Who’s your ADDIE Co-founders Stephanie Bandli and Lizzy Steenkamp | 58

Season #1

Who’s your ADDIE? is an e-learning marketplace run by practicing e-learning professionals with over 15 years of experience in e-learning design and development. They are obsessed with creating digital learning that is engaging, pedagogically (or andragogically) sound, fit for purpose, and technically well-made to create an overall excellent learning experience. They understand that industry professionals need to specialize in a wide range of skills: instructional design, writing, graphic design, learning technologies, and user experience design. It’s not always possible for everyone to excel in all of these areas. In addition, we often work with tight deadlines that are at odds with our desire to create work that would truly benefit our students, and that we can be proud of. They want to help passionate e-learning creators leverage each others’ skills by creating and selling high-quality e-learning templates and assets. Browse our platform to buy and sell products for every phase of the ADDIE process: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Check out Who's Your ADDIE website here: Enroll in the IDOL courses Academy