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The 24-Week Experience at IDOL Academy:

What You Can Anticipate

Here is an overview and complete breakdown of what you can expect when you enroll in the immersive, flexible, and gamified IDOL Academy℠. You'll get 12 months of access, so you have plenty of time to become an IDOL.

Week One

Welcome to IDOL Academy

To kick off the program, you'll explore habits, get oriented to our school program and platforms, earn XP points, set goals, and get placed in the IDOL community to join mentor groups and your accountability pod.

Skills you'll build:
  • Goal setting
  • Career networking
  • Setting yourself up for success in IDOL Academy
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Week Two

Corporate Instructional Design

This module is designed to help IDOLs further their knowledge of the corporate ID marketplace, set clear career goals, and identify and develop professional skills they’ll need for success in their job. We will act as a professional community where learners can practice elements of corporate communication through mentor sessions and activities/scenarios. 

Skills you'll build:
  • Career Planning
  • Skill Gap Identification 
  • Corporate Communication Skills

Week Three

Build Your Portfolio Website

This module is designed to help IDOLs build their portfolio website shell.

Skills you'll build:
  • Website Hosting Selection
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Graphic Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Layout & Structuring
  • Web Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Responsive Web Design

Week Four

Career Networking

This module provides an overview of career networking, LinkedIn, and making connections in Instructional Design. It highlights how Instructional Designers can use LinkedIn to build their professional networks and connect with industry leaders. It offers specific advice on creating a successful profile and interacting with others in the field. Best practices for engaging in professional conversations via online forums are also included. Resources are provided for further exploration of networking in the Instructional Design community.

Skills you'll build:
  • Building strong professional relationships.

  •  Growing a network of contacts in the industry.

  •  Understanding different types of communication styles and approaches.

  •  Utilizing online resources to meet potential contacts and employers.

  • Submit portfolio website shell to Academy Coaches for expert feedback.

Week Five

Project Management

Ready to take your skills to the next level? This module dives into project planning and project management tools and strategies, so you can explore PM and time-tracking tools, learn file management strategies, and hone the professional habits and processes that will become part of your job. Through mentor sessions, you'll discuss your chosen project management/time-tracking tools and gain valuable real-world insights for success!

Skills you'll build:
  • Planning, scheduling, and budgeting

  •  Risk analysis and management

  •  Communication and collaboration tools

  •  Document control and version control

  •  Project tracking and reporting

  • Understanding of the project life cycle and its associated activities

  •  Ability to create a project timeline with milestones

  •  Knowledge of creating plans, estimates, schedules, budgets, resources, etc.

  •  Ability to identify risks and develop contingency plans for them

  • Organizing digital documents into organized folders/subfolders according to task or project type

Week Six

Instructional Design Foundation

Do you want to become an expert in instructional design? Then this module is perfect for you! Instructional Design Foundation lessons will guide you through the fundamentals of design thinking, Merrill's First Principles of Instruction, Pebble-in-the-Pond, ADDIE, SAM, Action Mapping, LLAMA/Agile, Andragogy, Cognitive Load Theory, Evidence Based-Learning Strategies, and Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. Additionally, this week you will be asked to acquire a volunteer client and receive clear guidelines and support to find the right one for your graduation project. Once the completed internship paperwork is submitted to the coaches, you'll earn the Internship Badge.

Skills you'll build:
  • Reading the included textbook: "The Do It Messy Approach: A Step-by-Step Guide for Instructional Designers and Online Learning Developers," by Robin Sargent, Ph.D.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of learning theories and how to apply them
  • Practical application of instructional design with a volunteer client or internship, or interning with IDOL courses with support from IDOL Mentors.

Week Seven

Analysis Part 1: Discovery Calls & Learner Personas

With this module, you can expect to understand the ADDIE process and improve your skills in conducting a needs analysis and discovery call. You will be required to complete a discovery call with a volunteer client, which will be prepared for and debriefed during mentor sessions. This module is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge needed to make the most out of your experience with the ADDIE process.

Skills you'll build:
  • Running discovery calls with clients
  • Creating learner personas
  • Problem-solving
  • Research
  • Empathy
  • Communication with stakeholders

Week Eight

Analysis Part 2: Needs Analysis Findings and Kickoff Calls

Are you looking to make an impact in the corporate world? Through this module, you will learn how to use analysis to assess your client's needs and develop a comprehensive training program to meet those needs. You'll be able to review findings from your needs analysis, determine if training is necessary, and recommend what kind of training should be used. Additionally, you'll understand how to successfully prepare for, schedule, and conduct a kickoff meeting with your volunteer client and contact subject matter experts (SMEs). Finally, mentor sessions will help you through the process of preparing for and debriefing the kickoff meetings. This module will give you the tools to confidently assess and build a comprehensive training program for any client.

