Now with a NEW gamified learning platform!

Become the top-notch instructional designer every company wants to hire. In record time.


With IDOL Academy, the training program employers ask for. 

Cohort 19 starts September 29th, 2024

Become a part of our vibrant community where you'll receive total training on ID theories & industry technology, build out your portfolio & resume, while having access to feedback & mentorship from professionals in the field every step of the way!


*Limited spots available per cohort


Whether you’re just starting out in this field or looking to level up, IDOL Academy is where you get the tools to build a highly paid, personally fulfilling career as a corporate instructional designer. 

In as little as 24 weeks, you’ll master the instructional design skills employers look for, build a jaw-dropping portfolio to prove it, and gain practical experience working with real organizations before ever being hired. Plus, we’ll give you expert career coaching to help you land your dream job or get freelance clients. With a private community of peers and mentors to support you every step of the way. 

No degree or experience is required. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Inside the world’s first and only authorized virtual vocational school for corporate IDOLs… 

You not only ✓ hone in on the instructional skills to create corporate courses and eLearning solutions, but you also get the

 ✓ technical training
✓ hands-on experience 
✓ portfolio support and 
✓  and career coaching
degree programs are missing. 

The best part? 

It only takes our graduates about 6-8 months to complete the full training program, get certified, and officially reach their next career milestone. 
Yep, even when working full time. 
And all while skipping the degree and saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process. 
So whether you’re looking to get your first IDOL job, excel in a new role, or upgrade your skill set to win lead or senior-level positions… 
Everything you need to become the top-notch Instructional Designer companies want to hire is waiting inside IDOL Academy.

The complete career-building program for corporate instructional designers (IDOLs)

Now with a NEW gamified learning platform!

Master the design and tech skills companies look for. Build a jaw-dropping portfolio. And gain on-the-job experience working with real organizations. With expert career coaching every step of the way.

Wondering exactly how IDOL Academy stacks up against university programs and online courses? The short answer: 

You’ll save thousands of dollars and years of study plus see results 10x faster. Seriously, most of our graduates reach their IDOL goals in 6-8 months. This is why:


Why not skip the student debt and disappointment? IDOL Academy hands you a more-than-masters-level education. Without the university price tag.

Why “more than” a master’s degree? Because our curriculum comes with the technical training, portfolio support, work experience, and career coaching most degree programs are missing. At a ridiculously affordable price. With hundreds of student success stories to prove it works.

Amy’s thankful she ditched her degree program.

“I was actually enrolled in a master's program for instructional design and withdrew from the program after the second month because I saw more value in IDOL Academy. I am so happy I did that. If I had stayed in graduate school, I would not graduate for another year and a half, be in a lot of debt from student loans, and not apply for IDOL jobs until after I graduated. Now here we are, only 5 months after joining IDOL Academy, and to think I would STILL be in grad school with no IDOL job.”



Amy Garza
Instructional Designer at Xactly

Here Gillian got the portfolio help her university program left out. 

"I completed an instructional design certificate through the university I work at which gave me a foundation, but I wasn't confident in my skills nor did I feel that I had products I could put in a portfolio - which I also didn't have. [IDOL Academy] forced me to get over being perfect and just get going. Two weeks later I had a portfolio I was proud of that someone was looking at before and during my second job interview! I am still working through so much of the Academy content to continue increasing my skills and confidence, but the confidence boost it has given me has been a game changer." 

Gillian Talley
Sr. Instructional Designer at Brightspeed

We're not just a course.

We’re a career accelerator for corporate instructional designers and eLearning developers.

Think of IDOL Academy like a masters-level training program but with more practical application and perks. As a student, you get everything - and we mean EVERYTHING - you need to become the best IDOL you can possibly be. So you can build an in-demand reputation in this industry.

The Skill Development Track

You’ll quickly master essential instructional design skills, work on real projects, and build your portfolio during this 24-week guided curriculum.

Graduation & Certification

You’ll submit your work for review. Once all graduation milestones are approved, you’ll officially graduate as a Certified Professional in Training and Performance.

The Career Readiness Track

After graduation, you’ll advance into the career coaching component of the program, where you’ll learn how to stand out in the job market. So you get hired or sign clients. 

The Victory Lap!

As a highly skilled IDOL with an amazing portfolio and career coaching to support you, you’ll soon reach your IDOL career goal and join the ranks of graduate success stories. Congrats, you did it!

Become a student at IDOL Academy. And give yourself an income boost with your first or next instructional design opportunity.

