Leaving the Classroom 22: 3 Ways to Harness the Power of Self-Talk

Leaving the Classroom: A Transitioning Teacher Podcast

3 Ways to Harness the Power of Self-Talk 

Self-talk, if harnessed appropriately can become powerful. Research has shown that talking to yourself out loud can motivate you to move forward with your goals, help you focus on a task, and get rid of self-criticism. Today I talk about self-talk and 3 ways to use it to your advantage.

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 Enjoy the podcast transcription:

Hello, everyone. Welcome to leaving the classroom. I'm Kristi Oliva. I'm so glad you're here. Today I'm talking about self talk, and how to use it to your advantage. By the time you listen to this podcast, chances are you have probably already experienced many of your daily 50,000 thoughts. Did you know that you had 50,000 thoughts a day? Doesn't really surprise me honestly.

For me, I'm a worrier. So I tend to get worst case scenario, in my thoughts. I map out all the directions it...

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Become an IDOL 83: Hack Your Brain with Matt Gjertsen

Guest: Matt Gjertsen

Unleash the power of your brain for training transformation with Matt Gjersten! Join me as I chat with the visionary founder of Better Everyday Studios, an instructional design consulting company. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into how Matt empowers learning teams to create a monumental impact. Don't miss out! Tune in now and discover the ultimate brain hacks for mastering behavior change in your training.

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   

Robin Sargent  I have here with me today, Matt Gjertsen, and he is the founder and owner of Better Every Day Studios. And today we are going to talk about how to hack your brain to create behavior change in your training. And of course, Matt will explain more what that means. But first, Matt, will you...

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Become an IDOL 81: Find Your Instructional Design Niche with Sarah Cannistra

Guest: Sarah Cannistra

In this episode, I'll be chatting with Sarah Cannistra who has an L&D Career, Executive and Business coach, and the founder of The Overnight Trainer, a coaching practice that helps purpose-driven people find, land, create, grow, and LOVE the L&D career of their dreams, so that they can live a life of fulfillment, inspiration, and freedom. Sarah utilizes her past experience as a modern learning leader and hiring manager to coach and consult her clients to ultimate career success. This is one you don't want to miss! Tune in to hear more now. 

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   

Robin Sargent I have here with me today Sarah Cannistra and she is the overnight trainer. You've probably seen her on LinkedIn. And if not, Sarah, will you please do a...

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Become an IDOL 76: Strategic Assessment Learning with Tamara Schroer

Guest: Tamara Schroer, Vice President of Education & Development | Working Solutions

In this episode, I will be chatting with Tamara Schroer, the Vice President of Education and Development at Working Solutions and she is not you typical corporate executive. She is a born educator and putting her formal training and innate talents to work, helping Working Solutions to develop one of the world's most powerful and effective approaches to virtual corporate education. You will love the energy in this episode! 

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Here's a little bit about Tamara: 

Tamara Schroer,  Vice President of Education and Development at Working Solutions, isn't your typical corporate executive. She's something better: a born educator. Armed with a degree in education and a passion for making a difference, she began her career helping the nonprofit Boys...

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Become an IDOL 63: Success Story with Former Teacher Kim Limon

Guest: Kim Limon,  Learning and Development Design Specialist

In this episode, I'm chatting with Kim Limon with 10 years experience in Education and English writing.  She was wanting more with flexibility. When she found IDOL courses Academy she knew it was the clear bridge to help her cross over into corporate. 

Hear how much time she put in and how she went through IDOL courses Academy while working a full time job. After 2 months she built a portfolio, revamped her resume and LinkedIn account with recruiters contacting her. She has great tips for navigating the next steps! 

Listen to this episode below:

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Let me tell you a little bit about Kim:

Kim Limon is a 10-year educator/ instructor with a varied education background instructing learners from pre-K to middle school 10th, grade, GED, all subjects as well as English language learners, and...

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Advocating for Accessibility


It’s now becoming common knowledge that humans have a wide range of cognitive differences, in addition to the physical ones that are more readily apparent. However, we’re still just scratching the surface with our understanding of conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. With that emerging comprehension comes persistent stigmas. I’ve experienced them in my own family and encountered them in the learning and development field.


In fact, what spurred me to write this was getting blocked by a doctor who has an active social media and podcast presence because I asked her to consider not using background music that contained vocals, as the vocals competed with what she said aloud. That doctor also is a professor at a state university, which made me wonder if she provides accommodations for her neurodivergent students. (Learning differences don’t go away when a person enters medical school, after all.)


This reminded me that we still have a...

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Become an IDOL 71: Success Story with Barbara Taylor an Internal Promotion

Guest: Barbara Taylor,  Manager of Training for Talent Acquisition

In this episode, I will be chatting with Barbara Taylor, IDOL alumni from cohort 3. She was able to transform her role within a fortune 100 company through her passion for Learning and Development with the implementation from IDOL courses Academy. She now serves as the training manager for 180 recruiters. Listen in now to hear more details on Barbara’s internal promotional journey.


Listen to this episode below: 

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Let me tell you a little bit about Barbara: 

Barbara has always had an affinity for instructional design and online learning and aspired to succeed in this type of position.  She began working toward her dream of landing a position in the Learning & Development field.  The journey was lengthy, and after receiving her master’s degree...

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Training: The Employer in L&D

When I began the journey from adult educator to instructional designer, I was merely looking for full-time work. I wanted to continue teaching, helping, learning and growing somehow. I’ve learned more by teaching adults than in doing anything else in my life.

During the pandemic, I went back to school to get a MEd, and I found the IDOL courses Academy. I realized there was much to learn, and that the Academy would help me move in the right direction. It occurred to me that I was undergoing a bit of a career re-calibration. I had many of the skills that I needed to become an IDOL. I’d done graphic design, teaching, curriculum development, and I wrote and published a novel. So I had all of the skills necessary to become and IDOL, didn’t I? Well yes. And no. 

In the last blog I wrote I said Robin and Jay helped me get through several interviews at a job I still work at. Robin warned me that the role, as she was reading the description, was less...

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Event-Specific Self-Reflection

In my current role, I’m developing a solution that’s event-specific. The event happens every year, but every year they may need to leverage the event differently. 

The problem I’ve always run into with annual asks like this is that I tend to forget the process until it comes up again, which wouldn’t be an obstacle if the process were exactly the same year after year. But the hope is our learners will build on their learning each time the event happens and deepen their practice.

So how do you get learners to remember something that happened a year ago? 

My answer: You don’t. 

Like myself, a lot of my family and friends are neurodivergent. Asking many of us to remember learning from a year ago is a big ask, and I assume it’s likely a big ask for neurotypical people too. 

Instead of hoping people will just remember, build self-reflection mechanisms into the workflow.

Since my build is event-specific and the event happens...

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This Playwright Question Informs my ID Practice

 The class workshopped my play first. Professor Hood passed out copies, assigned parts, looked at me, and said, “For the rest of class, just take notes.” And then the class began to perform my piece.

Within the first few minutes, I determined my classmates didn’t know how to read. I clearly meant for this line to be said with anger, another one with relief. The discussion after the reading (me still silent) showed me they had all misread my theme and empathized with the wrong characters. 

Seeing me become increasingly frustrated, the professor brought the discussion to a close: “How well can the Work live without you, Mandy? As a playwright, you create the blueprint. But you can’t follow your work everywhere, making sure everyone interprets it correctly. The Work must live the way you intended without you. If you’re upset by the results of today, you have more work to do.” 

I imagine what Professor Hood put me through...

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