Keep Your Instructional Design Skills Up-to-Date: Top 3 Resources to Explore!

So You've Completed IDOL Academy...What's Next?

As an instructional designer, it is of utmost importance to continuously update and enhance your skills in order to stay at the forefront of evolving trends and best practices. After successfully completing the IDOL Courses Academy, consider exploring these reliable and effective resources that have been carefully curated to contribute significantly to your professional growth as you search for instructional designer jobs in today's rapidly changing and dynamic industry of corporate adult education. Job seekers as well as those who have already landed their first instructional design role will be equipped with the latest knowledge and tools necessary to excel in your field and make a lasting impact in the world of instructional design.

Accessibility, gamification, and AI are changing the learning solutions landscape in instructional design. Accessibility promotes inclusivity by helping instructional designers develop usable learning...

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Enroll in the NEW IDOL Academy!


Become an Instructional Designer with the NEW IDOL Academy

Embarking on a career in instructional design? Or is it time to up-skill and take your current career to the next level? Look no further than IDOL Academy's comprehensive 24-week curriculum, now with a new gamified learning platform! IDOL Academy is the first and only state-authorized vocational school for Instructional Design and Online Learning Development. This program equips you with the tools, techniques, and insider knowledge you need to excel in the industry. From skill development to certification to career coaching, IDOL Academy's newest program will help you stand out in your search for instructional design jobs.


The Proof is in the Data

The IDOL team has spent the past four years analyzing the success and feedback of academy students. Dr. Robin Sargent, IDOL Academy's Head of School, says:

The new platform definitely a reinvestment into the IDOL Academy. It was built based on where we are at four...

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Become an IDOL 85: Volunteer Instructional Designers with OWL-Open World Learning

Guest: Randi Myers & Teresa O 

In this episode, I'm chatting with Randi Myers and Teresa O from OWL which is Open World Learning, a FREE online training platform being offered to all registered charities in the US and Canada! Tune in to hear about this amazing resource and the process for volunteering as an instructional designer. 

Listen to this episode below: 

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Learn more about OWL-Open World Learning

Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   

Robin Sargent  I have here with me today, Randi Meyers and Teresa O, and they are from Open World Learning. And so before we get into exactly what we're going to talk about, well, you two do a better job of introducing yourself. We'll start with Randi.

Randi Myers  Yeah, sure. Hi. It's great to meet everyone. I am Randi Myers. I'm director of impact and I work at Intercap. And I head...

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Become an IDOL 84: IDOL World & WorldKind Internships with Meg Ramey

Guest: Meg Ramey

In this podcast episode, I'm chatting with Meg Ramey. Meg is an IDOL Academy member, she is the owner of WorldKind and she is also a leader of one of our IDOL World projects. IDOL World is a volunteer section of our academy to place instructional designers with nonprofit and volunteer opportunities. Tune in to hear about the importance of real world experience and the things that make a good volunteer. 

Listen to this episode below: 

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   

Robin Sargent  I have here with me today, Meg Ramey and Meg Ramey is many different things. But first of all, I must mention that she is an idol Academy member, she is the owner of world kind. And she is also a leader of one of our idol world projects, which is a volunteer section of our academy to place...

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Become an IDOL 81: Find Your Instructional Design Niche with Sarah Cannistra

Guest: Sarah Cannistra

In this episode, I'll be chatting with Sarah Cannistra who has an L&D Career, Executive and Business coach, and the founder of The Overnight Trainer, a coaching practice that helps purpose-driven people find, land, create, grow, and LOVE the L&D career of their dreams, so that they can live a life of fulfillment, inspiration, and freedom. Sarah utilizes her past experience as a modern learning leader and hiring manager to coach and consult her clients to ultimate career success. This is one you don't want to miss! Tune in to hear more now. 

Listen to this episode below: 

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:   

Robin Sargent I have here with me today Sarah Cannistra and she is the overnight trainer. You've probably seen her on LinkedIn. And if not, Sarah, will you please do a...

