Our Response to COVID-19

covid Apr 09, 2020

In these unpredictable and rapidly changing times, we at IDOL courses are reaching out to let you know that we are open for business.  


How we are handling COVID-19 with our clients

We understand right now that people may need to shift from sales to services and adapt to new ways of thinking outside the box.  Your needs as a company and your training methods may need to be revamped in order to keep up with the new climate we find ourselves currently in. Whether your team needs to be trained on new remote procedures, taking on new roles as the focus of your company changes, or implementing new communication standards to your customers, IDOL courses is here and ready to help you. We are still working to make sure we can optimize your training and help you to grow during this time.

What we are doing for our staff during COVID-19

Early on, we shifted all of our teams to a virtual space, ensuring the safety of our team members.  Continued...
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