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Become an IDOL 11: Writing for Instructional Design with Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

become an idol idol courses idol writing instructional design writing nicole papaiannou podcast script writing write courses Aug 15, 2019

Published: August 15, 2019

Episode: 11

Writing for Instructional Design with Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

Guest: Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

In this episode, I’ll be chatting with Nicole Papaioannou Lugara about her expertise in writing for instructional design. She shares tips and advice on how to be a better instructional design writer. You’ll also learn how Nicole became an IDOL without an ID degree or experience. In addition, she only had one FT IDOL job before she became a freelancer.

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In this episode we discuss:


  • The writing process
  • Shitty first drafts
  • The KISS rule for writing
  • Writing voice over scripts
  • Building HOCs before LOCs 



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