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What I Learned From The Show: Learning Competition

#becomeanidol #elearning #idolcourses #instructionaldesign #instructionaldesigner #ldx #learningexperiencedesign #thelearningconference Jul 23, 2020

 If you haven’t had the chance to check out The Show from The Learning Conference, I have to say you are missing out. The Show has been an incredible learning competition where designers worldwide have been showcasing their solutions for designated client briefs. The creativity and designs have been inspiring. Cath Ellis and Kim  Tuohy, the hosts and creators of The Show, have worked to develop a fun and engaging contest where designers have gotten out of their comfort zones.  There were a ton of cameos, including IDOL courses Academy’s own Dr. Robin Sargent, who was a guest host and provided feedback on the LexCorp Engineering Resource Challenge where competitors had to create a universal storyboard per their client request. 


The Show is the preceding event to The Learning Conference, which is happening online from August 3rd to 5th 2020.  They have got a fantastic lineup of speakers. If you have the time, you should join in the learning.


My Takeaways from The Show

  1. Be Vulnerable

I participated in rounds 1 and 2. Putting yourself out there can be a challenge, but it is also rewarding. Sometimes you need to take a leap, and as the saying goes, JUST DO IT! Share your portfolio pieces and get feedback. Listening and implementing feedback will help you grow as a person and instructional designer. 

  1. Tools

Everyone on The Show focused on the training that needed to be delivered, but everyone used different tools to get the job done. Learning and development are about the journey and the results, but the tool you use can be different.

During The Show, I was exposed to a few new tools for my ID Toolbox.


In round 64, Nyla Spooner used this text messaging platform called Arist

to deliver a text message course and information for the Liberty City brief. Everyone has their phones with them all the time, so using text messages to educate is a great idea.



Dima Yousef suggested AppyPie as her solution. This is a no-code platform to help build digital products. This is something I will look into to learn more.



Devlin Peck introduced React.js, which is a JavaScript library to help you develop. Devlin will be presenting How to send xAPI statements without the need for SCORM. Now, doesn't that sound interesting??



GlideApp is my favorite solution. I am most interested in learning more about.  Troy Ashman and Shirleen Wong included this tool in some of their solutions. I never knew you could build an app from a Google sheet. Cath and Devlin will be talking about GlideApp during the conference. The conference app is being developed with GlideApp. I have thought of several applications for this already and can’t wait to learn more.


 There are many tool options, and The Show highlighted that there are multiple solutions to the same problem.


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Tabatha is an EdTech entrepreneur, instructional designer, content writer, and educator dedicated to developing interactive and engaging learning ecosystems. She has a passion for gamification, learning experience design, and the integration of social learning to improve learner engagement and knowledge retention. Also, she is a respiratory therapist who hosts The Vent Room podcast providing a little inspiration to respiratory therapists.