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Become an IDOL 16: UX & UI for Online Learning with Melanie Sexton

elearning instructional design instructionaldesign melaniesexton online learning podcast ui user experience user interface ux Dec 11, 2019

Show notes for Podcast UX and UI design with Melanie Sexton


Published: December 11, 2019

Episode: 16

UX and UI with Melanie Sexton

Guest: Melanie Sexton, Learning and Experience Designer

In this episode of Become an IDOL, I’ll be chatting with Melanie Sexton, Learning and Experience Designer, about her experience in creating graphic interfaces for online courses and E-Learning development.  Melanie Sexton is a jack of all trades learning design professional living in Central Texas. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design earning a BFA and MA in Sequential Art and is now back in school at Austin Community College taking several courses in UX Design. Melanie has a history of making comics and illustrations and sharing her passion for digital media with students in higher ed and libraries. As an instructional design professional, Melanie has worked with clients in the US Military, EdTech, and Cyber Security spaces to create internal, external, and train-the-trainer trainings focused on both face to face and online learning. A real turning point in her career was UX Design, where she had the opportunity to design software features and assist in research efforts for a well-known EdTech company - which has taken Melanie in the direction of truly combining UX Design and Research practices with eLearning Development in her current role as a Sr. eLearning Developer.  We will be discussing Melanie’s tools, best practices, tips, challenges, and resources for designing the most effective User experiences (UX) and User Interfaces (UI).  


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In this episode we discuss:

  • The difference between UX and UI
  • Basic rules or high-level processes to help designers and educators start becoming more aware of UX design for eLearning courses 
  • Why UX is so important for our own designs in online learning 
  • Best practices and tips for new instructional designers



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Links/resources mentioned in this episode:


📝Pen and Paper Graphics

📝Adobe XD

📝Invision App

📝Sketch (For Mac Only)

📝Figma  (For Mac or Windows)


📝Book:  “Designing Interfaces” on Amazon



📝UX Planet


📝Adobe Captivate


Social Media:

📝Melanie Sexton: LinkedIn

📝Melanie Sexton: Facebook