IDOL Movie Magic℠ 

The IDOL guide to easily create professional Vyond animations.


What if you never had to struggle to create an animation again?

With IDOL Movie Magic ℠ , there’s no need to struggle with creating engaging and professional looking animations. You’ll learn how to use Vyond animation software with mastery in less than 3 hours.

Not only are we professional Vyond animators, IDOL courses™ is also an official Vyond partner.  

Tell me if this sounds like you:

Maybe you’re seeking new opportunities or a promotion in corporate or higher education and you’d like to add a new tool and skill set to your resume and portfolio. 

Or perhaps you’re a freelancer who’s getting clients that are requesting training videos.

Or perhaps you just want to stand out from the crowd in the eLearning industry with professional animations. 

And maybe you’ve tried to use Vyond, but all your videos came out a tad amateur or wonky and you want to take your skills up to the next level.

What if there was a way to learn Vyond and professional animation tips at the same time to make you more appealing to clients and hiring managers? 

What if there was a way to learn Vyond and earn a credential so that you not only have the training, but also the proof for your portfolio, social sites, and resume?

What if there is a Vyond training that can help you even if you’ve never even logged into Vyond before?

That's exactly why we created IDOL Movie Magicâ„ 

We wanted to give you both the step by step guide to use the Vyond animation program, but also give you tips on how to make your videos polished, clean, and magical. We want to help you learn the skills to develop engaging animations and validate your efforts with a credential EVEN if you’ve never even used Vyond before.

Start learning animation principles and everything about the Vyond animation software in less than 3 hours with a course that includes 8 modules and 38 bite-sized video lessons. Each lesson is less than 5 minutes long!


IDOL Movie Magicâ„  is the guide to easily create professional Vyond animations in just 3 hours.

IDOL Movie Magic℠ is a step-by-step Vyond training program that walks you through everything in Vyond from the dashboard to branding your videos and creating a storyboard. You’ll not only learn the program you’ll also learn the rules of making great animations. 

Right now, you’re struggling with creating fun and easy animations for your education, training, or marketing videos. Or your animations aren’t quite looking as polished as you know they can be. And maybe, you’ve never even given Vyond a shot, but you know that if you’re going to start you want to get it right the first time!

Imagine if you were able to create animated stories, training, explainer videos and more with ease. Your views go up and you’re  getting rave reviews from your audience or your learners. 

This is exactly what IDOL Movie Magicâ„  can do for you!


To Make IDOL Movie Magicâ„  Truly Magical,

3% of the of the profits go directly to each of the non-profit organizations listed below✨

Black Girls CODE

Black Girls CODE is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching girls ages 7-17 about computer programming and digital technology. Founded in 2011 our organization has grown from a small grassroots organization started in the San Francisco Bay Area into an internationally chapter with over 14 locations across the US (Memphis, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Bay Area, Seattle, Miami) and in Johannesburg, South Africa.


DESIGNxHUMANITY is a design education nonprofit pairing experienced creatives with fresh faces to collaborate on real-world projects advocating for equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. All creative projects developed by Design For Humanity are 100% free to the public and are hosted through a variety of digital platforms including edapp & UNITAR's EducateAll initiative.

Save the Children

In the U.S. and around the world, Save the Children does whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to ensure children grow up healthy, learning and safe. 


Here's what's included


IDOL Movie Magic

8 Modules with 38 Short Videos- This course is jam packed with 38 micro videos to walk you through all of Vyond and animation principles. Go step by step, skip around, and use the course as a handy reference guide.

IDOL Movie Magic Planner

Not only is this a storyboard template so you can write out your design it’s also a Canva template you can use in your own FREE Canva account. You can reuse this template over and over again for all your animation projects.

Enchanting Syllabus

This 5 page syllabus includes a description of each module and a way to quickly identify the topics for each lesson in the course.

The Vyond Wand

The 4 page cheat sheet with all the tips that will keep your animations consistent and high quality.

IDOL Potions

Take action for every module and implement what you learn with a guided practice activity.


All the lessons clearly written out.

