IDOL Business Box™

The toolkit for freelancing instructional designers and eLearning developers


Imagine if you never had to struggle again to figure out all the tools, templates, and contracts you need to run your learning & development business.

With IDOL (Instructional Design & Online Learning) Business Box ™, you won’t have to guess which tools and contracts are recommended when you’re freelancing on the side, or full-time. In this Box you’ll get 25 tools and templates to help you acquire clients, follow a repeatable process, submit proposals, price your IDOL™ projects, and keep it all organized with our Trello Board templates!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

Maybe you’re a seasoned instructional designer or eLearning developer and you’re ready to get some client work on the side of your full-time role.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned professional that is ready to strike out on your own as a full-time instructional designer and online learning freelancer. Also known as a solopreneur!

Or maybe you’re a new IDOL™ that wants to start getting clients to build your portfolio and ramp up to a full-time freelancing, or contract role.

And maybe you’ve gotten a few clients on the side or as a freelancer, but your client acquisition process and procedures are a tad amatuer or slightly unprofessional and you want to take your freelancing efforts up to the next level.

What if there was a toolkit that includes all the business development, contracts, agreements, Trello Board templates, procedures, client acquisition plans, project price calculators, and a list of vetted freelancer tools specifically created for the learning and development industry? 🤯

What if there was a way to have all your tools and resources in one place?

What if you can get the entire toolkit for half-price by enrolling now and using the $47 coupon for the next time you want to invest in your professional development with IDOL courses™?

That’s exactly why we created IDOL Business Box™.

We want to give you all of the tools and resources you need to start or scale your freelancing business or side hustle in one-kit. We also share mini-training videos on when and how to use each of the tools and templates in the box.

We want to help those who are working with or want to work on client projects, have a process and the templates in place to make it streamlined and efficient.

Start getting prospects for your services and walking them through your clear process right now with a toolkit that includes 25 tools, templates, and 8 micro training videos for all of the contents in the box!


Tabatha Dragonberry

The samples are a great guide to jumpstart a freelancer with information on contracts, pricing, and marketing. You can not beat the price for the quality resources you are getting.

Stephanie T.

Have you ever ordered a meal and received an extra heaping serving by accident? This is exactly how I felt when I ordered the IDOL Business Box! It was everything and more because Dr. Robin walks you through how to use the box successfully and the mindset behind its creation. This box is incredibly well thought-out and designed to make your freelancing feel like freedom!

IDOL Business Box™ is just that. A learning and development business handed to you in a nicely wrapped box! 💟

IDOL Business Box™ includes tools and templates for your business development, contracts & agreements, project management, client relationship management, financial management, and vetted resources for your business and your professional development.

Right now, you’re not sure which contract to use and when and with each client type. Or you just need a trusty one for our clients and industry. You’re not sure how you are going to price your instructional design and eLearning projects. You’re overwhelmed with the amount of tools that are out there for freelancers. And you probably don’t have a client acquisition or marketing plan.

Imagine if you were able to have everything you need to start attracting IDOL™ clients and working with them today.

Imagine that during each step of your sales process you’ll have a template or a tool ready for you to use immediately from start to finish.

This is exactly what IDOL Business Box™ can do for you!


Gretchen Johanson

The IDOL Business Box is going to help take you to the next level and become a successful freelancer or Business. I’m more confident being able to price/bid projects with the all of the great assets provided.

Lisa Hollon

Having the tools and resources to confidently present myself as a truly freelance designer has already opened up doors. I feel more confident in taking on clients because I now function like a business, and not just a lady who is good at design. 

If you're on the fence. Remove the fence! It’s what really stands between you and your success, and there’s no need for barriers. Buy this resource, and take the next step outside of the box.

Hello, I’m Dr. Robin Sargent, and I help people in the learning and development industry upskill with a combination of training, activities, deliberate practice, resources, and templates.

I have been an IDOL™ freelancer since I landed my first full-time corporate instructional design role in 2012. I know what it’s like to try to find clients, apply to subcontracting positions, price projects, create winning proposals, manage IDOL™ projects, and keep the entire process running smoothly so I show up like a professional.

Now I run a full instructional design and online learning agency, IDOL courses™. My business has come a long way since I started freelancing as a side hustle. I remember what it was like to start out and only find resources, articles, project pricing advice and tools for freelancers in other industries. 

In our program (me, Christy Tucker, and Your Instructional Designer (Dr. Nicole Papaioannou Lugara) the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp we’ve been teaching the business side of learning and development. And I found that many of the students love the resources, templates, calculators and guides just as much as the training and community. 

Hence, the birth of IDOL Business Box™. A full toolkit to help you run your business like a pro or augment your existing business with better tools. 

