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Kick Self-doubt to the Curb: Mindset Needed to Become an Instructional Designer & Online Learning Developer

getstarted id idol idolcourses idolcoursesacademy instructionaldesign learning onlinelearning project selfdoubt Jan 13, 2020


The New Year has just passed yet again in the blink of an eye, or at least it feels like it. As a child, the years never seemed to move as fast as they do in adulthood. So here I am reflecting on where I have been in the last few years, and how I want to grow in 2024. Self-reflection is an essential part of growth and really assessing what we want out of life.  So, what do you want to achieve in 2024? 


I have been working on a personal ID project.  It really has been a labor of love, but it isn't moving as fast as I would like, but it is moving forward, and, in the end, it will be completed. Luckily, I am not in this project alone.  Through the IDOL Academy, I have met Molly Parsons, who has jumped on board to help with my project and has become my accountability and project partner.

Whether you are working on your portfolio or building your own LMS in my case, finding someone to hold you accountable keeps you on track.


I am excited to have Molly (and Dr. Robin) supporting me. She is not only my accountability partner; she has become my friend. We have online project meetings, bounce ideas off each other, introduce each other to new ID concepts, and support each other in our shared and individual journeys.

The IDOL Academy not only connected me with great people but taught me different time-management processes. It helped in getting me organized to tackle such a large project. I have found a group of like-minded people to give me feedback, provide different perspectives, and be my cheerleading section. 

It is easy to say you want to become an IDOL or think about that fantastic project idea you have in the back of your head. You can't seem to forget about it because you really see the potential. You know what's hard? Taking that first step.

Self-doubt is a b*tch. Self-doubt can prevent you from going after what you really want out of life. Self-doubt hinders you from actually living and prevents you from going outside of your comfort zone and succeeding. This year I am kicking self-doubt to the curb like that old boyfriend you know in your heart of hearts you should have dumped a year ago, but you were scared of being alone or didn’t want to have to start over again.

This year self-doubt is not an excuse! Want to join me?

“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize." Robert Hughes


If you want to become an IDOL, then gosh darn it become an IDOL. If you have been sitting on a fantastic project idea, then make it a reality. Self-doubt will not paralyze you from taking that first step in 2024!


Here are some tips I am using to crush self-doubt in 2024.


  1.     Molly is not only my accountability partner. She is a self-doubt crusher. The fact she sees the potential of my idea really helps me overcome the self-doubt.
  2.     Find yourself an ID support system.  If you are looking to change careers or work on a big project, a group like The IDOL Academy really makes a difference. I can’t say enough about my cheerleaders who I have yet to meet but feel like I really know. They are also self-doubt crushers and provide the needed boost of optimism when self-doubt comes bubbling up.
  3.     Don’t let yourself succumb to your inner doubts! When you start to build your portfolio, you look at others' work for inspiration. Right? Get ideas for creating your own brand and how-to layout your portfolio.  Don’t make comparisons.
  4.     Become confident in your skills. Whether you are tackling an e-Learning authoring tool for the first time or developing your first instructor-led training, know you have the foundational skills to make you successful.
  5.     Celebrate your achievements! Be proud of your growth! Did you take that first step? Did you complete your first e-learning heroes challenge? Did your portfolio land you that interview?  Whatever the achievement! It needs to be celebrated!


Now you know what I am doing to kick self-doubt to the curb in 2020, tell us what you are doing to take that first step. 


By: Tabatha Dragonberry 

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