February 2024 Open House

Join Our Virtual Open House & Learn More About IDOL Academy

At IDOL Academy, you are not just a student; you're an instructional design professional in the making.


The Open House is February 29th, 2024

at 6pm EST

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What we will cover:

 IDOL Academy

  • Gain insights into the course and curriculum as we delve into a virtual classroom demonstration to see first hand how our interactive online learning facilitates collaboration and participation.
  • Learn about how our unique vocational school accelerates careers in instructional design and eLearning development.
  • Discover our hy-flex learning model and how your learning can be personalized.
  • Explore advanced learning technologies employed at IDOL Academy hand how they prepare you for success in an IT-driven world.
  • Uncover how we prepare students to land jobs right after graduation.

 ✨Meet the IDOL Team:

  • Our founder, Dr. Robin Sargent, will lead this open house.
  • Get to know the IDOL faculty and gain an understanding of our commitment to student success.
  • Hear success stories from Alumni that will inspire your own journey.


  • We will take some time at the end to answer all your questions. This will give you a clear understanding of how IDOL Academy can meet your career goals.
  • Be sure to leave us your question in the form above!

You can fast track your way to becoming a highly skilled, handsomely paid corporate IDOL. Without a degree or the suffocating student debt that comes with it.

Through IDOL Academy, we’ve helped thousands of students of all experience levels both break into this industry and catapult their career to the next level.

"The IDOL Academy was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I knew I wanted to pursue instructional design but had no experience. 

The change in my abilities in five months was incredible. I felt so much more confident and that is a result of the deliberate practice and the feedback system in place. 

In five months I went from going nowhere in my ID journey to landing a position with a prestigious learning company in my area."

Adam Briggs
eLearning Instructional Designer at Assima

“IDOL Academy is a great resource for all experience levels to become an ID or move further in your career. 

Since starting IDOL courses I landed my first ID job in December and will be promoted after only a year. 

My boss tells me I’m “a damn good” ID. 

It’s amazing to know that that they think that highly of me and that I should be at a higher position than where I am. It’s a big accomplishment.”

Gretchen Johanson
Sr. Instructional Designer at Zillow

The #1 question new students ask:
“How quickly will I get a job?”