Become an IDOL 91: Immersive Technologies for Learning AR and VR with Destery Hildenbrand

Guest: Destery Hildenbrand

In this episode of the Become an IDOL podcast, Robin Sargent interviews Destery Hildenbrand, an XR Solution Architect who helps clients realize their immersive technology dreams through virtual reality, augmented reality, and blended learning solutions.

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:

Robin Sargent  

Welcome to become an IDOL. I'm Dr. Robin Sargent, owner of IDOL courses. This is the place where newbies come to learn and veterans share their knowledge.

Robin Sargent  

I have here with me today...

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Become an IDOL 87: Modern Learning Ecosystem with JD Dillon

Guest: JD Dillon

In this episode of the Become an IDOL podcast, host Dr. Robin Sargent interviews JD Dillon, the Chief Learning Officer at Axonify and author of the book The Modern Learning Ecosystem. JD discusses his background transitioning from operations management into learning and development, focusing on supporting frontline workers. He shares examples of understanding workers' needs and problems to design effective performance support solutions rather than traditional training. JD emphasizes the importance of focusing on problem-solving over learning and using a variety of tactics beyond just courses.

Listen to this episode below: 

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   


Robin Sargent
Welcome to Become an IDOL. I'm Dr. Robin Sargent, owner of IDOL courses. This is the place where newbies come to learn...

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Do I Really Need a Portfolio?

 Do you really need a portfolio to land an instructional design job? My answer is yes. There may be some different opinions on this topic. In our digital world, you need to have a digital presence. Today I joined Cath Ellis and friends in her Monthly eLearning Hangout meetup, we were talking portfolios, and she agrees a portfolio is helpful and recommends having one. Cath said she had her portfolio before she was a freelancer, and because of this, she was able to transition to freelance. People were reaching out to her do complete projects, and she has not had to look for work since moving to freelance. Hanging out with Cath and I was Mohd Mudassir Nagaria. He stated he was inspired by Cath during The Show to develop a portfolio and highlight his skills.  


Here are my reasons why I think you should invest the time to build your instructional design portfolio:


  1. Career Transitioning.

If you are...

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Become an IDOL 21: Become an IDOL Advice with Zsolt Olah

Published: August 12, 2020

Episode: 21

Zsolt Olah, Author of Engage the WORL&D! 

In this episode, I’ll be chatting with Zsolt Olah about his journey and advice for becoming a learning designer.  Zsolt just wrote a comprehensive guide on becoming a learning designer and we dig into his research and findings. Listen to Zsolt share some great tips for those looking to enter the learning and development world.

Zsolt Olah is a creative learning consultant at Kineo with over 15 years of L&D experience. Zsolt is a frequent speaker at learning conferences on the subject of engagement and game thinking for L&D. He is also the author of the book, Engage the WORL&D!, exploring six essential traits of instructional design. 

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Newbies’ Guide to Networking - Remote Edition 

 Pivoting your career trajectory or changing careers all together requires a number of key steps; highly important among them is creating new connections. Connecting with others professionally opens you up to new understandings and perspectives on the field you want to join. It also helps you to be aware of opportunities, as well as to learn more about specific companies and organizations. And networking is key to making new connections. While it can be best to network in person, it is possible to do it remotely and everyone should be engaged in both remote or virtual networking, as well as in person or face-to-face networking. As many communities around the world are still under stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders or they’re continuing to practice social distancing, opportunities to network in person are limited, we’re going to kick off this series of articles on networking with a focus on tips for remote networking, but these tips apply if you’re...
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Changing Perspectives: Creative Detours

 I’m tired. I crawl home from my 8 to 5 hour day, eat a brief dinner, and then open my laptop to work on my portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or resume for the final hours of the evening. The constant revision and construction of a sample with an optimistic hope that it would satisfy a recruiter or potential employer. Weeks go by with the occasional interest that leads nowhere. Eventually, the tiredness leads to exhaustion before the creativity runs dry leaving a blank screen and the looming question: “Should I tap out?”

While I am sure and hope I am not the only one who feels this way, I also know persistence is needed for success. However, I feel that I have hit a roadblock. Initially, I felt roadblocks were negative and something I needed to overcome. Then, I shifted my perspective: Roadblocks force us to detour and lead us down a new path. When finding a solution in the corporate world, these detours lead to innovation. But, where does one find inspiration...

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How I learned to love feedback and how you can, too.

 I used to hate getting feedback. Performance reviews, observations, and peer work sessions in professional learning communities all made my stomach turn. I’m not perfect and I’m aware of it; being told about my imperfections felt just awful. But then I learned to look at feedback differently - I learned what feedback is and isn’t, I learned when it has value and when it doesn’t, and I learned how to use feedback to my advantage, to propel myself forward towards my goals; I learned to love getting feedback. I’ve had a lot of mentors in my many professional lives and I’ve had even more supervisors and managers, but the majority of those who gave me important feedback throughout my professional endeavors didn’t even consider how I felt about their feedback and if it was helpful. So, once I figured that out for myself, I have become a bit of a feedback evangelist. The following is my guide for learning to love feedback.

The first step...

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