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Become an IDOL 79: Instructional Design Resilience with Derek Dorsett

Guest: Derek Dorsett

In this episode, I'll be chatting with Derek Dorsett, an Instructional Designer with LogicMonitor. Hear about his defining moment, higher education vs. corporate and the importance of a career roadmap. This was an episode to spark encouragement even in your struggles! 

Listen to this episode below: 

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Here's a little more info about Derek:

Derek is an Instructional Designer with international project management experience. He received a Master of Science (M.S) in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  In 2016 Derek managed a team of educators in South Korea and trained the staff to use technology in the classroom which led to a notable increase in student engagement and retention. Derek has a passion for troubleshooting and innovation.

Connect with Derek:  LinkedIn...

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Become an IDOL 77: Artificial Intelligence for Instructional Design with Ethan Webb and Mindsmith

Guest: Ethan Webb, Co-Founder/CEO Mindsmith 

In this episode, I will be chatting with Ethan Webb, the cofounder and CEO of Mindsmith, a learning platform that uses generative AI to make it easy to create and share course material and training. Ethan is a current student studying economics and business strategy. He has many family members who are educators and has developed a passion for pedagogy and learning theory. Don't miss this trending episode on Artificial Intelligence and how it can benefit Instructional Designers. 

Listen to this episode below: 

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Enjoy the Episode Transcript below:  

Robin Sargent  I have here with me today Ethan Webb and he is the co founder and CEO of Mindsmith, which is an AI powered micro learning platform and authoring tool. But Ethan, would you please do a...

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No Pain No Gain: An IDOLs Journey

No Pain No Gain

Learn to accept the pain for the gain when you: 

  • Search your mind
  • Carve out time 
  • Reach out for help 
  • Work out the wrinkles 


No Pain No Gain

This old saying implies that gain will only come through pain.

Did you ever . . .

  • Search your mind and soul to find a gain worth the pain?
  • Carve out time in your schedule as a commitment to the gain?
  • Reach out for help when you were stuck and overwhelmed on a gainful journey?
  • Work out the wrinkles when the first attempt failed to gain?


Recently, I traveled The Narrows of Utah’s Zion Park. This hike journey rating of “moderately strenuous” did not frighten me. Yet the journey of walking in water and stepping on unknown rocky surfaces did cause some angst.  My instructional design journey presented me with unfamiliar terms and processes. To begin, the kickstart #DoItMessy assignments provided the path of pain to gain.


Because of the stunning views, I knew The...

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Harnessing Your Personality Type to Reach Your IDOL Goals

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to get more work done or minimize the amount of time you spend working, so you look at how other people do it, right? You copy them by making lists, using the Pomodoro Technique, working first thing in the morning so you’re not interrupted, etc. And sometimes it works, but a lot of times it doesn’t, and you’re left wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t get the same results.

Guess what? Nothing’s wrong with you! Everyone is different, and everyone’s work style and needs are different. One thing I have to learn over and over again is to work with, not against my personality and natural tendencies when it comes to being productive. 

So how can you work with your personality type instead of feeling bad that you don’t have a different one? While there are several personality frameworks out there, I’m not going to go into Enneagram types or Myers-Briggs (though if you...

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An Idea Generation Activity for Portfolio Topics

 So you’re burnt out. Decision fatigue is kicking in. Somehow you’re supposed to come up with a topic so you can build something for your portfolio. But all you can think of is K12 teacher stuff. Or maybe you can’t think of anything at all. 

If you’re like some of my mentees, you can’t seem to get out of the teacher's perspective. And I get it. When you’re teaching and creating portfolio items, the desire to kill two birds with one stone is strong.  

But you don’t have to throw out your academic expertise to build something for your portfolio. You just have to shift your perspective a little. After all, a science teacher has a lab safety lesson every year. I’m willing to bet a corporate lab has safety compliance training with similar content.


Three Questions to Ask

Remember, instructional design solves problems with learning. So whatever topic you choose, make sure you can provide specific...

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