Oh and since I love helping people move up in their IDOL careers or win more clients you can get a $47 coupon to apply to the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp. This means that you’ll get this box for half-price when you enroll in more professional development!

Did you catch that? 😁 You can get this box 📦 essentially for 50% off because there’s a $47 coupon for the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp!

Rashida King

Thanks to the IDOL Business Box I have a whole new perspective on how to conduct exploratory meetings, sending a scope of work document (which I had not considered), and more resources for books and tools.

The IDOL business box will teach any aspiring freelancer the foundational skills necessary to secure contracts as an Instructional Designer. It definitely helped to build my confidence in navigating difficult and uncertain aspects of having my own business.

Tandi Vaughn

The information about freelancing is easily accessible and accurate. It is too much of a hassle to google information. I am now organized. Also, I have a better idea on how to set my prices thanks to the IDOL Business Box.

Here's what's included:

IDOL Business Box™ includes 7 boxes full of freelancing tools and templates.

7 Micro Training Videos

You're given tools, templates, and resources with video guides on when and how to use each.

Freelancer Resume Template

Crib off or use Dr. Robin Sargent's resume template to make your own.

Cover Letter Template

Great to have a tested and proven cover letter template to send to prospective clients and hiring managers.

100+ IDOL Interview Questions

A sample of the most common interview questions asked by hiring managers in the learning and development industry.

Visual Brand Identity 

Use this template to create your brand identity or get inspired and use one of the 82 brand designs we've already created for you.

Independent Contractor Agreement

This is also known as a 1099 contract. It's for US based contractors.

Corp to Corp Contract

Corporation to corporation contract for those business to business agreements.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Also known as a confidentiality agreement. 

Course Product Roadmap Trello Board

Plan and execute your course products with this Trello Board template.

Course Product Roadmap

The high level overview and guide for how to build and sell an online course product. 

Client Relationship Management Trello Board Template

This board will prove that you don't need a monthly subscription service to manage your leads and clients.

Project Management Trello Board Template

A template to help you manage your learning and development projects.

Annual Marketing Calendar Trello Board Template

Plan and execute your marketing plan so you can get in front of your target audience.

Sales Process Guide

A simple guide to walk you through a typical sales process in our industry.

Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet

Get organized and make a plan for the year with this spreadsheet. It works hand in hand with the Annual Marketing Calendar Trello template!

Client Interview Prep Sheet

Never freeze up on a prospective client interview again!

Qualifying Questions

Make sure the client is the right fit for you and your IDOL™ business by asking these questions.

Statement of Work Template

Also known as a Scope of Work or SOW. This is what you'll include with your other client contracts and it's how you'll define success for your projects.

Find Clients & Subcontract

Eight proven ways to find clients and subcontracting work.

Internal Rate Card Template

Keep a menu of services for your own prices or to delegate pieces of your project to a contractor.

Project Cost Calculator

The most important tool in your IDOL™ business is a calculator that can easily give you both price and time estimates for ILT and eLearning projects.

Pricing & Expenses Spreadsheet

Lay out your living and business expenses to determine your minimum hourly rate. The calculations are already built in!

Tools for Success

This is a list of tools used by IDOL courses™ and recommended by other industry professionals.

IDOL Business Booklist

Dr. Robin Sargent's personal and professional development recommendations. Feed your mind and change your mindset.

Project Proposal Canva Template

Make your proposal stand out in both content and design with this easy to use Canva template.

$47 OFF Coupon

Get this box for at half-price when you enroll in the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp program with a $47 off coupon code.

Win! Win! I'm in!

Who is the IDOL Business Box™ for?

eLearning Developers

eLearning development is a growing industry and there is a surge of demand for these skills.  Many companies and individuals are looking for professionals that understand eLearning development to create and update their programs. If you’re interested in finding or working with these clients on their projects the IDOL Business Box™ was designed specifically with you in mind.  All the tools and tips are tailored for the freelance eLearning developer.

That's me!

Instructional Designers

Instructional design is a hot industry now more than ever.  So many companies and individuals are looking for professionals that understand learning design to create, update, and evaluate their programs. If you’re interested in finding or working with these clients on their projects the IDOL Business Box™ was designed specifically with you in mind.  All the tools and tips are tailored for the freelance instructional designer.  

That's me!

William Dean

I can see a clearer path to freelancing and all of the resources make it feel less overwhelming. IDOL Business in a Box is full of resources to help get your freelance venture off to a great start. It the templates, and other resources will save you so much time.