Skills you'll build:
  • Preparing for project kickoff meetings.
  • Running a kickoff meeting with the necessary stakeholders and SMEs.
  • Conducting kickoff meetings.

Week Nine

Analysis Part 3: Subject Matter Expert Interviews

This module will provide you with a comprehensive guide to conducting an effective subject matter expert meeting and completing a task analysis for your whole course solution. You will learn critical skills such as developing the agenda, managing the meeting, and identifying all tasks necessary for successful completion. During mentor sessions, you’ll prepare for and debrief your first SME meeting, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your course materials. By the end of this module, you’ll be fully equipped to analyze and advise on any courses or programs you plan to develop!

Skills you'll build:
  • Obtaining and reviewing subject matter expert (SME) materials
  • Preparing practical questions that elicit comprehensive responses from SMEs.
  • Contacting an SME and setting up a working meeting.
  • Collaborating with SMEs.
  • Eliciting scenarios from SMEs.

Week Ten

Design Part 1: Performance Goals and Task Analysis

This module is designed to help you formalize the ultimate goal for your course design and create a final problem scenario. By using the provided Design Workbook, you will be able to get a better understanding of the task analysis and complete your course design successfully. Additionally, mentors are available through sessions where you can ask questions, share problem scenarios, and receive feedback. With this module, you can confidently create a compelling and appropriate course design that meets your desired outcome.

Skills you'll build:
  • Identifying the end goal training.
  • Performing a complete task analysis.
  • Creating a final problem scenario for the whole course problem or complex task.

Week Eleven

Design Part 2: Problem Scenarios and Performance Objectives

This Design module will take you on an exciting journey to improve your problem-solving abilities. Through this module, you will create a progression of problem scenarios, ordered from simple to most complex, and incorporate Component Skills from your task analysis. You will also write formal learning objectives for the course to ensure success. Lastly, you can ask questions in mentor sessions and receive feedback on your problem progressions and learning objectives. Join us now and start your journey towards improved problem-solving skills!

Skills you'll build:
  • Creating a progression of problems/scenarios, arranging them from simple to complex, and incorporating the desired component skills.
  • Writing learning/performance objectives for the course.

Week Twelve

Design Part 3: Instructional Script Writing

This module will help you activate and integrate your course design in a structured, meaningful way. You'll learn what learning enhancement strategies to use—and how to apply them. You'll create a framework for your course that will guide you as you move forward, and if needed, make revisions to ensure that it's optimized for learning. Then, you'll get the support of your mentor as you ask questions, share your work, and receive feedback on how to refine it even further. With this guidance and practice, you can confidently develop the best course design.

Skills you'll build:
  • Designing materials based on the established structural framework, providing learners with the necessary support and direction to successfully navigate the course.
  • Drafting a script for the entire course.

Week Thirteen

Design Part 4: Assessment Design and Feedback for Learners

Are you ready to take your instructional design skills up a notch? This module lets you practice and perfect the art of creating course evaluation instruments. You'll receive feedback from a project team and make revisions as needed before submitting your design workbook. If your design meets expectations, you'll earn an Instructional Design Badge, allowing you to progress in the course. There's no need to worry if it takes a few tries – with this module and mentorship, you have all the tools necessary to ace it!

Skills you'll build:
  • Designing the evaluation instruments and including them in the course document.
  • Writing feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Getting feedback from the project team.
  • Submitting all training design materials to coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Instructional Design.

Week Fourteen

Design Part 5: Course Design Documentation

Do you want to know the secrets of successful course design? This module will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Learning Architect. You will create and complete a detailed course blueprint and an Instructional Design Document (IDD), which you can submit to coaches for evaluation. If your work passes muster, you will earn the Learning Architect Badge! You can refine your designs even further by submitting them to a volunteer client for feedback and sign-off. So, are you ready to unlock the possibilities of successful course design? After this module, you'll become a Learning Architect!

Skills you'll build:
  • Creating a detailed course blueprint.
  • Create an instructional design document (IDD).
  • Submitting the course blueprint and IDD materials to coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Learning Architect

Week Fifteen

Design Part 6: Learner Experience Design

As a learner, you can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of eLearning design when you work through this design module. By completing the module, you will create a storyboard of your course blueprint to prepare for development. Once you submit your storyboard to coaches, you will earn the Learner Experience Design badge and take your learning to the next level by progressing into Development.

Skills you'll build:
  • Creating a detailed storyboard for an eLearning course.
  • Submitting the storyboard to coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Learning Experience Designer (LXD).

