At IDOL courses®,

we serve clients while developing the next generation of creative learning designers.


IDOL courses® is the ONLY authorized trade school for instructional design and online learning.

We are a Community of Practice that Develops and Enriches those who are Current or Future Instructional Designers. 

Since our founding in 2018, IDOL courses® has brought together decades of experience in instructional design and driven the company to the forefront of the instructional design and online learning education industry.

We not only design great learning experiences for our clients, but through our programs, like the IDOL Academy℠, we develop new and experienced talent you can leverage for your course projects.

IDOL courses® houses educational opportunities for adult students through its 10 courses in instructional design, as well as provides custom learning material, development, and talent solutions for businesses nationwide. Through virtual and interactive learning environments, IDOL courses® educates and equips students on topics such as animation and motion graphic creation, audio and video production, gamification and more. 

Our vision is to create an IDOL℠ world for all learners.

At IDOL, our core values are the guiding principles underlying all aspects of who we are and what we do. We strive to foster creativity, collaboration, integrity, abundance, resilience, love & learning into all that we do so that our unique approach to business stays true to our values. As a learner-centered organization with a commitment to continuous fun -- these 8 core values serve as an anchor for everything that we create collectively and as individuals. It is through leveraging them into every aspect of our operations that together with you ––we can keep dreaming bigger dreams and achieving even greater heights!

IDOL℠ stands for Instructional Design and Online Learning

We are a holistic, creative learning design vocational school and boutique staffing agency with an engaged global community.

IDOL courses® houses educational opportunities for adult students through its courses in instructional design, as well as providing custom learning materials development and talent solutions for businesses nationwide.

Education done differently

Unlike major universities' expensive and lengthy master's degree, the training approach we use in IDOL Academy℠ caters to students with on-demand courses, unlimited feedback from Academy Coaches, digital micro-credentials, flexible schedules, and hands-on learning for a fraction of the cost. Our academy also includes a tool suite to offer a one stop shop for all of your instructional design needs.


Our motivation

We’ve always wanted to share our expertise and help people. We also wanted to just have a product so we could help more people without having to repeat ourselves all the time. These things are all still true, but our motivation is much broader now. 

Our motivation comes from changing people's lives and being a part of their success. And this is not just for our students, but this is also for our employees, our team, and all the learners that our students will impact with their learning designs.

Co-Creator Vibes

Co-creation is about creating together with others who are reaching for the same goal.

We believe we will all be better off when we give up ownership in favor of cooperation. Co-creation is an open mindset that regards others as contributors.

IDOL courses® does not have competitors. Not because there isn’t anyone else in this space, but because we do not fundamentally regard them as competitors.

Learning is doing

We love action takers and believe that action creates confidence. Confidence comes after action and never before! If you're not feeling confident in your instructional design skills then you have not practiced enough. We believe you should start before you are ready and focus on deliberate practice to reach your IDOL goals.

We love what we do

We want to make it an IDOL℠ world for all learners.

Getting to be a part of fostering growth in the next generation of creative learning designers means we also get to be a part of the learning experiences they design for their own learners.

How we support our students 

We believe the learner should be at the center of it all.

We know everyone’s goals look different and require different tools and support. We have a variety of programs to meet our learners' needs.


We hope to change the world

The IDOL℠ World Project 🌎 is based on our vision for IDOL courses® ‘to create an IDOL℠ world for all learners’. IDOL℠ World Project is a volunteer opportunity for members of the IDOL courses Academy℠, to work together to build courses on topics that are useful for non-profit organizations. 

These topics include things like self-care and wellness. The members own the project, create eLearning, and then we host the course as a free download on our website for any and everyone to benefit from.

It’s very costly to hire a team to build eLearning, so being able to give away high-quality courses to essentially the world, and specifically, those that need free resources is just one more way we give back to make the world a better place.


The IDOL Team Behind Our Mission & Vision

At IDOL courses, we firmly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusivity as the driving forces behind our success. Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces individuals from all backgrounds, fostering an environment where everyone feels respected, inspired, and empowered to thrive. We recognize that by providing equal opportunities and valuing diverse perspectives, we not only enrich our own growth but also harness the collective strength of our community to achieve remarkable accomplishments together.

Dr. Robin Sargent

Chief Executive Officer

Blaine McLaren

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Spears

Project Manager + Lead Instructional Designer

Jay Lash

Project Manager

Morgan Anderson

Graphic Designer

Emma Kempen

Marketing Manager

Jasmina Carvajal

Customer Support

IDOL Coaches

IDOL℠ Coaches are IDOL℠ experts that have also reached their IDOL℠ goals. They support our Academy members by reviewing assets and giving tailored feedback.

IDOL Mentors

IDOL℠ Mentors are Academy members who have reached their IDOL℠ goals and are able to give back to new Academy members with mentorship and support.