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Are you ready to elevate your feedback skills as an instructional designer? Effective feedback is the cornerstone of continuous improvement and professional growth. At IDOL Academy, we recognize the challenges you face when seeking meaningful feedback, and we’re here to help streamline this crucial process.


Why is Feedback Important? 

As an instructional designer, your ability to solicit, receive, and implement feedback directly impacts the quality of your eLearning projects. However, asking for feedback in ways that yield useful and actionable insights can be tricky. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized resource worksheet to guide you through formulating feedback requests effectively.

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Common Challenges: 

Do you hesitate to ask for feedback because you're not sure what to ask for? Are you concerned about receiving vague or unhelpful responses? You’re not alone. Many instructional designers struggle to craft clear, specific feedback requests that result in constructive and actionable advice.

What You’ll Gain from Our Worksheet:

Structured Feedback Requests

Learn how to ask precise questions that invite comprehensive and practical responses.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Improve how you communicate with peers, stakeholders, and clients to foster a collaborative environment.

Increased Confidence

Gain assurance in your ability to seek out and utilize feedback to refine your work and enhance your professional skills.

Imagine the Impact:

Visualize approaching your next project review armed with well-defined questions that encourage thorough and beneficial feedback. Picture the confidence you'll feel, knowing that the insights you gather will truly enhance your designs and learning outcomes.

Your Next Step,

Download our free Feedback Formulation Worksheet now. It's tailored specifically for instructional designers seeking to master the art of feedback. Whether you're fine-tuning a course, collaborating with a team, or engaging with clients, our worksheet is your key to unlocking valuable insights and propelling your projects forward.
Step up your feedback game. Download the worksheet today, and start transforming feedback into your most powerful tool for success in instructional design. Let IDOL Academy help you make every review session count!