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Working with SMEs Masterclass

Stop struggling to work with subject matter experts during the instructional design process. 

The working with SMEs Masterclass is perfect for you if you've never worked with a subject matter expert before or you're facing SME challenges.

Learn the step-by-step process to not only pull out the best information from your SME but also how to build a real relationship with them to add them to your valuable network. 

If you want to...

  • Understand what the SME process should look like in detail
  • Get the SME in your corner to build a better course for your learners
  • Build your network and your value as an expert instructional designer

...then this is the masterclass for you!

In this masterclass, I've included everything you need to know, including:

  • How to overcome common SME challenges
  • How to work with and collaborate with SMEs
  • A SME questionnaire
  • Resources for how to capture SME information 
  • An instructional design document template
  • and an eLearning development project plan template

Working with SMEs Masterclass is open and ready for you to immediately enjoy. 

Checkout now and you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content so you can review it anytime!