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Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, PhD

"The Do It Messy Approach is the book every new instructional designer or accidental instructional designer needs. It blends theory and practice in a useful way while being fun. It doesn't just tell; it shows. Most importantly, it helps readers get past the procrastination that comes with uncertainty and perfectionism and just get things done. You can walk away from this book with two meaningful learning experiences, one that you've read and one that you've created for others."

Welcome to the IDOL™ world of creative possibilities!

The Do It Messy Approach is the book for instructional designers in search of a no nonsense formula for creating engaging courses and trainings. Forget about wading through thousands of jargon-laced pages on learning theories or designing cookie cutter courses following a stale template.

Praise for The Do It Messy Approach

Ann Hargrove

"I love the Do It Messy approach! It's an easy read with great guidance from start to finish. It takes away that intimidating feeling of how do I create this learning experience and turns it into a simple method to follow."

Janelle Newman

"The Do It Messy Approach is the most encouraging, accessible, and easy-to-follow guide available for novice instructional designers. Dr. Robin Sargent does an excellent job of keeping you entertained and motivated to take action and build your own course...the messy way. She teaches progress, not perfection, which gets you quick and easy results!"

Erica Ashton

"Dr. Robin's quick (and messy!) approach provides a clear, step-by-step formula for designing a course prototype. There's some research and theory mixed in to back up her methods, but this book is mostly about diving in and taking action."

Marina Gibbons

"Are you looking to level-up your instructional design game? Are you dabbling in learning at your organization but are curious about the process of content creation? You may know the acronym "KISS" - keep it simple, "silly". Well, the Do It Messy approach is the KISS for instructional design. Whether you are new to instructional design or a seasoned professional, it never hurts to get back to the basics of the process. This book provides a roadmap to complete a comprehensive start-to-finish prototype of a course - with all the checks and balances along the way explained. So, if you are curious, struggling, or just wanting to help your organization with a learning event, this book is for you."

Kristi Olivia

"The Do It Messy Approach is the best way to dive into instructional design head first! It has everything you need to start designing and developing your first course. I read this book when I was stuck on how to structure a series of courses and Chapter 8 was my breakthrough! I love Dr. Robin's "quick and dirty" approach. It gets you straight to work and on the fast track to completing a well-structured, learner-centered course."

Gretchen Johanson

"The Do It Messy approach is THE book to read for novice IDs or those looking to transition careers into Instructional Design. Dr. Robin Sargent uses a friendly tone of voice and real-world examples making complex concepts and theories easy to digest and understand. She also provides a whole arsenal of resources and examples from IDOL students to help you get started. 10 out 10 would recommend."