Enrollment includes 12 months of access to all IDOL Academy features, including:

✓ 24-week skill development track with immersive lessons, weekly assignments, live practice sessions, and 1-1 personalized feedback

✓ Weekly live lessons (replays available) from expert faculty on the topic and the lesson(s) released that week

✓ All tech and tool training

✓ 5+ digital software badges (must meet requirements)

✓ Individual commercial and non-commercial licenses to specified design tools (worth $7500+) 

✓ Portfolio training, tasks, and feedback

✓ Hands-on experience through internship and/or IDOL World projects

✓ 8 milestone assessments, with digital badges, evaluated by expert practitioners (must meet requirements), including: 

  • Internship
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Architect
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • eLearning Developer

 ✓ Certified Professional in Training & Performance (CPTP) graduation certificate (24 CEUs) (must meet requirements)

✓ All career readiness support, including: 

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization 
  • Smart Networking
  • Interview Prep & Practice
  • Job Search & Applications Coaching
  • Offer Negotiation Coaching

✓ Business Box training and templates

✓ 1-1 Career Coaching

✓ 1-1 Business Coaching

✓ Private IDOL community and alumni network with 24/7 access

✓ 1 assigned mentor during your cohort

✓ 10+ Professional IDOL coaches

✓ Paid contract opportunities through IDOL Talent (must meet requirements)

✓ Proud Portfolio Guarantee (must meet requirements)

We take immense pride in the exceptional offerings of IDOL Academy. 

You have the incredible opportunity to become an esteemed student for just $3,497 ($4,080 if not paid in full).


Have questions? Just ask! 

Email us at [email protected]. Or call or text our support team 

at 1-786-453-5642 (9AM-5PM EST, Monday-Friday). 


Along the way, you’ll put together a professional portfolio to catch the eye of employers and potential clients.

The entire focus of the skill development track is to forge a high-quality online portfolio that showcases your best work. 

First, we’ll show you how to set up your portfolio “shell”, including choosing a website host, registering a domain name, and building out a simple, well-designed site that looks professional. 

Then you’ll add attractive assets to your portfolio, piece by piece, as you complete weekly assignments, submit your work for review, and refine it according your 1-1 feedback.  

The end result: a first-class portfolio that shows companies and clients why you’re the IDOL they should hire.

What made her stand out? A portfolio to rave about!

“I don't think I would have been employed so quickly if it weren't for IDOL. They taught me everything I need to know. In every interview, people raved about my portfolio. I even learned that I had a leg up on other candidates because other people did not have a portfolio.”

Ashlynn Godfrey
Learning Experience Designer at  Options Medical Weight Loss

From not that interested to super impressed all thanks to her portfolio.

“At the end the interview that, in all honesty, wasn’t going well, the hiring team asked to see my portfolio. So I opened it up and needless to say they were blown away. Immediately, they asked me when I could start. 

I couldn’t believe it! Showing my portfolio completely changed the energy of the interview. It was like, all of a sudden, they went from not impressed to super interested. So much so, they called me back for another interview the next day.”

Sharon Tavares
Instructional Designer at IKEA

Struggling with perfection paralysis?

The Do It Messy Mentality helps you break free and build momentum.

The best IDOLs are continual iterators, not perfectionists. In the Academy, you’ll follow a process that encourages quick decisions in the spirit of experimentation. 

This means you’ll rapidly create assets and improve them over time through feedback and fine-tuning. How incredibly freeing is that?! 

Consider this your permission slip to leave perfectionist tendencies in the past. Instead, embrace the Do It Messy Mentality. So you can upskill without letting your inner critic hold you hostage.


The IDOL Academy Guarantee:
Graduate with a portfolio you’re proud of. 
Or get your money back. 

If we could guarantee you’d get that dream job or client, we would. But we can't - for legal reasons. What we can guarantee is this: 

You will graduate the IDOL Academy program with a portfolio that makes you proud, filled with projects you want the world to see. How could you not? With 24 weeks of skill training, including weekly assignments, live practice sessions, tech tutorials, 1-1 feedback from coaches, and community support at every twist and turn, it’s nearly impossible not to be delighted with your work.

But if you’re not, we’ll give you a full refund of your tuition.  

Please note, conditions apply. This is a “do the work, see the results” type of guarantee. Meaning, to qualify, you must complete all required assignments, submit graduation milestones, and rework projects according to your feedback if necessary. 

In other words, full participation in the program is required. The good news is, that’s exactly how you build a portfolio you’re proud of. You show up and do the work. We’re here to guide and support you along the way. 

This is the moment you’ve been working for! Graduate as a Certified Professional in Training and Performance (CPTP) and get a competitive edge in the job market. 


Because the IDOL Academy certification is the professional credential companies look for, our graduates earn immediate attention from employers, recruiters, and prospective clients after adding their CPTP status to LinkedIn profiles and resumes. 

