Our IDOL bot, 

AI trained specifically for instructional designers and online learning developers.

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Introducing the ultimate tool for Instructional Designers and Online Learning Developers -

an AI powered chatbot designed to make your life easier. Whether you're a pro or just curious about designing problem-centered instruction for adult learners, this chatbot is here to help.

With a simple input of a performance problem and the desired learning outcome, our IDOL bot will work its magic and generate everything you need. 

From a clear problem statement to an in-depth task analysis, it's got you covered.  It also provides you with 10 scenario briefs, ranging from easy to challenging, to keep your learners engaged. The cherry on top, when prompted, the IDOL bot creates a final full demonstration and an application to bring it all together.

Give Dr. Robin Sargent's AI bot a try and revolutionize your online learning experiences.

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