How to Work with Stakeholders

Download this free checklist to use when working with stakeholders in an Instructional Design & Online Learning project. 


Our Stakeholder uide

A comprehensive three-page resource designed to enhance your effectiveness in managing stakeholder relationships throughout the lifecycle of a corporate training project.

What even is a Stakeholder?

This guide was inspired by Melanie Eakin in Episode 3 of the Become an IDOL Podcast, who dives into the concept of stakeholders, defining who they are in various contexts and examining their roles in decision-making processes. The discussion includes a detailed exploration of how stakeholders influence projects, particularly in corporate settings, and offers strategies for effectively engaging them to achieve successful outcomes. Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder dynamics and learn practical tips for managing stakeholder relationships in business and beyond. Whether you're a project manager, business leader, or simply interested in corporate structures, this episode provides valuable insights into the complexities of stakeholder operations.