Build Your Instructional Design & Online Learning Portfolio

$150.00 USD

Stop struggling to build your IDOL online portfolio. The Build Your IDOL Online Portfolio is perfect for you if you n...

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Working with SMEs Masterclass

$22.00 USD

Stop struggling to work with subject matter experts during the instructional design process.  The working with SMEs ...

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Stop struggling to get a new instructional design job or create awesome courses

$95.00 USD

Expert Feedback for Your Instructional Design or Job Application Materials is perfect for people struggling to get a ...

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IDOL Movie Magic™

$297.00 USD

The IDOL guide to easily create professional Vyond animations. What if you never had to struggle to create animation...

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eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp

3 monthly payments of $185.00 USD

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful eLearning Business Stop struggling to figure out how to start or grow y...

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