Become a Top-Notch Instructional Designer.

In record time.

IDOL Academy is the complete career-building virtual vocational school for corporate instructional design.

Master the design and tech skills companies look for. Build a jaw-dropping portfolio and gain on-the-job experience working with real organizations. With expert career coaching every step of the way.


Instructional Design Career Consultation

We want to help you achieve your instructional design goals! Talk to one of our academic advisors. Free 30 minute consultation.


Career Accelerator

IDOL Academy has empowered numerous students to transition and upskill in learning and development, all while managing their full-time commitments.

Globally Recognized

Recognized universally, endorsed by the industry and requested by employers. We are authorized by the state of Georgia and the US Board of Education.

Work Experience

We’ve baked practical experience into IDOL Academy. So you can graduate with the job experience you need to stand out as a top candidate for the opportunities you’re after.


Instructional Design is a complex discipline.

The journey to success in the industry? Even more so.


Corporate Instructional Design is Competitive

Why settle for courses that won't equip you with the professional skills and hands-on experience necessary to compete in the marketplace? Take charge of your career goals with by enrolling in the vocational school that sets the standard in the industry. You deserve better.



Why IDOL Academy? Here's What Sets Us Apart.

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re not looking for just another run-of-the-mill course; you want an experience that propels you forward. At IDOL Academy, you are not just a student; you're an instructional design professional in the making.

Immersive Curriculum:

Dive deep into a comprehensive curriculum that marries your passion with real-world applications. Say goodbye to theory dumps and hello to practical play.

Mentorship with Movers & Shakers:

Get personal feedback and support from instructional design industry leaders. With their guidance, you'll take your work from novice to noteworthy.


Forge strong connections with like-minded learners, alumni, and mentors who empathize with your journey, having once tread the path you are on now. 

Structured and Flexible:

Thanks to a self-paced learning format, IDOL Academy gives you the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. So you can make progress toward your career goals while balancing a full-time job, mom or dad duties, and any other responsibilities that can’t wait.

The Proud Portfolio Guarantee:

Create a robust portfolio during your time here—one that truly flexes your creative and strategic muscle. It’s no secret; your work won’t just open doors; it’ll make them swing wide.

Job Readiness:

Our mission is to get you job ready. IDOL Academy includes services and training in resume writing, job applications, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, and offer negotiation. 

Technical Prowess:

By enrolling in IDOL Academy, not only will you acquire knowledge of industry-preferred tools, but you will also gain access to them to develop your tech skills and portfolio.

Practical Experience:

We’ve baked practical experience into our curriculum. So you can graduate with the job experience you need to stand out as a top candidate for the opportunities you’re after.

Exclusive Remote Contracts:

Our premier staffing agency, IDOL Talent connects pre-vetted IDOL Academy graduates - like future you - with companies looking to hire freelancers for paid projects.





Here's What Our Alumni Have to Say:

“IDOL Academy was a really great experience! It is a comprehensive and supportive learning opportunity that provided everything you would ever want: low cost, high return on investment, networking, encouragement, comprehensive knowledge and much more!” 

David Grant, Ph.D.
Project Manager Instructional Designer at Winning Solutions, Inc.

“It took less than 6 months to transition from teacher into finance as an ID. Higher pay, remote position, bankers hours, nothing but net. All thanks to IDOL Academy!” 

Natalie Whitfield
Senior Learning Consultant at ATB Financial

"It's an amazing program that gave me the confidence and skills to land my dream job. I was working just to make ends meet. Now I love what I do and I can't wait to get started everyday. Thanks IDOL Academy for helping change my career and my life."

Shemaine Hernandez
Instructional Designer at WYSR



Begin by signing up for the program or course that interests you.


Dive into the content, participate in interactive activities, and connect with fellow learners.


Successfully complete the program or course to receive a certification or credentials that validate your knowledge and skills. 

The Bridge from Study to Success

IDOL Academy is your partner in career-long progression. Whether you're new to this field or already have a proven track record in education and learning, we're here to help you achieve your professional goals.

Our state-authorized vocational school and certifications empower you to acquire essential practical skills, specialize in your area of interest, and continuously enhance your expertise while advancing your career.


Become a Certified Professional in Training and Performance

on a fully gamified platform.

When you level up your skills, you amplify your earning potential. So you could see a measurable payoff as soon as you land that higher-paying position, negotiate a raise, sign a client, or secure that end-of-year performance bonus. In fact, plenty of graduates tell us they nearly doubled their annual income! How’s that for ROI?

Because the IDOL Academy certification is the professional credential companies look for, our graduates earn immediate attention from employers, recruiters, and prospective clients after adding their CPTP status to LinkedIn profiles and resumes. 

Professional Certification in Instructional Design and Online Learning

Certified Professional in Training and Performance (CPTP) * Cohort Based

View School >



Instructional Design Training on Your Terms.

