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Become an IDOL 26: Micro Personalized Learning with Dr. Jiani Wu

podcast Apr 29, 2021

Guest: Dr. Jiani Wu, Teacher Career Coach

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL Podcast, I'll be chatting with Dr. Jiani Wu - Learning Scientist and Instructional Designer.

She will be sharing her experience of being a Learning Scientist and Instructional Designer. We will discuss micro personalization, what it looks like, and how newbies can apply it? Her answers might inspire you.

  • To learn language apps of different levels with different content (Grammer, Voculabury, 2-minute video).
  • When all the micro-learning projects are over, it will turn into a big client-based project.
  • Whenever you complete micro-learning units, you can get a few points, and then you will earn a badge.
  • Micro-learning is a living map.
  • Also, adaptive learning is the next stage of Micro-Learning.
  • Adaptive learning is a lot of data crating.

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In this episode, we discuss:

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