To earn this industry-recognized credential, you’ll complete 8 small milestone projects during the skill development track. Passed assignments put you one giant step closer to becoming an IDOL Academy CPTP. 
Afraid of failing? Don’t be. It’s nearly impossible not to pass. That’s because when assignments fall short of required standards, coaches give you feedback on how to improve. Meaning, any “not there yet” milestone assignments can be reworked and resubmitted for approval as many times as needed.

This certification makes companies hunt you.

“Shortly after adding IDOL Academy to my LinkedIn, I was contacted by a recruiter who thought I'd be a good fit. I used the 'Everything Job Application' section and recorded mentor sessions to study up and prep for my three rounds of interviews. And now I am an instructional designer! I truly feel that this Academy gave me a boost in helping me stand out among other applicants and gave me the practical application and knowledge to feel confident in my interviews."

Anastasia Hursh
Instructional Designer II at  DISH Network

From the POV of the companies you hope
to work for, the master's degree doesn’t matter.
But the skills? They definitely do.

Instructional design work is specialized and technical. 

Companies don’t want to have to train you on the essentials. Some companies can’t. They don’t have the expertise in-house. That’s why they’re hiring you.

What captures the attention of today’s employers are highly skilled IDOLs who prove they can hit the ground running create high-quality courses, and solve employee performance gaps starting on day 1.


"I hired one of [IDOL Academy’s] graduates and I was so impressed at the quality of her work, skills, and knowledge. 

Bravo! I have been recommending this program every since!"

Crystal Gasell, Ed.D

Director of Academic Technology & Training

Looking for a leg up in the job market? You found it! 

Employers ask for IDOL Academy because they know we produce first-rate IDOLs who do outstanding work.

“The best career decision I’ve ever made.”

"IDOL Academy gave me the skills, experience, and mentorship that I needed to grow as an instructional designer. I was able to learn key ID concepts, revamp my existing portfolio, develop assets for my portfolio, gain paid experience opportunities, as well as build a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile. 

I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance and support of Dr. Robin Sargent and my peers in the group. I'm forever grateful. Joining the IDOL courses Academy is by far the best career decision I've ever made!" 

 Amanda McCroskey
Sr. Instructional Designer Contractor

You can fast track your way to becoming a highly skilled, handsomely paid corporate IDOL. Without a degree or the suffocating student debt that comes with it.

Through IDOL Academy, we’ve helped thousands of students of all experience levels both break into this industry and catapult their career to the next level.

"The IDOL Academy was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I knew I wanted to pursue instructional design but had no experience. 

The change in my abilities in five months was incredible. I felt so much more confident and that is a result of the deliberate practice and the feedback system in place. 

In five months I went from going nowhere in my ID journey to landing a position with a prestigious learning company in my area."

Adam Briggs
eLearning Instructional Designer at Assima

“IDOL Academy is a great resource for all experience levels to become an ID or move further in your career. 

Since starting IDOL courses I landed my first ID job in December and will be promoted after only a year. 

My boss tells me I’m “a damn good” ID. 

It’s amazing to know that that they think that highly of me and that I should be at a higher position than where I am. It’s a big accomplishment.”

Gretchen Johanson
Sr. Instructional Designer at Zillow

Ideal for IDOLs at any experience level

Yes, really. IDOL Academy covers every aspect of the corporate instructional design process. So it’s perfect for beginners and any working IDOLs with missing skills.


Gain the skills you need to build an attractive portfolio from scratch. Even if you have no previous experience. So you can launch your new IDOL career in record time.


Pick up the skills you need to deliver outstanding work, excel in your position, and impress your team. So you can turn your next performance review into a future promotion.


Update your skills with the latest IDOL trends and techniques. Network within a private community of experts. So you can open doors to bigger and better opportunities.


Leverage your teaching experience and transition into a new corporate career doing the online learning work you love. Without being trapped in a classroom.


Get the technical know-how, portfolio support, and practical experience your graduate program didn’t give you. So you can land your first IDOL job.


Take on side projects or build a full-time business with your new skill set. And create a life of freedom and flexibility while charging top-dollar rates.


This 24-week curriculum covers every step of the corporate instructional design process. So you can confidently tackle any training projects that come your way.

What’s better: You’ll master new skills more quickly than ever before thanks to immersive and interactive lessons, step-by-step instructions, tech tutorials, weekly assignments, and personalized feedback on your work.