Thao Nguyen

Besides ID expertise, there were so many things I needed to sort out to go freelance, which made me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. The IDOL Business Box first gave me a clearer overview of main aspects of freelancing. Then, by offering diverse tools, templates, and tips in an organized way, this box has saved me lots of time and effort!

What you'll find in the IDOL Business Box™

Business Development Box

In this box you will find the assets and guides you need to apply for contract jobs as a freelancer. You’ll also find the Canva template so you can build your own visual brand identity.  Start early with who you are and how you want to represent your business visually. This way your clients and prospects will start to recognize you and your brand.

Contract Box

In this box you’ll find the three most common contracts and agreements you’ll need as a freelancer.  While we aren’t attorneys we do have them on our team and these are the templates we use in our business. 

Project Management Box

This box is jam packed with Trello Board templates and process maps. You’ll find Trello Board templates for your projects, marketing plans, client management, and a bonus board, plus a guide to get you started if you want to build digital course products.

Client Relationship Management Box

Client relationships are your bread and butter as a freelancer. In this box you’ll find the tools and guides you need to find clients, qualify your leads, and templates so you can scope out your projects and create a well designed project proposal.


Management Box

This is the money box. Included are two calculators to help you price your projects and an internal rate card so you can track your a la carte pricing for clients or your subcontractors. Getting clear about how you’ll price your projects is how you can grow and scale your business.

Resource Box

In this box you’ll find the vetted resources that we use at IDOL courses and those that come highly recommended in our learning and development industry.

Coupon Box

This is where you’ll find the $47 off coupon for your next IDOL course! That’s right, when you purchase your IDOL Business Box you can get half of your money back by investing in the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp.  Now, that’s a deal! This price won't last long! This is an introductory offer only.


Kristi Oliva

I feel confident that I can come to the table with a number that shows my value but also respects my client. This is a great starting point if you want to begin freelancing and building your client base. It has the essential items you need to feel confident going into a proposal meeting.

Niya Maria

I like how you can easily download the templates!! Very informative micro learning. It's also easy to customize the templates. Overall it's excellent and I love the feel and bright colors.

What you get when you grab your copy of IDOL Business Box™

7 Boxes with 7 Short Videos & 25 Assets

This box is stuffed full with 7 micro-videos to walk you through all of the 25  resources. Go box by box, skip around, and use the Business Box as a handy reference guide. ($200-value)

Business Development Box

Freelance Resume Template

This is the same resume that I (Dr. Robin Sargent) use when clients request one. It’s both a template and a guide for how to write a resume as a freelancer. ($50-value)

Freelance Cover Letter Template

Sometimes you’ll still need to apply for contract jobs as a freelancer just like you would for a permanent position. In this situation, you’ll have a cover letter template ready to go! ($50-value)

Sample IDOL Interview Questions

The 15-page guide that lists 100+ IDOL questions that could come up in an interview. These questions are the kind that are asked in a traditional contracting job you may be applying for. ($25-value)

Visual Brand Identity Template

Your visual brand identity is a collection of your brand elements: typography (font), color palette, logo, brand image(s), patterns, etc. You should have all of your brand elements saved in one location. Use this 82-page template to create your own visual brand identity. ($50-value)

Contract Box

Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement is also known as a 1099 Agreement. You can use this template for when you hire contractors or for when the client wants to hire you as an independent contractor. You’ll just need to update the CLIENT and CONTRACTOR information with your details and you’re ready to make it official ($100-value)

Corp to Corp Agreement

This agreement is also known as a C2C Agreement. You’ll use this contract when your LLC or corporation hires or is hired by another LLC or corporation. This way the LLC and not the individual is responsible for any liability. ($100-value)

Non-Disclosure Agreement

You’ll use this when you need to keep a lid on your business box. It’s also known as a confidentiality agreement. The purpose is for participants to legally promise not to share or release information made available to them by others. You can use this NDA as a template for others to sign for you or for your clients so they feel comfortable working with you ($100-value)

Project Management Box

Course Product Roadmap Trello Board

This Trello board lays out all the action steps you need to take to create and launch an online course product. It even includes pricing tiers for you to consider based on the type, of course, you’re creating. ($100-value)

Course Product Roadmap

This is the high-level plan you need to get your course product up and running. This is a guide that compliments the Course Product Roadmap Trello Board ($50-value)

Client Relationship Management Trello Board

There are a bunch of paid tools that you could use to track your clients from prospect to closed, but we don’t think you need tools like HubSpot when you have this CRM template. In this board not only will you have the client engagement process laid out we’ve also included sample phone and email scripts for cold, warm, and hot leads. We even set up a template card so you can capture all the important client details in one place! You’ll never have to worry about which stage of the process your prospective clients are in. ($200-value)