Week Sixteen

Development Part 1: eLearning Tech and Tools

Welcome to the eLearning Development module! In this module, you will gain an understanding of eLearning tool types and purposes. You'll be able to explore the entire Tool Suite in the IDOL Academy and complete a bonus technology course. This includes Genially, Camtasia, Canva, Vyond, Lectora, Storyline, and more. You’ll be able to apply your learning with exercises and real-world examples. As you work through the technical training, you’ll gain experience and knowledge of each tool. And by the end of each technical course, you’ll have earned a badge for your achievements!

Skills you'll build:
  • Software skills in Lectora, CenarioVR, Genially, or Vyond. 
  • Complete one of the bonus technical courses and earn a relevant badge: Camtasia, Genially, Vyond, Storyline, etc. 
See All Bonus Courses

Week Seventeen

Development Part 2: Visual Design

Are you looking to expand your knowledge in the area of visual design? In this module, you can create a job aid for a volunteer client that will further your understanding of visual design. You will receive the Visual Designer Badge upon completion and can move on to other areas. With this module, you'll be able to apply what you learn and gain a better understanding of visual design.

Skills you'll build:
  • Visual Design principles and application
  • Submit the job aid to Academy Coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Visual Designer

Week Eighteen

Development Part 3: Voiceover

This module is a fantastic opportunity for students to take their course's voiceover to the next level. You'll learn valuable skills in recording and editing voiceovers, while also receiving personalized feedback from mentors during Q&A sessions. Plus, sharing your VO samples with fellow students will help you better grasp what makes a great voiceover. By completing this module, you'll become skilled in recording and editing voiceovers for your course.

Skills you'll build:
  • Audio recording
  • Audio editing and production techniques
  • Oral presentation and communication
  • Voice modulation and pronunciation
  • Technical knowledge of audio production software like Audacity

Week Nineteen

Development Part 4: Prototyping and Wireframing

As a student, you can gain valuable skills in Rapid Prototyping with eLearning tools like Lectora by creating a course prototype with at least ten slides. After completing your work, you can submit it to coaches to earn the Rapid Prototyping Badge and progress in your studies. With this module, you'll be able to learn the fundamentals of course prototyping and apply them in your future projects. 

Skills you'll build:
  • User experience design
  • Technical skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Evaluation and feedback incorporation
  • Problem-solving
  • Submitting the prototype to Academy Coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Rapid Prototyping

Week Twenty

Development Part 5: Hybrid and Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Do you want to add the Instructor Led Training Badge to your resume? With this module, you can do just that! You'll be creating instructor-led training materials for a portion of your course, including slides, facilitator guides, and participant guides. Once you're done, you'll submit your materials to coaches for review and earn the badge.

Skills you'll build:
  •  Instructional design
  • Content development
  • Facilitation strategies
  • Participant engagement
  • Feedback analysis
  • Technical skills
  • Submitting the ILT materials to Academy Coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: Instructor-Led Training

Week Twenty-One


As a student, you can look forward to plenty of learning opportunities during the "Implementation" week. You'll receive further eLearning software training and course development and have a chance to learn how to roll out a successful training solution in a corporate setting. Plus, you'll get helpful guidance from mentors who will answer any questions and cheer you on as you progress with your software training and course development. Experience the satisfaction of being able to create tangible results with your learning!

Skills you'll build:
  • Digital media production
  • Visual design and storyboarding
  • Software skills
  • Change management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management

Week Twenty-Two


As a learner, you can expect to become an expert in Evaluation after completing this module. You will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to read course reports and analytics from the LMS. Additionally, you will receive software training and have the opportunity to develop more assets for your course design and portfolio. Throughout the week, you can ask questions in mentor sessions and share your progress with software training and course development. By the end of this module, you will have developed the skills to evaluate a course like a professional!

Skills you'll build:
  • Analytical
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Adaptability
  • Data analysis

Week Twenty-Three

Work Week

Congratulations! You have almost completed your core curriculum and are on the brink of becoming an eLearning Developer. This week, you will work to complete any missed assignments or lessons, then submit your entire eLearning course project to your coaches. Upon successful completion, you will earn the eLearning Developer Badge and become eligible for graduation - a great accomplishment and a step closer to achieving your career goals!

Skills you'll build:
  • Digital media production
  • Visual design and storyboarding
  • Software skills
  • Submitting the eLearning course built in Lectora to Academy Coaches for a Pass/Fail milestone credential: eLearning Developer
certified professional in learning and performance certificate

Week Twenty-Four

Graduation Preparation

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this program. This week, you will tie up all loose ends and complete your eLearning development course. Once you have submitted your portfolio to coaches for review and they have approved it, you will be eligible to take the final test and earn the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance certification. With this credential, you will be placed on the Job Readiness Track and ready to begin a rewarding career in learning and performance.