âś“ Project Management:
How to planning, schedule, budget, report, manage risk, and more
✓ Instructional Design Theories: 
How to use Design Thinking, ADDIE, Merill’s First Principles of Instruction, and more
✓ Developing Learner Personas: 
How to conduct a needs analysis and shape your learner personas
✓ Needs Analysis & Course Planning: 
How to map your course plan to learning needs and meet company goals
✓ Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interviews: 
How to run productive SME interviews and get quality learning content
✓ Performance Goals & Tasks Analysis: 
How to conduct a task analysis and create problem scenarios
✓ Writing Learning Objectives: 
How to write formal learning objectives for performance goals
 ✓ Instructional Script Writing: 
How to write scripts that are structured and meaningful for learners
✓ Course Design Documentation: 
How to draft detailed design blueprints and Instructional Design Documents
✓ Learner Experience Design & Storyboarding: 
How to craft a storyboard and prepare for eLearning development
✓ Video Voiceover & Production: 
How to record and edit voiceover tracks for course lessons
✓ Rapid Prototyping & Course Wireframing: 
How to mockup your course at superseed using simple wireframes
✓ Leading a Project Rollout: 
How to manage the rollout of new training solutions in a corporate setting
✓ Learning Analytics & Evaluation: 
How to read reports and analytics to identify learning gaps

Because our curriculum evolves with the industry, you're always up to speed on the latest design trends and techniques.

From day 1, you get to experience instructional design from the inside out.

A key upgrade in the new learning platform is interactive lessons. 

Besides being incredibly fun (waaayyy more entertaining that those boring talking-head videos most online programs contain), our training content serves as the ultimate inspiration for the eLearning outcomes you will be working toward. 

↑ Click to interact with this demo lesson and get a taste of what learning inside the Academy is like.

Deliberate practice is how you quickly learn new skills and get really, really good at them.

Ever finished a course or training program but felt like you didn’t learn anything? Yeah? That won’t happen here. 

In the skill development track, deliberate practice is the focus of everything that we do. Meaning, you’ll spend more time actively doing and designing than passively watching. 

Through small weekly assignments, 1-1 feedback, and continual iteration, you’ll not only implement new skills. You’ll improve them at super speed and produce polished assets for your portfolio. 

New lessons unlock as you complete previous ones. So there’s no overwhelm. 

Getting up to speed in a new field can feel like a lot - like a lot, a lot - which is why: 

New lessons are released weekly, not all at once, and you only get access after completing previous lessons. This way, skill-building feels manageable. Because it is! And you can focus on forging your foundation one skill at a time. 


April saw exponential skill growth and landed her dream job in 6 months.

"IDOL Academy is an outstanding investment in your own personal growth. 
My skills and abilities grew exponentially in six short months with the experiences provided by the kindest, most encouraging and professional group of mentors and coaches in the Academy! 
I now have a dream remote instructional designer position working for a nonprofit and lifelong friends made in the Academy."
April Black
Instructional Designer at  Branch Alliance


No due dates?! Designed for flexibility. So you’re never behind. Perfect for busy IDOLs who work full-time.

Thanks to a self-paced learning format and up to 12 months to apply for certification, IDOL Academy gives you the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. So you can make progress toward your career goals while balancing a full-time job, mom or dad duties, and any other responsibilities that can’t wait.

Structure & Flexibility

On-demand, Bite-sized Lessons

Tackle training when it suits your schedule, like with your morning coffee, over lunch, or after the kids go to bed.

Small Weekly

Put newly acquired skills into practice and take manageable steps toward building your portfolio.

Live Lessons With Expert IDOLS (optional)

Work on skill-reinforcing tasks alongside other cohort students and leverage the expertise of professional IDOLs.

Live Cohort Coaching Sessions (optional)

Get skill-critical questions answered by mentors and coaches weekly. Join live. Or catch the replay.

Personalized Feedback on Project Work

Submit assignments for feedback and get personalized suggestions for strengthening your work.  

Open Office Hours (optional)

Book 1-1 time with your mentor (sessions available weekly) for extra support and attention when needed.  

Megan hit her goal while working a regular 9-to-5.

“Due to the self-paced accessibility of the content, I was able to participate in the Academy while maintaining a full-time job and when the time came to apply I was offered a position within 7 days of my goal date!”

Megan O'Connor
Learning and Development Strategist at DQS

Cassandra started her new IDOL career as a new mom.

"Honestly, this was the best investment I ever made in MYSELF. I started slow because I had a child born around the same time as I started my first cohort. #DoItMessy was a game-changer for me. Once I changed my mindset from perfection-oriented to outcomes-oriented and from defeat to triumph, everything fell into place. I took deliberate practice seriously and my goals were achieved in kind.”

Cassie Root
Learning Experience Manager at Amazon

For freelancers, there’s the Business Box: business training and templates specifically for self-employed IDOLs.

Pricing for Profitability

Figure out how to price your services to realistically meet income goals using pricing worksheets and rate cards.

Project Cost Calculations

Make giving quotes a breeze while ensuring every project is profitable with a project cost calculator and cost estimate training.

