What if you could get familiar with and start using Articulate Storyline® in a day?

With Storyline® for IDOLs℠, there’s no need to struggle and be intimidated by Articulate Storyline® anymore. You’ll learn how to use Articulate Storyline® with a step-by-step practice file and all the assets you need to get started in less than 90 minutes.


Tell me if this sounds like you:

Maybe you’re seeking new opportunities or a promotion in corporate and you’d like to add a new tool and skill set to your resume and portfolio.

Or perhaps you’re a freelancer who’s getting clients that are requesting interactive eLearning courses.

Or perhaps you just want to stand out from the crowd in the eLearning industry with Articulate Storyline® skills.

And maybe you’ve tried to use Articulate Storyline®, but all your triggers don’t work, you don’t have a solid workflow, or you found the entire program frustrating.

What if there was a way to learn Articulate Storyline® and eLearning best practices at the same time to make you more appealing to clients and hiring managers?

What if there was a way to learn Articulate Storyline® and earn a credential so that you not only have the training, but also the proof for your portfolio, social sites, and resume?

What if there is an Articulate Storyline® training that can help you even if you’ve never even logged into Storyline® before?

That’s exactly why we created Storyline® for IDOLs℠

We wanted to give you both the step by step guide and practice files to use the Storyline® program, but also give you tips on how to make your eLearning polished, clean, and professional. We want to help you learn the skills to develop engaging eLearning and validate your efforts with a credential EVEN if you’ve never even used Articulate Storyline® before.

Start learning eLearning authoring and everything about the Storyline® software in less than 2 hours with a course that includes 10 modules and 26 bite-sized project file based video lessons. Each lesson is less than 5 minutes long!

"The Storyline for IDOLS course was efficient, broken down in small, meaningful increments so I never felt overwhelmed, and helped me gain a much deeper understanding of all the tools in Storyline! I highly recommend it."

-Jamie Paulsen

"This was awesome! I was nervous to try Storyline because I am not tech savvy. But with the tutorial and being able to stop and repeat as needed, I feel more confident."

-Rhonda Turner

Storyline® for IDOLs℠ is the project-based course that will get you skilled with the eLearning authoring tool in just 90 minutes.

Storyline® for IDOLs is the project-based course that will get you skilled with the eLearning authoring tool in just 90 minutes.

Storyline® for IDOLs is a step-by-step Articulate Storyline® project file training program that walks you through everything in Storyline® from the ribbon to publishing your course and creating result slides. You’ll not only learn the program you’ll also learn the rules of making great eLearning.

Right now, you’re struggling with creating engaging and professional eLearning for your portfolio, your clients, and your learners. Or you are just plain overwhelmed with the Storyline® software. And maybe, you’ve never even given Storyline® a shot, but you know that if you’re going to start you want to get it right the first time!

Imagine if you were able to create your eLearning projects with ease. Your marketable skills increase and you’re getting rave reviews from your audience or your learners.

This is exactly what Storyline® for IDOLs℠ can do for you!

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Here's what's included


10 'Storyline for IDOLs' Modules

26 Micro Training Videos

Includes closed captioning.

Practice.story File

Follow along and practice.

Button Pack

Images and icons to use in your practice.

Style Guide Template

Make your course branding decisions.

Wireframe Template

Learn how to create a wireframe for your slides.

Storyline® for IDOLs℠: Storyline® Skilled Credential

Articulate Storyline® Digital Badge Credential

Once you complete the course and take all the actions in your practice file, you’ll publish a link to your file and submit it for your digital credential. This is a digital completion badge that recognizes your foundational skills in Articulate Storyline®.

Become Storyline Skilled

What you'll learn...

Parts of Storyline®

Learn the fundamentals of Storyline® like navigating the ribbon, the workspace and locating the timeline. Get ready to build a solid foundation for your Storyline® skills.

How to

Create your first eLearning project

You’ll learn how to set up your project, create a style guide, adjust the story size, and the importance of creating a storyboard and wireframe. You’ll also learn the parts of a course, inserting slide numbers, the format painter, and how to shortcut with slide masters.

Buttons, Hotspots and Markers

You’ll be guided through creating predefined buttons, selecting a style, trigger wizards, alignment, states, custom image buttons, adding triggers, and examples of button types you can create. You’ll also learn the difference between hotspots, markers, and buttons, when to use each, and examples of hotspot, button, and marker use cases.

Layers and Lightboxes

You'll learn how to add, duplicate, and rename layers. We will cover how to create and trigger a lightbox and most importantly, what a lightbox is used for.

Drag n' Drop + Interactions

Learn the magic of how to add interactions to your eLearning. You’ll learn how to create drag and drop interactions using graded questions, freeform quizzing, and custom options. You’ll also learn how to add sliders, dials, and scrolling panels, and examples for when to use each.

User Input

Did you know you can capture your learner’s information and then use that information to personalize their learning experience? Well, you can and we’ll show you how! You’ll learn how to create checkboxes, radio buttons, and text entry fields. You’ll also learn how to connect the variables and examples for when to use each option.

Media, Animations + Transitions

Media is an important part of any Storyline® project. With Storyline for IDOLs, you’ll get acquainted with all the different media options available and how to use them in your projects. You’ll also learn how to record and edit a screen recording so you can make software simulations and demonstrations.


Most eLearning courses contain quizzes. With Storyline for IDOLs, you’ll learn the different ways you can create quizzes for your learners. You’ll also get tips on editing feedback layers and creating custom results slides.

How to

Publish Your Project

This is the fun part! This is the steps and checklist you’ll need before you hit publish. The final module of this program also clarifies when to use each publish option for your course.

"I am so thankful this course was created. Before going through this course, Storyline was a bit intimidating. I appreciate how different Storyline features were covered, and how we even had opportunities to practice using the practice file. Having been through the course, I now feel more comfortable creating projects independently."

-Angela Balmer

"I really enjoyed the Storyline course. I thought it was very hands on and I learned a great deal when completing the "take action" sections. I feel much more confident now about using Storyline."

-Summer Robinson

Who is Storyline® for IDOLs℠ for?

Storyline® for IDOLs℠ is right for any--yes, any--body that wants to learn how to use the Storyline® program. 

Instructional Designers & eLearning Developers

Learning to effectively use Storyline® is a huge career boost for instructional designers and eLearning developers. With Storyline® skills, you can create effective and engaging eLearning projects with ease while also improving your marketable skills.

Human Resources

As someone who works in Human Resources, you need a way to provide effective, useful training materials to the people in your company. Storyline® is an amazing software that will help you author engaging and professional eLearning materials for your company. 

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