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Leaving the Classroom 26: Unexpected Perks of Being an Instructional Designer

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Leaving the Classroom: A Transitioning Teacher Podcast

Unexpected Perks of Being an Instructional Designer 

Today I am talking about the unexpected perks of being an instructional designer after being a teacher. If you've ever wondered what awaits you on this path, this episode is for you.

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Enjoy the podcast transcription:

Welcome to leaving the classroom. Today I'm talking about the unexpected perks of being an instructional designer after being a teacher. If you've ever wondered what awaits you on this path, this episode is for you. I'm your host, Kristi Oliva. And let's get started. Picture this. You're a dedicated teacher, pouring your heart and soul into the classroom. But now, you've decided to take the leap into instructional design. And guess what, along with the new role comes some surprising benefits that you might not have anticipated? So let's get started.

First one, flexibility and creativity. As a teacher, you probably feel restricted by the curriculum, standardized tests and other things that hold you back from your true creativity. But as an instructional designer, you get the chance to unleash your creativity fully. You're free to design engaging learning experiences that capture learners attention and cater to diverse learning styles. It's a breath of fresh air, you can use the tools you want in the manner you want to display the learning, you decide.

Next up expanded impact. As a teacher, you made a difference in the lives of your students. But as an instructional designer, your impact reaches far beyond the walls of a single classroom. Your work can influence learners across various organizations and industries. It's incredible how your expertise can touch the lives of so many. Currently, I work on a project that touches every single customer service associate worldwide at Amazon. That's 1000s and 1000s of learners per year. That's huge.

Next perk. Collaboration galore. In teaching, I know I felt a little bit secluded in a silo solitary. But as an instructional designer, you become part of a vibrant community collaborating with subject matter experts, graphic designers, tech savvy professionals, which adds a whole new dimension to your work. Together you craft powerful learning experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

Next up, embracing technology. We're obviously in a digital age and technology is transforming how people learn. As an instructional designer, you'll find yourself at the forefront of this evolution, you are encouraged to embrace new tools and innovations enhance your skill set and open doors to exciting opportunities in the eLearning space.

Next up, lifelong learning. As a teacher I know you are lifelong learner, but the journey continues and instructional design. The field is ever changing, ever evolving. And in order to stay on top of industry trends, you need to keep your passion for learning alive. You get to explore new concepts, methodologies and technologies, ensuring your professional growth never stagnates. Mo more saying I've just always done this every year as a teacher. I'm not saying that's you, but I know I fell into that trap. With instructional design you can do something different every month, every year.

And here's one more impacting organizational success. As an instructional designer, you play a vital role in the organization's success. 

So if you're considering leaving the classroom and starting instructional design, remember, there are unexpected perks that await you on this exciting journey. Embrace the creativity, collaborate with passion and let technology be your ally in shaping the future of learning. That's all for this episode.

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