IDOL Project Management Trello Board

This Trello board lays out all the action steps you need to or might take to design and develop courses for clients. It’s a project management template for IDOLs (Instructional Designers & Online Learning developers). ($100-value)

Annual Marketing Calendar Trello Board

In the freelancing world attention equals money.  If people don’t know who you are or how you can help them it’ll be hard to live off of referrals alone. This Trello board will help you make a plan for each month and it’s complemented by the Annual Marketing Sheet we also threw in this box. You’re welcome 😉!  ($100-value)

Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet

In this spreadsheet you’ll create a 6-month plan to direct your marketing efforts. There are two sections, one for prospect marketing and the other for current clients. You’ll set your goals, dates, content ideas, and campaign name.  You’ll also get examples for each. This spreadsheet is made to compliment your Annual Marketing Calendar Trello Board so you can both plan and execute.  ($25-value)

Client Relationship Management Box

Client Interview Prep Sheet

This is a 2-page fillable guide to help you plan and prepare for your client interviews.  Get the template that will help you land the sale and prepare for prospective client meetings. ($25-value)

Qualifying Questions Guide

Use this 2-page guide in conjunction with the prep sheet so you can show up as a business peer with your client interviews.  You can use this guide to create a survey for prospective clients or use it to direct the flow of your conversation. This guide is tailored for our learning and development industry. ($25-value)

Statement of Work Template

This template is also commonly known as a Scope of Work (SOW). It is a type of proposal used in our industry to give all the details of a project, how much the project will cost, what is and is not included in the project, and details about the process your clients should expect.  A statement of work can also be considered a type of contract.  Some clients want a full proposal and some are happy with an SOW. In the IDOL Business Box™, you’ll have templates for both! The reason why this SOW is valuable for you is because of all the years of experience that have been put into making this template. You don’t know what to include to be defensive in your SOW until you’ve been kicked around a few times! We want to save you from that pain. ($50 value)

Clients and Contracting Guide

This is a 2-page guide for how to find new clients and contracts. It’s an extra tip sheet to help you find more of what you want...IDOL™clients! ($11 value)

Financial Management Box

IDOL™ Internal Rate Card

A rate card is a menu of a la carte services that you perform as a freelancer.  At IDOL courses™ we use this rate card to deliver project prices to our subcontractors. It makes it easy to share with your subcontractors what you will pay for each of the services they perform for you.  At IDOL courses™ we   also keep this internal rate card so we have a menu of services with our time and price estimations so we can tell clients what the project will cost if they only want us to work on pieces of a project. ($50 value)

Pricing & Expense Spreadsheet

With this worksheet, you will never have to struggle to figure out how much you want to charge hourly or by the project to cover the lifestyle you want, the expenses you have, taxes, and the profit you want to make. We even added an extra sheet so you can track your time and prices for client projects.  Tracking this information will help you better estimate your project costs. ($100 value)

IDOL™ Project Cost Calculator

This is a calculator that automatically calculates based on your desired hourly rate (determined by your pricing worksheet) and the output time of either instructor-led training, eLearning level 1, 2, or 3 what the price should be. It’s magic for your learning and development business! You’ll also get three different outputs that distinguish the low middle and high estimates based on your project type. ($100 value)

Resource Box

Business Box Books

As a business owner more knowledge and skills will make you and your services more valuable. In this guide, I share 16 of the most influential books I’ve ever read as an entrepreneur. I know you’ll find some gems in this list that will take your personal and professional development up to the next level too. (This one is on me 😉)

Tools for Success Guide

We want to see you win and we want to take away the guesswork about which tools to use as an IDOL™ business. We share tools for email marketing, social media publishing, lead generation, design & development, authoring tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), finances, signatures and file sharing, and project management.  In this guide, you’ll find the tools used by IDOL courses™and those that are recommended by industry professionals. ($50 value)

Project Proposal Canva Template

Make your proposal stand out in both content and design with this easy to use Canva template.

Coupon Box

Coupon Box

In exchange for your feedback and review of the IDOL Business Box™ you will get a coupon for $47 off your next purchase with IDOL courses™. You can use the coupon on either the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp or the IDOL courses Academy. This coupon makes the IDOL Business Box half the price! ($47 value)

Happiness Box

Lifetime Access to the Materials! Businesses can change and members will have requests for new assets. Which means when it does we’ll be updating the IDOL Business Box™. You’ll have access to the materials and all updates, forever! (priceless)

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Still Have Questions?

Jessie Mathisen

The IDOL Business Box is filled with practical tools to help you get your ID business off the ground without reinventing the wheel. The pricing worksheet and project cost calculator alone makes this package worthwhile!