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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a thousand pictures worth?

The answer? $5.5 million dollars, according to Viacom CBS. Creating great video is an incredibly important skill—one that's worth millions of dollars.

Camtasia for IDOLs℠ teaches you to become proficient in editing video with TechSmith Camtasia. This course is designed specifically for instructional designers and eLearning developers.

Yes, Please!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You know that video is important: in learning, in Human Resources, in marketing… everywhere!

So you want to level up your abilities and open up new opportunities with an in-demand, marketable skillset.

Or perhaps you’ve tried your hand at creating videos but they always look a little, well, amateur.

Or maybe you’re a freelancer who’s getting clients that are requesting more complicated videos.

And maybe you’ve tried to use TechSmith Camtasia before, but the timeline was confusing or you found the entire program frustrating.

What if there was a way to learn video editing best practices while also learning a software that you can apply in multiple situations?

What if there was a way to learn Camtasia and earn a credential so that you not only have the training, but also the proof for your portfolio, social sites, and resume?

What if there was a Camtasia training that could teach you how to create engaging video assets fast?

That’s exactly why we created Camtasia for IDOLs℠

This is a self paced training course with eight modules, 24 short videos and a detailed participant guide that all give you the skills to learn Camtasia and create engaging video assets.

The course gives step-by-step instructions for building our example video with Camtasia, then challenges you to build your own demo video to practice what you have learned. By the end of this training, I'm certain that you will love Camtasia just as much as we do!


So...why am I sharing this right now?

Hello, I’m Dr. Robin Sargent, and I help people in the learning and development industry upskill with a combination of training, activities, deliberate practice, resources, and templates.

In our school, IDOL Academy, I teach students to bridge between theory and the practice of corporate instructional design.The 12-month program, IDOL Academy is the only vocational school and implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your job application assets and build a portfolio from scratch but also includes mentorship and experience opportunities in instructional design and online learning. 

At IDOL courses, and the IDOL Academy, we use TechSmith Camtasia for all of our video editing needs. It has the features we want and is so easy to use. That's why I wanted to create training to help other IDOLs master this valuable and important software.

What you'll learn...


Get an overview of what you'll learn in the program, as well as see a demo explainer video. This is what you'll build for practice during the course.


In this module, you'll learn how to use the right fonts, colors, images and layouts to reinforce the message and elevate the delivery of your content. 


As a learning developer, your goal is to create training videos that are engaging and get results. You are probably not out to win an Oscar for best Film Editing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow concepts, techniques and terminology from those professionals. You'll learn about these secrets in this module.


Now it's time to learn all about TechSmith Camtasia. You'll get a crash course in the controls for navigating this program.


Now that you know how to move things around on the Camtasia timeline, we can start the next part of our workflow: basic editing to make your project cohesive and engaging.


You’ve worked hard. There may have been some late nights and a lot of coffee to help get you to the finish line, but your video is finally done. You are ready to publish your video and share your masterpiece. Camtasia offers several methods to share your creation. Learn about them in this module.


It's time to start displaying some creativity. Learn how to add scene transitions, visual and audio effects, background music, and more to your asset.


Your video is finally done! Now it's time to learn the housekeeping you need to keep your project prepared and ready for any future updates.


For your final project, you'll create your own video asset and submit it for review. Then you can earn your Camtasia skilled badge to display on your portfolio site and LinkedIn.


Who is Camtasia for IDOLs℠ for?

Camtasia for IDOLs℠ is right for any--yes, any--body that wants to learn how to use the TechSmith Camtasia program. 

Instructional Designers & eLearning Developers

Learning to effectively use TechSmith is a huge career boost for instructional designers and eLearning developers. With TechSmith Camtasia skills, you can produce engaging videos that clients require.


As someone who works in Marketing, learning how to create great video means unlocking a powerful way to connect with customers. Learn how to build engaging assets and meaningful visual stories in this course.


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You’ll learn, practice, and then submit a final project to earn the Camtasia for IDOLs℠ credential!

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