eLearning Team Roles


Sometimes when you're trying to land your first instructional design job or create a team for eLearning development you're not quite sure of all the roles and responsibilities.

This is a list for roles and responsibilities that need to be covered in an eLearning development project, but some of these roles only need a part-time employee or one person can be responsible for several roles at once. It all depends on the client, the budget, the team's skill set, and the requirement of the project.

eLearning Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Project Manager: Takes charge of the entire lifecycle of the project, interfaces between the client and the eLearning team, creates and manages the schedule, budget, scope, and the quality of the project.
  • Instructional Designer: This is probably you! You'll analyze training needs, provide consultation on instructional strategies, collaborate with the SME, define the scope of the course and learning objectives, select the delivery...
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