If you want all the training to become an instructional designer, build a portfolio, and job application assets without the rigor and assessments required for certification this is the program for you.

Designed for the daring and the self-directed, IDOL courses on Demand is your personalized on-ramp to an exciting career in instructional design. Dive into our extensive library of training and tools specifically honed for the instructional designer’s craft, ranging from exclusive industry insights to user-friendly authoring software, ensuring you're equipped for the real-world challenges of this dynamic field. 

Instructional Design and Online Learning Career Course

4 Micro-Credentials * Self-Paced * On-Demand



Enhance your Skills with Micro-Credentials

Equip yourself with the latest tools and techniques top instructional design professionals use. Our micro-credentials allow you to focus on a specific skill set, providing you with a competitive edge in the job market.

Camtasia for IDOLs

TechSmith Camtasia is an amazing, feature-rich tool—in this course we teach you how to use it like an expert. You'll get training modules with 24 short video lessons, projects to help you practice, and the opportunity to earn your Camtasia Skilled badge.

$297.00 USD


Storyline for IDOLs

With Storyline® for IDOLs℠, there’s no need to struggle and be intimidated by Articulate Storyline® anymore. You’ll learn how to use Articulate Storyline® with a step-by-step practice file and all the assets you need to get started in less than 90 minutes.

$297.00 USD

IDOL Business Box

In this Box you’ll get 25 tools and templates to help you acquire clients, follow a repeatable process, submit proposals, price your IDOL™ projects, and keep it all organized with our Trello Board templates!

$97.00 USD

IDOL đź’š Canva

With IDOL 💚  Canva, you'll get state-of-the-art training on how to use Canva and an ever-growing library of Canva templates you can use in your instructional design and eLearning projects.

$150.00 USD

IDOL Movie Magic

Enroll in the only program of it's kind that teaches you not only how to use Vyond but also the principles of animation.

$297.00 USD

Genially for IDOLs

Everything You Need To Create Attractive and Engaging Interactive Learning Assets in Genially.

$297.00 USD
1:1 Career Coaching

Master the art of instructional design with expert mentorship and guidance.

Are you ready to level up your instructional design career? Look no further than our IDOL Academy faculty. Our experienced team of senior instructional designers is here to provide you with 1:1 mentorship, the guidance and advice you need to take your career to new heights.


Portfolio Enhancement

Let our IDOL Academy faculty review your portfolio and offer feedback on making it stand out from the competition. 

Technological Proiciency

Having trouble with instructional design technology? Our coaches can help guide you, ensuring you use your tools efficiently and effectively.

Access to Diverse Design Models

Our faculty's expertise spans a variety of instructional design models, providing you with a comprehensive, well-rounded education.

Individualized Attention

One size does not fit all in instructional design. Our coaches offer personalized attention and support, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

3,100+ graduates have already used IDOL Academy to turn career dreams into work realities.

If they can do it, so can you!

Rachel doubled her income and only works part-time.

“I interviewed with three companies within a few weeks of applying to no more than 30 jobs (easy clickable applications on LinkedIn). I was offered a contract position for 30-35 hours per week through the end of the year. Even though it's not full-time, I doubled my income. I'm so thankful to IDOL Academy, the coaches, mentors, and other learners who helped teach me new skills and build my confidence to move forward as an ID."

Rachael Hartman
Instructional Designer at The College of Health Care Professions

Marilyn can’t believe she’s working for Google.

"I'm beyond excited about starting my new role at Google through a contractor! I truly owe it to IDOL - the community, the courses, the opportunities. It was a long journey: I started with the Do It Messy challenge, got a volunteer client, volunteered for Rumie Learn, landed a contract through IDOL, and finally this job offer. Put in the time and effort and you'll make it!"

Marilyn Day
Instructional Designer at Google

Lynda is self-employed with a steady base of clients.

"When I started IDOL Academy, I was working as an ID, but looking to update my skills to grow and move into other areas. I considered working freelance, but I didn't really know how to make the move and frankly, I was a bit scared to take that leap. After finishing IDOL I started seriously thinking about going the freelance route. I currently have six clients and am loving the variety and the challenges. It was IDOL that helped me rediscover my passion for instructional design and find the courage to pursue something new.”

Lynda Kluck
Learning Experience Manager at Culture Partners

Sharon shocked herself by landing her dream job at IKEA.

“I put all my new assets in my portfolio, finished up my Linked In, and saw that IKEA was hiring learning developers. I did two rounds of interviews with two departments. I got the job! There is NO WAY I could have gotten this role without IDOL. I had a community to look over my portfolio, give feedback on my assets, give me advice for applications, and even do practice interviews with me. I cannot say enough good things about the IDOL Academy!"

 Sharon Tavares
Learning Developer at IKEA

Your dream career is so much closer than you think. So if you’re ready to stop wishing and start working, it’s time to join IDOL Academy.

Graduate as a Certified Professional in Training and Performance (CPTP) and get a competitive edge in the job market.


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