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Welcome to our site! If you don't know who we are, we're IDOL courses.  IDOL stands for Instructional Design & Online Learning. We design learning experiences for organizations and individual experts. We help them improve their approach to learning.


Engaging eLearning

Animation and Motion Graphics

Custom Content Development

Scripting and Narration


Mobile Learning

Audio and Video Production

Storyline and Captivate Development

Adapt HTML5 Development



Change the way your workplace learns.

Performance Consulting

Microlearning Strategy

Mobile Learning Strategy

Gamification Strategy

Blended Learning Content Mapping

Instructional Script Writing

Visual Storyboarding

Learning Experience Design

In Person

Instructor Guides and Handbooks

Participant Guides

Dynamic Presentations

Training Games

Team Building Activities

Synchronous Learning

Script Writing for the Webinar


Dynamic Presentations


Poll Questions


Train the Trainer

Higher Education

You'll get a Ph.D. in instructional design and online learning to help you and your subject matter experts write and develop online courses for your students.  Online university courses that align the program, course, and learning objectives. Built on a framework that scaffolds learning for the summative assessment with relevant formative assessments.

Learn from the Best

Courses for future course designers built by the founder and owner of IDOL courses.  You'll learn all the best practices of the trade, how to get a job, and the tools you'll need to excel.


Get access to an instructional designer or a team of them in the IDOL Talent Pool

We believe finding vetted and skilled freelance IDOLs is not met by the popular virtual platforms. Our mission is to connect individuals and organizations who want to build courses with elite IDOL freelancers. We vet, make perfect matches, and provide other freelancers, businesses, and teams with experts in creating training content. We have a range of talent (and prices) from new instructional designers to veterans. We already have the talent available to help you say yes to bigger projects or help you tackle the ones you currently have.


Turn Your Expertise into a Profitable Online Course

We help people like you package your passion & expertise into premium online courses for increased freedom, engagement, recognition, and impact. You owe it to yourself to quit stalling and start getting serious.  It's time to launch your premium online course.  Don't think you have a good online course idea? Take the free quiz below.


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We love our clients and the journey we get to take with them to create IDOL courses.

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