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Become an IDOL 23: Success Story with Veronica Reed

podcast Apr 29, 2021

Guest: Veronica Reed, Instructional Designer

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL Podcast, I'll be chatting with Veronica Reed - Instructional Designer.

She will be sharing her experience of being an Instructional Designer. We will be discussing what's her success story and how she become a successful person. We will be talking about her personal life as well as how she became an IDOL.

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In this episode, we discuss how she became successful:

  • She worked in corporate for most of her career, so she is familiar with the corporate world and all the nuances that come with it.
  • She became interested in Instructional Design because she always gravitated towards the Talent Development side of human resources.
  • Once registration opened for the IDOL courses Academy June 2020 cohort, she knew she had to make it happen. During the cohort, she updated her portfolio and LinkedIn information with hopes to seriously start looking for jobs in Fall 2020.
  • ​She has always been interested in learning and development because she believes understanding the learner experience is the key to an employee's success.
  • Learners want to know why they need to know this information. Her job as an Instructional Designer is to create learner experiences that rouse the mind, stir powerful emotions and leave a lasting impression.
  • She is also known as the "learning queen" and also has it's a personal website. She always wanted to have a crown, so she has put queen in her name.

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