Marketing, Sales & CRM Systems

Set up systems to attract prospects with cool projects and keep sales convos moving forward, so you can close more contracts.

Freelance Resume & Cover Letter Templates

Convince more potential clients to book a call as you send them 5-star resumes and cover letters based on proven templates.

Client Interviews & Screening

Radiate confidence as you determine if a client is ready to work with you using call prep worksheets and field-tested screening questions.

Branding & Visual Identity

Build a visual brand that leaves a positive impression on potential clients through colors, typography, imagery and more.

Contract, Proposal & NDA Templates

Look like a complete pro as you scope out projects and fully protect your business interests with these document templates.

Project Management Processes & Templates

Manage design projects, so you stay on top of tasks and hit deadlines without stress, so clients keep coming back for more.

Business Tools & Tech Recommendations

Whip your business into shape with our best tech recommendations for accounting, project management, marketing, prospecting, and more.

“My first client found me!”

“I initially wanted to climb up the corporate ladder but later on I realized I want to go the freelancer route. 

IDOL Academy supported me by helping me improve my portfolio / LinkedIn profile (specifically to land projects), coming up with amazing portfolio pieces, and helping me calculate project cost estimates. 

Within weeks of following the Academy tips and getting endorsements and recommendations from my fellow IDOLs, I was able to land my first B2B client. And the most amazing part was my client found me.”

Raiza Paras
Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer at Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi

And for everything else,
there’s 1-1 coaching:

1-1 Career Coaching

Get personalized support on any issue that comes up during the hiring process, like how to respond to a questionable recruiter, dissect confusing feedback after an interview, or approach your boss about a promotion.

1-1 Business Coaching

Get personalized support on business challenges only self-employed IDOLs know how to navigate, like how to respond when a prospect pushes back on the price or what to do when a client’s actions put your project at risk.


The expert career coaching
you can’t find anywhere else.

No one understands what you’re going through better than other IDOLs do. That’s why our coaching team is made up of professional instructional designers who actively work in this field. Take advantage of their insider insights and mentorship to quickly land jobs, secure promotions, and sign new clients. Get their support you with:

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Want recruiters to put your resume on the top of the pile? Jumpstart your docs with our customizable IDOL resume and cover letter templates. Browse dozens of successsful graduate resumes for inspiration. And get training on communicating your skills, what IDOL keywords to use, and how to “translate” any relevant past experience into instructional design terminology. Yeah, we’re looking at you, teachers!

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is your #1 tool for getting discovered by hiring managers, recruiters, and prospective clients. But to stand out in a sea of thousands of instructional designers, you must have a 5-star profile. Use our LinkedIn for IDOLs strategies to show up in recruiter searches, encourage powerful people to reach out, and get yourself noticed even when competing with hundreds of other “easy apply” applications.

Smart Networking

You already know networking is the key to accessing a slew of amazing opportunities. But did you also know networking doesn’t have to suck? Steal our networking strategies specifically for IDOLs. We’ll show you how to put together a purposeful plan, make networking an almost effortless part of your routine, and have easy, natural conversations. Even if you hate making small talk with strangers.

Interview Prep & Practice

Interviews shouldn’t send you into sweats. To conquer these hiring convos with confidence, watch in-depth training that covers everything from how to prepare and what to wear to post-interview follow-up. Practice via mock interviews and with interview assessments used by real companies. And learn a simple strategy for showcasing your expertise even when interviewers throw you a curve ball question.

Job Search & Applications

IDOL jobs are everywhere, but how do you find and land the best ones? Shortcut your search using our favorite sites for finding high-paying positions. Then easily keep tabs on what you’ve applied for and where you are in the hiring process with our Trello-based job tracking system. Plus, get personalized feedback on any of your application essentials like your cover letter or answers to screening questions.

Offer Negotiation

Human Resources pros know a company’s first offer is never their BEST offer. We’ll teach you how to ask for more moo-lah or, you know, PTO, without the pressure to accept an offer as is. Learn what to say when you counter-offer, how to frame the conversation for the best chance at yes, and how to respond if they (initially) say no. So you can sign on the dotted line knowing you got the highest salary and benefit package possible.

With so much support at your disposal, it’s no surprise 600+ IDOLs have already joined the Mug Club.


At each stumbling block and every win, you’re always supported inside a warm and welcoming community of IDOL peers and mentors.

You’ll never be alone on your career journey, not when you have a community of IDOLs cheering you on. Swap feedback. Share wins. And support each other through challenges only fellow IDOLs will understand. During your cohort, you’ll not only make lifelong friends. You’ll also build an expansive network of fellow professionals who are more than happy to connect you with amazing opportunities.

“The network is incredible! I've helped other IDOLs get jobs and other IDOLs have helped me.”
Christina M. 
Instructional Design Contractor

“The coaches, mentors and the community of other IDs are such a strong support system!”

