Ready to become an IDOL®?

Grab my hand, put your learning cap on, and prepare to get in depth how-to for everything instructional design and online learning. No matter where you're starting or what you want to focus on today, there is a program, course or workbook that was designed especially for you.

Below you will find descriptions of my most popular programs. Next to each description you will see a button that will lead you to a page to either learn more about the program or to enroll and get started right away.

IDOL Business Box ™

💟 Get this box for half-price! There is a $47 coupon for the IDOL courses Academy and the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp inside! 💟

With IDOL (Instructional Design & Online Learning) Business Box ™, you won’t have to guess which tools and contracts are recommended when you’re freelancing on the side, or full-time. In this Box you’ll get 25 tools and templates to help you acquire clients, follow a repeatable process, submit proposals, price your IDOL™ projects, and keep it all organized with our Trello Board templates!


IDOL courses Academy

Do you want to become a corporate instructional designer? The IDOL courses Academy will help you do just that. It is designed to be the bridge between theory and the practice of corporate instructional design. This 8 week long program is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your job application assets and build a portfolio from scratch, but also includes mentorship and experience opportunities in instructional design and online learning. Students in this course get jobs, get paid while gaining experience, and become a part of the Academy family.


eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp

Do you want to start or grow your own eLearning (and instructional design) business? This is the business school for the learning and development industry.  It was created by 3 successful eLearning business owners: Dr. Robin Sargent, Christy Tucker, and Dr. Nicole Papaioannou Lugara. We take you under the hood of our own businesses and teach you how to price your services and fill up your pipeline with clients.


Build Your IDOL Online Portfolio

Do you want to build your instructional design portfolio? Do you want to make sure you're focusing on the right components and not wasting time making a sub-par portfolio? In this course you’ll get a step by step 12 mini lesson module on how to build your online portfolio from scratch.  Even if you’ve never developed a course before. Each lesson gives you very specific actions to take so that by the time you’re done you have an incredible career asset. 


IDOL Movie Magic™

What if you never had to struggle to create an animation again?

With IDOL Movie Magic, there’s no need to struggle with creating engaging and professional looking animations. You’ll learn how to use Vyond animation software with mastery in less than 3 hours. 

This is the only Vyond Animation training of its kind. Enroll in IDOL Movie Magic so you can create the best animations for your audience and earn a digital badge to prove it!


IDOL Resume Writing Guide

Do you want a resume guide written specifically for new instructional designers and transitioning teachers? In this Resume Writing Guide you'll find 22 pages of goodness to help you land your first or a better instructional design job. This guide was written in collaboration with a former teacher who became an IDOL through the Academy.  This information is field tested and proven!


Instructional Design Process Masterclass

Get a detailed walkthrough of the entire instructional design process in a corporate setting. You'll get all the steps so you can build transcendent courses for your company and your learners. It'll also help you nail those interview questions.


Working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) Masterclass

Learn how to work with SMEs so you’ll build relationships and corporate training the right way. You’ll be able to determine how to pull their knowledge and overcome the SME challenges everyone keeps talking about.


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