As an IDOL Ambassador, you're embarking on an exciting journey to help us achieve our vision of creating an IDOL world for all learners.

We appreciate your continuous support and praise for IDOL Academy and our values. In order for us to reach the next generation of creative learning designers, we’ll need your help to spread the word about what we offer. Your partnership with us means more than affiliation—it's a partnership in love + learning 💝

This page will detail all the information you need as an IDOL Academy Ambassador.


You can promote IDOL Academy or any of our other courses by sharing your customized links with your audience. You will earn a 10% commission on every sale generated from your partnership links.

Best Practices

Disclose your affiliate partnership!

Partnership link disclosures are mandated by the FTC. This means you have to clearly disclose your relationships with merchants, brands, or products.

We see the best turn around for ambassadors right before cohort start dates. This is the best time to promote IDOL Academy.

In 2024:

Cohort Dates ✨

January 22 - Start of Cohort 16
April 9 - Start of Cohort 17
June 17 - Start of Cohort 18
September 23 - Start of Cohort 19

Partnership Promo Assets

We’ve included promotional assets and graphics that you can use when you share your link.

Usable Graphics
Captions and Copy

Partnership Task List 

  • Make a promotional plan.
  • Read the ambassador agreement. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.
  • Review and Download your promotional assets.

Commission Details

You will earn a 10% commission on every sale generated from your ambassador links.

Payouts - Quarterly through PayPal or Melio

About Us!

IDOL Academy is the result of 17 years of experience, research, and direct feedback from learners. This comprehensive 24-week program is delivered on a gamified platform with self-paced lessons. We follow a rigorous syllabus that includes 8 milestone assignments. Completing these assignments leads to a polished professional portfolio and the certification of Certified Professional in Training and Performance.

Who is IDOL Academy for?

It is designed for both aspiring IDOLs looking to transition into instructional design and online learning, as well as current IDOLs seeking a more rigorous academic program that offers built-in structure and accountability.

What makes IDOL Academy different?

  • IDOL Academy is the only authorized virtual vocational school for instructional design and online learning.

  • We’re who employers ask for by name.

  • We offer paid experience opportunities through IDOL courses and IDOL Talent after you graduate.

  • Students get hands-on experience through our required internship and company matching program.

  • Our program develops a well-rounded instructional designer that gets real-world experience, training and access to the industry preferred tools, and a focus on solving performance gaps and business challenges.

What's Included in IDOL Academy

✓ 24-week skill development track with immersive lessons, weekly assignments, live practice sessions, and 1-1 personalized feedback

✓ Weekly live lessons (replays available) from expert faculty on the topic and the lesson(s) released that week

✓ All tech and tool training

✓ 5+ digital software badges (must meet requirements)

✓ Individual commercial and non-commercial licenses to specified design tools (worth $7500+)

✓ Portfolio training, tasks, and feedback

✓ Hands-on experience through internship and/or IDOL World projects

✓ 8 milestone assessments, with digital badges, evaluated by expert practitioners (must meet requirements), including:

Instructional Designer
Learning Architect
Learning Experience Designer
Visual Designer
Rapid Prototyping
Instructor-Led Training
eLearning Developer

✓ Certified Professional in Training & Performance (CPTP) graduation certificate (24 CEUs) (must meet requirements)

✓ All career readiness support, including:

Resume & Cover Letter Writing
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Smart Networking
Interview Prep & Practice
Job Search & Applications Coaching
Offer Negotiation Coaching
✓ Business Box training and templates

✓ 1-1 Career Coaching

✓ 1-1 Business Coaching

✓ Private IDOL community and alumni network with 24/7 access

✓ 1 assigned mentor during your cohort

✓ 10+ Professional IDOL coaches

✓ Paid contract opportunities through IDOL Talent (must meet requirements)

✓ Proud Portfolio Guarantee (must meet requirements)

Thank you for your unwavering support! We are thrilled to have you as a vital part of our esteemed IDOL Academy Ambassadors!

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].