Become an IDOL 22: Success Story with Kristi Oliva

podcast Apr 29, 2021

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL, I'll be chatting with Kristi Oliva - Instructional Designer.


She will be sharing her experience of being an Instructional Designer. We will be talking about how she became an IDOL while managing as a single mom. 


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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kristi discovered instructional design entirely by accident.
  • Her IDOL role in the Academy was about 7 months.
  • She had one interview with the recruiter that lasted about 30 minutes and then a panel interview about an hour with the team.
  • About two weeks later, she got the call from the recruiter with the job offer! She was over the moon thrilled that she had got the job.
  • Kristi transitioned from a full-time teacher to a full-time corporate IDOL.
  • She loves prototyping and showing their clients what she will be building for them.
  • She is passionate about loyalty and dedication; excels at directing instructional programs to meet the needs of learners.
  • She also has a different interview skill set.
  • She like most of her job part was planning lessons and like creativity.
  • She wants training to people will be meaningful that people want to learn.

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