Venie S.
Learning Experience Designer at Crack.Ed

A safe space to ask questions and get feedback

“If you stumbled across the IDOL Academy and you're wondering "if..", I'll make it easy for you: DO IT!! While the [training] itself is great on its own, the best benefit is the IDOL community. It's the real deal and made transitioning to instructional design sooo much easier. 

Having a safe space to learn and ask questions, get great asset feedback, join accountability groups, and get up to date resume and interview help was extremely helpful with beating imposter syndrome. The job search support group really helped me to persevere. I'm so grateful I didn't have to go on this journey alone.”

Brittany Akinmade
Instructional Designer at Global Medical Response

You won’t find better mentorship than this.
Get specialized support from 10+ professional IDOLs who work for the companies you admire.

Mentors who understand you because they’re IDOLs too

“I REALLY appreciate the mentors (and the fact that they are IDOLs themselves) and their sessions. So many of them can relate to my experiences and can support me better because of that.”

Linda Crabtree
Instructional Designer at The NOAH Center

Priceless encouragement and support with imposter syndrome

"The amount of support and help from the mentors is awesome. Having them in your corner helping you fight imposter syndrome and encouraging you is priceless. Having supportive cohort members has been awesome too. We are so happy we became members of this community."

Clark Winslow

Learning Experience Designer at SAP



Stop struggling with the software. We’ll show you how to design attractive and interactive courses. Even if you aren’t techie.

Our technical training lessons show you, step by step, how to use industry-preferred authoring tools and other tech to bring design concepts to life. Better yet, you’ll earn software-specific badges along the way that you can proudly display on your online portfolio or LinkedIn.

Storyline® for IDOLs℠: Articulate Storyline® Skilled

For designing interactive and engaging eLearning experiences.

IDOL® Movie Magic™: Professional Vyond® Animations

For creating 2D animated videos with pizzazz.

Genially® for IDOLs℠: Genially® Skilled

For creating interactive images, infographics, eLearning, and job aids.

IDOL℠ 💚 Canva® Skilled

For designing professional-looking graphics, GIFs, slides, videos, and more.

Camtasia Skilled

For recording and editing high-quality videos.

Plus step-by-step tutorials on:


Articulate Rise




Instructor-Led Training


coming soon!


Perk alert! Get free licenses to popular design tools, and save yourself $7500+ in software expenses.

Your student status comes with complimentary individual non-commercial and commercial licenses for must-have design tools. Use them for free with personal, non-profit, or paid project work and build your portfolio without breaking the bank.

  • eLearning authoring with Lectora with the Asset Library (valued at $1,404/year) - non-commercial
  • VR authoring with CenarioVR (valued at $4,788/year) - non-commercial
  • Interactive presentations and guides with a Genially library access (valued at $167/year)
  • 2D animation authoring with Vyond library access (valued at $1,099/year)
  • Canva Pro account on Canva Campus with built-in IDOL templates (valued at $119.99/year)

Total value: $7,577.99 per year. 

Yours for $0 with enrollment.

Let’s give a heartfelt hug to The Studio by
ELB Learning for sponsoring the CenarioVR and Lectora licenses for IDOL Academy students!

With this much actionable training at your fingertips, you can confidently create eLearning experiences like these:



The work opportunities only get better! After graduation, you’ll unlock the door to IDOL Talent’s paid, remote contracts.


Our premier staffing agency, connects pre-vetted IDOL Academy graduates - like future you - with companies looking to hire freelancers for paid projects. 

You can leverage these contract opportunities to jumpstart your career and gain the hands-on experience hiring managers and potential clients look for - while making good money in the meantime. 

Rates start at $35/hour and go up from there.  

This means you can get your foot in the industry door without pitching for pennies on Upwork or entertaining low-ball job offers. 

Only Academy graduates have access to these contracts.

So, to join IDOL Talent, you must graduate and then complete a short application process. Yes, the majority of IDOLs who apply make the cut. Why, of course, they do. We trained them!

Rachel used her Academy work experience to rock job interviews.


“The real-world job experience made a big difference for me. I was able to complete a freelance position set up through the Academy and used that to navigate many successful interviews. This was single-handedly the best investment I have ever made for my future."


Rachel Schreiber
Instructional Design Coordinator at East Tennessee State University

Ian leveraged his work for IDOL Talent to land a permanent position.


“I graduated from the Academy with the skills to earn high-quality ID work.

IDOL Talent offered my first opportunity to perform that work, placing me with an IDOL Talent client moments after I earned my IDOL credentials.

This client company was such a good fit that they offered me a full-time role, which I've enjoyed for nearly a year now.

