOL courses Academy has been a life changing asset towards my Instructional Design career. I have been able to learn and implement everything within this academy towards the betterment of my teams LMS launch. Dr. Robin has provided me with all the tools necessary and an amazing ongoing mentorship to succeed as an Instructional Designer. This has been a great self-investment with so much value and ongoing growth.

Lusha Sha

I’m lucky to have worked with Dr. Robin in the IDOL courses Academy. Before I had no background or skills in instructional design, but after IDOL courses, I was able to build my portfolio and edit my Linkedin page. Then I started receiving recruiting messages. I'm now a Learning Experience Designer!

I highly recommend Dr. Robin and IDOL courses Academy!

All The Templates & Assets You Need to Build Courses

Not only do you get training, feedback, coaching, a supportive community, and access to paid experience opportunities. You get access to the templates and assets you need to create transcendent courses! 

Professional & Beautiful Resume Templates

Custom Canva Templates (you won't find these inside Canva): workbooks, worksheets, checklists, facilitator guides, participant guides, job aids, etc.

Stock photos, videos, icons, professional powerpoint templates and more through our Enterprise Subscription to Envato Elements. 

Vyond Animation Enterprise Level: You'll get a turn developing your animations without watermarks with ALL the features.

Trello Board Templates: Project Management for your courses and goals.

LMS Sandbox: Learn how to be an administrator of an LMS with access to your own sandbox in Moodle.

DIVI Theme Editor: Free DIVI Theme for your Portfolio site.

...and more surprises inside!

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You Can Do This Program From Anywhere in the World, At Your Own Pace

IDOL courses Academy™ is a fully remote program. That means you can complete it from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection!

When you join the IDOL courses Academy™, you get lifetime access to the program. That means you can complete it at your own pace. Some of our Academy members complete their credentials in just a few months, while others spread out their learning over a longer period of time to balance their work and home life.

Either way, our team of coaches and mentors are here to support you throughout your IDOL™ journey.

What Members Say About the IDOL courses Academy™

This video was voluntarily made by the members as a gift to the IDOL courses Academy™. They want to share with you the impact the program has had on their career and confidence.

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What Our Members Say

Bonnie Lou Davis

I was fortunate enough to stumble across the IDOL Course Academy a few months ago when I first made the decision to start making the transition from classroom teacher to instructional design. I was going to wait until after the school year was over, but I was prepared and ready to leave the classroom within 3 months of joining the program. I landed an IDOL job and I highly recommend this course if you are just making the transition into ID or if you are already in ID and just want to boost your skills.

Sherrise Lee George

I really enjoyed the IDOL Academy. I have been an Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer for 7 years, but I found the IDOL Academy to be endlessly helpful even this far into my career. The sense of community and the personal help and advice from Robin was invaluable, and the course content was spot on! I highly recommend this to anyone in the eLearning industry, whether you've been in it for years, or you're just starting out!

Whitney Estes

IDOL courses helped me move from the classroom to a corporate job with so much better benefits and less stress. I learned so much and in a short amount of time. It was definitely worth the investment. The feedback and support you get from Robin and the group are invaluable. I can't recommend it enough... it has literally changed my quality of life.

Who Is This Program For?

IDOL courses Academy™ is right for you if...

  • You're a professor ready to move out of the college classroom online or in person.
  • If you're a K-12 teacher that wants to move out of the classroom and into a corporate or non-profit instructional design job.
  • If you have a Master's Degree in Instructional Design or something related and want to build your portfolio and gain experience. 
  • If you already have a job as an instructional designer or eLearning developer and want to land a better job.
  • If you want to move from an instructional design role in higher eduction into a corporate instructional design role.
  • If you're a graphic designer or media developer looking to transition into a full-time instructional design role.
  • If you're a new grad or other professional who wants to become a corporate instructional designer and online learning developer.

Who Is This Program NOT For?

IDOL courses Academy™ might not be right for you if...

  • You are scattered and struggle to stay focused
  • You want instant results—this is not a passive learning program. You will need to take what you learn and put it into action—it does take dedication and effort!
  • You’re one of those people who joins programs, but then never actually do the work, ask questions when you’re stuck or show up for the calls.

Enroll in the IDOL courses Academy™

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My Guarantee to You

Let me say this upfront.

The IDOL courses Academy™ is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for those who are excited and COMMITTED to becoming a first time or better corporate instructional designer and online learning developer.

Our community is highly-curated and filled with helpful, motivated, and super supportive members who like you are on the journey to become an IDOL™. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

I am so confident in the value of this program that I offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

Here's the kicker: you need to show that you've tried. Enrolling in IDOL courses Academy™ is a commitment and I expect you to honor that commitment by putting forth your best effort.

If (and only if) you've tried the program and found it's not for you, I will provide a full refund within seven days.

Enroll in the IDOL courses Academy™

This program only opens enrollment 3 times a year. Our next opening is June 7, 2021. Don't wait!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're question isn't answered here email [email protected] or call us 1-786-453-5642

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