Is a career in  instructional design right for you?


What is an instructional designer? 

 Instructional designers create effective training materials and programs for organizations of all kinds. These materials range from courses to graphics to manuals, depending on the organization and its needs. 

Instructional designers design, develop, manage, and evaluate processes and resources for learning. They are essential in helping people understand concepts and produce better outcomes.

The best instructional designers are passionate about learning and helping others.

What skills do instructional designers need?

Instructional designers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Some were teachers in previous careers, some were graphic designers. Still others are newer in their careers and haven't had full-time jobs before. All instructional designers have several key skills in common. The good news is that these skills can be built, as long as you're interested in learning!

Problem Solving

Instructional designers are problem-solvers at heart. They help create resources to better equip learners to do their jobs better.

Growth Mindset

The best instructional designers have a growth mindset. They love learning and exploring new ideas.


Instructional designers need to work closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) and learners to create optimal solutions.

Technology + Tools

Instructional designers use a variety of tools and technology in their work so that they can create dynamic solutions.


An instructional designer's job is to communicate complex concepts in easy-to-understand ways. Communication is a necessary skill.


Design is a big part of instructional design. IDs need to make resources not just easy to understand, but visually appealing for their clients.

What education does an instructional designer need?

Most instructional designers attend a training program of some kind that teaches them the key skills and knowledge they need to effectively do their job.

Some choose to attend Master's programs, while others find authorized vocational schools better suited to their goals and needs. Choosing the right instructional design program for you is an important decision.

Where do instructional designers work?

Instructional design is a flexible profession with many career opportunities. Instructional designers can find meaningful, well-paying jobs in many settings, depending on their interests and how they like to work. A career in instructional design is flexible and offers a high level of job security.


Many instructional designers work in large, international corporations like Amazon and Salesforce. Members of IDOL Academy have found jobs at Amazon, Google, PWC, GM, and more!


Some instructional designers prefer to be their own boss and work freelance. These instructional designers cane work for clients of all sizes, from large corporations to small organizations, or even for individuals.

And more

Instructional design is a flexible career path with many job opportunities. Nonprofits, universities, school districts, hospitals, and more all employ instructional designers to meet their needs. 

Should I be an instructional designer?

Does instructional design sound like an interesting career to you? That's great! Ultimately, you are the person best placed to understand whether or not this career path is interesting.

If you're not sure whether instructional design is the best career path for you, take our free quiz. We have included a mix of questions to help you see if this career path makes sense.