I'm growing in this new role. Whenever I face a novel challenge, I can confidently refer to my IDOL Academy notebook and online community. The principles and practices are real and relevant in the ever-changing corporate ID world I'm aligned with."

Ian Melchinger
Program Manager at LearnQuest

    The #1 question new students ask:
“How quickly will I get a job?”



3100+ graduates have already used IDOL Academy to turn career dreams into work realities. If they can do it, so can you!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Rachel doubled her income and only works part-time.

“I interviewed with three companies within a few weeks of applying to no more than 30 jobs (easy clickable applications on LinkedIn). I was offered a contract position for 30-35 hours per week through the end of the year. Even though it's not full-time, I doubled my income. I'm so thankful to IDOL Academy, the coaches, mentors, and other learners who helped teach me new skills and build my confidence to move forward as an ID."

Rachael Hartman
Instructional Designer at The College of Health Care Professions

Marilyn can’t believe she’s working for Google.

"I'm beyond excited about starting my new role at Google through a contractor! I truly owe it to IDOL - the community, the courses, the opportunities. It was a long journey: I started with the Do It Messy challenge, got a volunteer client, volunteered for Rumie Learn, landed a contract through IDOL, and finally this job offer. Put in the time and effort and you'll make it!"

Marilyn Day
Instructional Designer at Google

Lynda is self-employed with a steady base of clients.

"When I started IDOL Academy, I was working as an ID, but looking to update my skills to grow and move into other areas. I considered working freelance, but I didn't really know how to make the move and frankly, I was a bit scared to take that leap. After finishing IDOL I started seriously thinking about going the freelance route. I currently have six clients and am loving the variety and the challenges. It was IDOL that helped me rediscover my passion for instructional design and find the courage to pursue something new.”

Lynda Kluck
Learning Experience Manager at Culture Partners

Jamie made a complete career change in her 40s.

"I would never have imagined I could take the leap from one career field into a COMPLETELY different, unknown career field. I signed up for classes in January and in the meantime worked for a part-time non-profit. I would watch the videos on my lunch hour and the days that I was not in the office I completed my lessons. Now, here I am less than a year later, and I’ve completely changed my career field! For a woman in her mid-40’s, I’m proud of myself. The support I’ve received from everyone at IDOL has changed my outlook on this venture.”

Jamie Black 
Learning Experience Designer at Sea Island Company

Ricky interviewed so well, the company CREATED a job for him.

"IDOL Courses Academy gave me all of the tools I needed to make the jump from teaching to Instructional Design. 

 My interviewer was so impressed with my skills that she CREATED a job for me. I could not have accomplished my goals without the help of my mentors and coaches and the greater IDOL community!"

Ricky Fisher
Instructional Designer at Landmark Health

Sharon shocked herself by landing her dream job at IKEA.

“I put all my new assets in my portfolio, finished up my Linked In, and saw that IKEA was hiring learning developers. I did two rounds of interviews with two departments. I got the job! There is NO WAY I could have gotten this role without IDOL. I had a community to look over my portfolio, give feedback on my assets, give me advice for applications, and even do practice interviews with me. I cannot say enough good things about the IDOL Academy!"

 Sharon Tavares
Learning Developer at IKEA

Auroosa got an offer using assets she made the day before.

“I signed an offer yesterday as a Learning Experience Designer. My dream job at my dream company. 

I didn't have my portfolio ready in time to apply for the role but I took a shot and applied anyway. I did submit some samples and I actually made a sample VILT facilitation guide for them that I included in my application. 

I could not have done this without IDOL Academy! I can't believe a few months ago I decided I wanted to make a career change and now here I am, hired as a LXD! 

Auroosa Kazmi-Ishaq
Learning and Development Manager at WildBrain

Your dream career is so much closer than you think. So if you’re ready to stop wishing and start working, it’s time to join IDOL Academy.

Here’s a little tough love: With a proven career-building program ready and waiting for you inside the Academy, the only thing standing in your way right now is YOU. So why put off your goals even a second longer when success is within reach? Enroll today and you’ll be mere months away from the better career you’re dreaming of.