What you'll focus on:
  • Assembling your complete portfolio and loading all the assets you built over the last six months. 
  • Submitting the complete portfolio link to Academy Coaches for a Pass/Fail graduation certification: Certified Professional in Learning and Performance(CPLP).
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Graduates from IDOL Academy are then placed on the Job Readiness Track.

Our job readiness track covers all the bases, from resume support and LinkedIn optimization to helping you apply for jobs and teaching you how to negotiate offers after a successful interview. Our resume support guides crafting a compelling resume that captures your accomplishments and experience. We also work with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile so recruiters can easily find and contact you. We show you the best way to apply for jobs, giving you step-by-step advice on crafting the perfect application. Our interview coaching sessions provide invaluable preparation, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence needed when meeting potential employers. Finally, we give tips on negotiating offers so you can land the job of your dreams.

Career Services

The IDOL Academy Career Services team, is dedicated to helping students prepare throughout and beyond our vocational school in all aspects of their learning & development job search. With weekly check-ins and deliverables throughout your program, in addition to personalized support from your career coach, you can learn all you need to know to be successful in your search after graduation. 

Resume Writing

IDOL Academy offers a comprehensive approach to resume writing and updates, providing students with a variety of tools to help them succeed. Through self-directed training, resume workshops, and 1:1 support, students are given the opportunity to learn how to write their own resumes and update them as needed.

LinkedIn Optimization

You are guided through on-demand lessons, live workshops, and 1:1 support as you optimize your LinkedIn profile to communicate your skills to hiring managers.

Job Prospecting & Application Guidance

With weekly touchpoints, an internship, and deliverables, you'll discover tactics and gain hands-on experience for the job search after graduation.

Interview Prep and Negotiation

There are self-paced lessons, mock interview sessions, and 1:1 support to help you prepare for your interviews, pass technical job skill tests, and reach your target compensation.

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IDOL Academy™️ 

Bonus Tech Course Library

Step by step project based technical training on the industry tools.

Storyline for IDOLs

Articulate Storyline is the industry's favorite authoring tool. If you are going to learn one such software, we recommend you choose Storyline. Storyline for IDOLs is a whole series of  Storyline Lessons in the Academy. Each module is followed by a take-action step to help you master the program before you storyboard and create your eLearning course. This course also includes the Storyline® Skilled badge.

Syllabus & Brochure

IDOL℠ 💚 Canva Templates & Training

Canva is a popular design tool that anyone can learn to use.  IDOL 💚 Canva is designed to help you develop creative eLearning training materials with confidence and ease. This course includes a growing template library and everything you need to build amazing graphic assets, designed specifically for instructional designers and eLearning developers. This course also includes the IDOL 💚 Canva Skilled badge and a Canva Pro Account with your membership.

Camtasia for IDOLs®

TechSmith's Camtasia® is a screen recorder and video editor. Whether you have video experience or this is your first time making one. Camtasia for IDOLs® will teach you how to use Camtasia like a pro!  When you're done, you can create a project and have it reviewed by our coaches. If it meets the criteria described, you will earn the “IDOL - Camtasia Skilled” badge to show employers or clients that you are ready to tackle their video projects.

IDOL Movie Magic™

Vyond is an animation program for creating dynamic videos for any audience. IDOL Movie Magic™️ is a series of 38 video lessons that include an assignment you will submit for review after each lesson. Create corporate training, education videos, or marketing videos. Once you complete all of your assignments, you will earn the IDOL Professional Animations badge.

IDOL Business Box™

The IDOL Business Box is the perfect resource for freelance or self-employed instructional designers and eLearning professionals. In this Box, you’ll get 25 tools and templates to help you acquire clients, follow a repeatable process, submit proposals, price your IDOL™ projects, and keep it all organized with our Trello Board templates!

Genially for IDOLs®

Genially is an interactive communication tool for creating visually attractive images, infographics, and job aids. Genially for IDOLs® is designed to give you the tools you need to use Genially for creating amazing, interactive eLearning projects.  The course begins with the basics of how to use Genially and the various interactivity elements that are available, and you’ll learn to create quizzes and feedback pages so you can truly use Genially to develop eLearning solutions. Once you've completed this course, you'll be ready to receive your Genially Skilled badge.

"The Do It Messy Approach" by Dr. Robin Sargent: Textbook Included

The Do It Messy Approach is the book for instructional designers in search of a no nonsense formula for creating engaging courses and trainings. Forget about wading through thousands of jargon-laced pages on learning theories or designing cookie cutter courses following a stale template. Welcome to the IDOL world of creative possibilities! In a refreshingly entertaining step-by-step guide, Robin Sargent, PhD shares everything you need to know to design instruction for corporate training on any topic. As an Academy member, you'll receive a free ebook copy of The Do It Messy Approach by Dr. Robin Sargent.