IDOL Movie Magic: Professional Vyond Animations Credential

Verifiable digital badge can be earned when you submit a final project. This digital badge is issued by IDOL courses through Credly and hosted on Acclaim so clients, bosses, hiring managers, and friends can see and validate your abilities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your email signature, or your website. Once you earn the IDOL Movie Magic credential it never expires. 


What you'll learn...

An Introduction to Vyond

Learn the fundamentals of Vyond like navigating the dashboard and making a new video. Get ready to build a solid foundation for your Vyond animations.

Scenes + Templates

We'll walk you through how to create a scene, duplicate a scene, continue a scene, save a scene as a template, insert a new or saved scene, search for a scene, scene animations, and transitions. You will learn how to edit scene backgrounds, how to add camera movement, motion paths, effects, and animations. You’ll get rules of thumb for scene spacing, ideal video lengths, and scene consistency, so your videos look professional.


We'll guide you through character categories, adding and replacing characters, character animation, character mirroring and flipping, character expressions, character actions, character sizing, character interactions, and character consistency.

Props + Assets

You'll learn how to add, replace, and animate assets. We will cover how to edit, crop and mask assets, and identify appropriate use of assets and asset consistency.

Music + Sound Effects

Learn the magic of how to search for music and sound effects, how to apply music or sound effects to a scene, how to edit volume and duration in settings, how to import your music and sound effects to Vyond, and the appropriate use of music and sound effects throughout a video.


Learn how to record and edit a voice-over in Vyond. We will discuss how to import a recorded voice-over and how to edit and split an imported voice-over in Vyond. You will also learn how to use Vyond's Text-to-Speech option, including character lip-syncing, how to balance voice-overs with sound effects and music, and how to sync the voice-over with video animation.


Keeping your videos consistent is how you’ll give them polish! We will cover branding your videos, including how to create a storyboard, brand backgrounds, and templates, scene styling, as well as saving and applying brand colors, fonts, sounds, music, characters, and logo.

Exporting + Sharing

This is the fun part! When you’ve completed your project you need to learn how to preview your video and how to share your videos with other Vyond team members. We discuss how to export your videos in various formats. You will learn how to manage your video library, including copying videos, renaming videos, previewing videos, and creating and organizing Vyond folders.


Who is IDOL Movie Magicâ„  for?

IDOL Movie Magic℠ is right for any--yes, any--body that wants to create Vyond animations that look sleek and professional. 

Whether you're an instructional designer or a Human Resources specialist IDOL Movie Magicâ„  is for you.

Instructional Designers & eLearning Developers

Creating animated videos for your eLearning creations can be a great way to show a process, tell a story, demonstrate concepts, and grab attention! Whether you create training for corporate or higher education you can enhance your content with animations. And the Vyond software skill is showing up as a job requirement for many of the new instructional design and eLearning positions.  This means learning to create animated videos will help your learners and your career. Win win!

Human Resources

As someone who works in Human Resources you need a way to improve collaboration, communication, and culture. Animated video is an excellent way to achieve these goals and get your message across. You can create short animations in your companies’ brand for announcements, new policies, and other updates you want to share. IDOL Movie Magic gives you another skill and tool for your people and your career.

Marketing Professionals

As a marketer you know the power video can have on your campaigns. Video based ads have higher click through rates.  Not only that, creating animations in Vyond lets you create marketing videos fast! Once you’ve learned IDOL Movie Magic you’ll not only be able to create videos quickly you’ll be able to make them sleek and professional. You can use the animations for product explainers, social media videos, or ads. Creating your own videos will save your marketing efforts time and money.


As a teacher you know that kids LOVE animated videos. You also know how difficult it is to keep or get their attention. You can create animated videos for your online school or classroom. Use Vyond animations for teaching a lesson, sharing an announcement, telling a story, or celebrating a success. Once you learn the Vyond program you can turn out several animated videos in a short amount of time to keep your learners engaged and your stress level down. IDOL Movie Magic will not only walk you through all the steps of the software, but also teach you the principles of animation so you can easily create professional Vyond animations.

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This is the only Vyond Animation training of its kind. 

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