Enrollment includes 12 months of access to all IDOL Academy features, including:

âś“ 24-week skill development track with immersive lessons, weekly assignments, live practice sessions, and 1-1 personalized feedback

âś“ Weekly live lessons (replays available) from expert faculty on the topic and the lesson(s) released that week

âś“ All tech and tool training

âś“ 5+ digital software badges (must meet requirements)

✓ Individual commercial and non-commercial licenses to specified design tools (worth $7500+) 

âś“ Portfolio training, tasks, and feedback

âś“ Hands-on experience through internship and/or IDOL World projects

✓ 8 milestone assessments, with digital badges, evaluated by expert practitioners (must meet requirements), including: 

  • Internship
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Architect
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • eLearning Developer


âś“ Certified Professional in Training & Performance (CPTP) graduation certificate (24 CEUs) (must meet requirements)

✓ All career readiness support, including: 

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization 
  • Smart Networking
  • Interview Prep & Practice
  • Job Search & Applications Coaching
  • Offer Negotiation Coaching

âś“ Business Box training and templates

âś“ 1-1 Career Coaching

âś“ 1-1 Business Coaching

âś“ Private IDOL community and alumni network with 24/7 access

âś“ 1 assigned mentor during your cohort

✓ 10+ Professional IDOL coaches

âś“ Paid contract opportunities through IDOL Talent (must meet requirements)

âś“ Proud Portfolio Guarantee (must meet requirements)




Save $523 when you pay in full.

Payment method can be chosen after receiving acceptance into IDOL Academy.





Works out to $4020 in total tuition

Payment method can be chosen after receiving acceptance into IDOL Academy.

**Early enrollment discount is not available for payment plans. 
Secure checkout. Prorated refunds available.
Graduate with a portfolio you’re proud of. Or get your money back.

Need more flexible payment options? 

You can finance your tuition over (up to) 24 months through Climb Credit. Please note, options and interest rates vary according to your credit history. Early enrollment discounts do not apply. And all activities, including approvals, are managed by Climb Credit, not IDOL courses. 

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Have questions? Just ask! 
Email us at [email protected]. Or call or text our support team 
at 1-786-453-5642 (9AM-5PM EST, Monday-Friday). 


We’re the first and only authorized vocational school for instructional design and online learning. And, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

In a world where anyone can sell anything on the internet, quality matters. As a state-authorized vocational school, our educational materials and faculty have been verified to meet academic quality standards as set by the state of Georgia and the US Department of Education. 

Which means you can trust you’re getting a high-quality education.

Vocational status also means you have the opportunity to earn an industry certification upon graduation. And because we’ve built a reputation as the “gold standard” for corporate instructional design training, our certification is the credential that companies look for.

In other words:

Graduating from IDOL Academy will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

There’s no better way to grab the attention of recruiters, hiring managers, and potential clients than as an IDOL Academy graduate.

From zero interviews to 4 job offers!

​​"I wanted to transition out of teaching and into the L&D industry prior to learning about IDOL Academy. I sent out over 30 applications with not a single interview request. I knew I needed to learn more in order to actually land an interview and job. 

IDOL Academy was the perfect program for me to do so! I learned the skills necessary to be hirable. 

 Just a couple months after joining, I was being contacted by recruiters on a weekly basis! Not only did I land a job, I had 3 other offers as well!!”

 Kerry Gannon
Lead eLearning Developer at Yukon Learning

Money isn’t the only professional perk.
Like these grads, you can add more freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment to your life too:

Whitney’s enjoying better benefits and less stress.

​​"IDOL courses helped me move from the classroom to a corporate job with so much better benefits and less stress. I learned so much and in a short amount of time. It was definitely worth the investment. The feedback and support you get from Robin and the group are invaluable. I can't recommend it enough... it has literally changed my quality of life."

Whitney Estes
Senior Technical Curriculum Developer at Amazon

Morgan is working from home and loving every minute of it.

"I am so thankful for IDOL, as it allowed me to achieve my dreams. I am now working for a company I love, and I am able to work from home. I would not have been able to transition out of education without the IDOL Courses Academy program, or the incredible system of support that it offers. I felt equipped and prepared to answer questions in interviews, and feel knowledgeable in my new role. Thank you IDOL for changing my life! 

Morgan Lavey
Instructional Design Consultant III at Principal Financial Group

Shemaine finally looks forward to Monday morning. 

"It's an amazing program that gave me the confidence and skills to land a dream job. I was working just to make ends meet.

Now I love what I do and I can't wait to get started everyday. Thanks IDOL Courses Academy for helping change my career and my life." 

Shemaine Hernandez
Instructional Designer at WYSR

Join IDOL Academy. And create a career you don’t need a vacation from (with more income to boot!) as a remote or freelance IDOL. 

In this industry, anything is possible. Our graduates are proof.

Higher pay. Remote work. Better hours.  

“It took less than 6 months to transition from teacher into finance as an ID. Higher pay, remote position, bankers hours, nothing but net. All thanks to IDOL Academy!” 

Natalie Whitfield
Senior Learning Consultant at ATB Financial

"Well worth the money!"

“IDOL courses was a really great experience! It is a comprehensive and supportive learning opportunity that provided everything you would ever want: low cost, high return on investment, networking, encouragement, comprehensive knowledge and so much more!” 

David Grant, Ph.D.
Project Manager Instructional Designer at Winning Solutions, Inc.