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Do I Really Need a Portfolio?

becomeanidol careerpivot elearning instructionaldesign learningexperiencedesign lxd portfolio teachers Sep 03, 2020

 Do you really need a portfolio to land an instructional design job? My answer is yes. There may be some different opinions on this topic. In our digital world, you need to have a digital presence. Today I joined Cath Ellis and friends in her Monthly eLearning Hangout meetup, we were talking portfolios, and she agrees a portfolio is helpful and recommends having one. Cath said she had her portfolio before she was a freelancer, and because of this, she was able to transition to freelance. People were reaching out to her do complete projects, and she has not had to look for work since moving to freelance. Hanging out with Cath and I was Mohd Mudassir Nagaria. He stated he was inspired by Cath during The Show to develop a portfolio and highlight his skills.  


Here are my reasons why I think you should invest the time to build your instructional design portfolio:


  1. Career Transitioning.

If you are transitioning from another career such as teaching, where a portfolio was not required, you can highlight your transferable skills. Breaking into the corporate instructional design will not be simple, but having a well-designed portfolio is your elevator pitch. You will learn a lot in the portfolio process. You learn about branding, presentation, and you will push yourself and grow.  

The IDOL courses Academy will start the last cohort of 2020 on September 28th. The Academy provides a framework for you to develop your portfolio, but it also guides you in developing your skills and instructional design job application assets through four levels of credentials. Earning your level badges in The Academy is an accomplishment. It shows you have the needed skills to develop an instructional design document, eLearning successfully, and prepares you for the job application process. The community within the Academy is the icing on the cake. 

You find like-minded people at different points in their journey with varied experiences and backgrounds supporting each other. Academy registration opens to the public on 9/14. In the meantime, you can schedule a call with Dr. Robin Sargent, the owner of IDOL courses, to learn more from now until 9/14.


2. You are always prepared for new opportunities.

If you are working instructional design, you never know when a fantastic opportunity pops up on LinkedIn, your inbox, or word of mouth. I have noticed more job ads stating only those with a portfolio will be considered. Building a portfolio is a time investment can you fast track the process – 100%, but it takes time and effort to curate the pieces you want to highlight.  

3. Tells your IDOL story.

Whether you are new to instructional design or a pro, your portfolio tells your IDOL story. Portfolios are not a one and done thing. They should be ever-changing, highlighting your growth and development of skills over time. You can highlight your interests, strengths, and growth over time. I believe portfolios have replaced the traditional business card. They are your digital footprint. Your portfolio can be the game-changer in getting a call from a hiring manager or recruiter. 


Remember, your portfolio is your first impression with visuals.

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