IDOL's Instructional Design Bootcamp

For teachers looking to up their skills & future instructional designers.

This bootcamp provides training, technology, and must-have resources for aspiring and experienced instructional designers. Our flexible, on-demand training enables you to earn credentials coveted by top employers. Perfect for busy people who work full time.


Students who successfully complete the IDOL courses On Demand lessons and projects are provided the high-valued skill sets that make them competitive candidates for leading corporations. These are just a few of the companies that hire our IDOLs.

Become an IDOL.

A Complete Checklist - Get instant access after enrolling!

Five industry-preferred tools are included in enrollment: 

  • eLearning authoring with Lectora* with the Asset Library (Market Value $1404 per year)
    *individual non-commercial license. This means you can build for your portfolio and non-profit work.
  • VR authoring with CenarioVR* (Market Value $4788 per year)
  • Interactive presentations and guides with a Genially library access (Market Value $167 per year)
  • 2D animation authoring with Vyond library access (Market Value $1099 per year)

4 Levels of Credentials

  • eLearning Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • IDOL Consultant
  • Master IDOL

IDOL Coaches to share tailored feedback and support

Members-only Community Platform (we have a very supportive and active community of practice)

Instructional Design training and resources to help you get a job in the field and upskill

Tutorials for different tools used in the instructional design and online learning industry

Templates for workbooks, worksheets, learner surveys, and so much more

A library of resources that continues to grow

Access to IDOL courses¬ģ processes, design tools, templates, and mentors¬†

Bonus Course Storyline for IDOLs ($297 Value)




Save $83 when you pay in full.





Works out to $1080 in total 


Need more flexible payment options? 

You can finance your tuition over (up to) 24 months through Climb Credit. Please note, options and interest rates vary according to your credit history. Early enrollment discounts do not apply. And all activities, including approvals, are managed by Climb Credit, not IDOL courses. 

Click here to start the approval process. ‚Üí

Imagine landing the job of your dreams in 6 months or less.

IDOL courses has helped thousands of students at different stages of their careers find corporate instructional design jobs faster than they ever thought possible. But don’t just take our word for it.

Sarah joined in June and had a new job by October.

‚ÄúI could not have gotten to this point so quickly without the help of IDOL Academy! IDOL gave me the tools and the confidence to keep working on my goals and in doing so I was ready much faster than I anticipated! Having a community of folks to rely on kept me going and believing in myself!‚ÄĚ

Jeff landed a new job in less than a month.

‚ÄúBefore I came across IDOL, becoming an instructional designer seemed like a goal that was going to take me several years to achieve. With the experience and expertise of the IDOL team and community distilled into the courses, I was able to step into the perfect role for me in a matter of months.‚ÄĚ

Maedili joined in January and switched careers by May.

‚ÄúAs someone who creates personal finance content, I am very careful on what I make financial investments in. IDOL was 100% worth every penny and more. The amount of resources within the program is unheard of. The community and mentors are worth so much more than what I could have imagined. I wanted my time upskilling to be productive and efficient. IDOL gave me the support, guidance, and resources I needed to not waste time. I started cohort 9 at the end of January, continued with cohort 10 and landed the perfect role for my teacher transition in May. I am forever grateful!‚ÄĚ

Rocio found the program paid for itself in three months.

‚ÄúIDOL did a great job providing actionable steps in a way that encouraged instant application and results. For me, the program paid for itself within the first 3 months through helping me put together my portfolio, edit my resume, showing me how to make my LinkedIn work in my favor, mentoring, coaching, among MANY other things. I have not even completed all the courses and I am reaping the results.‚ÄĚ


If you’re searching for a high-paying, satisfying career that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live the life of your dreams but you’re...


Not sure how to translate your years of experience in education, design, or another field to make yourself stand out to an employer.


Frustrated after spending thousands of dollars (and hundreds of hours) on expensive university programs that haven’t helped you land a job.


Missing out on key skills and experience that will get you paid what you know you’re worth.


Just nervous to embark on a new career journey without help or instruction.

Look no further, IDOL On Demand provides a clear roadmap through credentials and a complete support system here for your success.

How soon will I land a new job?

The average person in our program takes about 6 months to learn the vocation, intern with a client, build a quality portfolio, and job application assets, and go through the hiring process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions                                  

If your question isn't answered here email [email protected] or call¬† 1-786-453-5642 9 AM-5 PM EST Monday-Friday.