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Interviewing: Land Your Dream Role with these 5 Tips

#becomeanidol #careerchange #instructionaldesignblog #instructionaldesigner #interviewing #newcareer #positivity #teachers Jun 28, 2021

I don't know about you, but once I felt like my resume and portfolio were ready to share with the corporate instructional design world I knew my next step was to start applying for jobs.  This is the part that scared me the most.  I knew the time I spent learning in the IDOL courses Academy had given me the tools to build a strong portfolio and transition my teaching resume to instructional design.  If your resume and portfolio are not quite where you want them to be, check out these two great resources before jumping into your first interview.  IDOL Resume Writing Guide and Build Your Online Portfolio are helpful if you are looking for a jumpstart. 

I also felt confident in my ability to perform my instructional design skills once hired as an instructional designer in the corporate space.  The problem was that I hadn’t interviewed in over 8 years and that was for a teaching position.  I knew I needed to prepare for my instructional design interviews so I participated in mock interviews during my mentor sessions in the IDOL courses Academy® and watched this great mock interview with Devlin Peck.

After experiencing these mock interviews and going through the interview modules in  the IDOL courses Academy®, I was confident to start applying for instructional design positions.  Before I knew it, I had two interviews lined up and the nerves began to return.  How was I going to portray the confidence I was feeling in myself as an instructional designer in these interviews?  

Set the scene:  You've been asked to interview for your dream position.  You know you need to prepare, but you aren't quite sure where to start.  You think, "How do I stand out from the other candidates?"


Follow these five tips to help you stand out and prove why you are the best candidate for the position!


Tip 1: 

Prepare Answers to Common Interview Questions

Read the job description and look at these Common Interview Questions.  Craft answers that show your strengths and why your skills translate to the position and job responsibilities.

Use the STAR Method to answer "Tell me about a time" questions. 

Tip 2:


The Company: You want to show your commitment by researching the company.  Determine why you want to work there and how the company values align with your own. Be prepared to share these findings throughout the interview.

The Team: Determine who will be interviewing you and research them.  You want to show why you will be a good team member.  Include relatable information to the team in your answers.


Tip 3: 

Be Real - No one is perfect!

When asked a question you weren't prepared for, pause.  Take a minute and formulate your answer in your head.  

Be Honest: Do you need clarification on the question?  Ask!  Are you unsure how to answer?  Tell them that!  Then do your best to provide a relevant answer.


Tip 4: 

Let them see and feel your passion

Career: Do you know this is the career meant for you?  Speak from the heart!  Make the interviewers feel your passion and commitment to this career in each answer you give.

Position: Why is this position perfect for you?  Share your passion for some of the job responsibilities.  Make the interviewer think no one can perform them better than you.

Company: What makes this industry and company perfect for you?  What goals do you share? Let your passion for joining this company and its mission shine throughout the interview.  

Ask the interviewers why they enjoy working for the company. This will tell you a lot!  Show how you share the same passion for being on the team.


Tip 5: 

Have confidence in yourself

First Impression: Walk in the door or sign on to Zoom knowing you are going to get the position.  They will be able to see this confidence!  

Make them find a reason why you are not the right candidate for the position.


Questions: Answer each question with confidence.  Even if you aren't sure if your answer is "correct" , make them believe you know exactly what you are talking about!

At the conclusion of the interview ask when you will hear from them on the next steps in the hiring process.  

Make sure to end the interview with as much confidence as you started it.  Let them know you are excited and ready to be a member of their team!   


Implement these 5 tips to crush your next interview!


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Have you just started the job hunt or feel overwhelmed by the process?  Take this microlearning created for Rumie to Learn to make job hunting less stressful in 6 minutes.


Amanda Kulik is an educator turned corporate instructional designer with more than 15 years under her belt of creating engaging learning experiences for a diverse group of learners.  She landed her dream ID role after being a member of the 6th cohort of the IDOL courses Academy®.  As a lifelong learner herself, Amanda thrives on learning new ways to reach her learners whether through eLearning tools such as Articulate Storyline or video creation software such as Vyond and Camtasia.  

Amanda loves spending time with her family and friends, especially her niece Olivia.   When she’s not designing learning experiences and volunteering to create Bytes for Rumie, she can be found at the gym teaching Zumba and water fitness classes, as well as on adventures traveling all over the globe.  

Connect with her on LinkedIn and check out her portfolio at