Build the creative career of your dreams as a corporate Instructional Designer.

The IDOL On Demand Bootcomp provides training, technology, and must-have resources for aspiring and experienced instructional designers.

Our flexible, on-demand training enables you to earn credentials coveted by top employers. Perfect for busy people who work full time.


Students who successfully complete the IDOL On Demand Bootcamp are provided the high-valued skill sets that make them competitive candidates for leading corporations. These are just a few of the companies that hire our IDOLs.

If you’re searching for a high-paying, satisfying career that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live the life of your dreams but you’re...


Not sure how to translate your years of experience in education, design, or another field to make yourself stand out to an employer.


Frustrated after spending thousands of dollars (and hundreds of hours) on expensive university programs that haven’t helped you land a job.


Missing out on key skills and experience that will get you paid what you know you’re worth.


Just nervous to embark on a new career journey without help or instruction.

Look no further, IDOL On Demand provides a clear roadmap through credentials and a complete support system here for your success.

Imagine landing the job of your dreams in 6 months or less.

IDOL courses has helped thousands of students at different stages of their careers find corporate instructional design jobs faster than they ever thought possible. But don’t just take our word for it.

Sarah joined in June and had a new job by October.

“I could not have gotten to this point so quickly without the help of IDOL On Demand! IDOL gave me the tools and the confidence to keep working on my goals and in doing so I was ready much faster than I anticipated! Having a community of folks to rely on kept me going and believing in myself!”

Jeff landed a new job in less than a month.

“Before I came across IDOL, becoming an instructional designer seemed like a goal that was going to take me several years to achieve. With the experience and expertise of the IDOL team and community distilled into the courses, I was able to step into the perfect role for me in a matter of months.”

Maedili joined in January and switched careers by May.

“As someone who creates personal finance content, I am very careful on what I make financial investments in. IDOL was 100% worth every penny and more. The amount of resources within the program is unheard of. The community and mentors are worth so much more than what I could have imagined. I wanted my time upskilling to be productive and efficient. IDOL gave me the support, guidance, and resources I needed to not waste time. I started cohort 9 at the end of January, continued with cohort 10 and landed the perfect role for my teacher transition in May. I am forever grateful!”

Rocio found the program paid for itself in three months.

“IDOL did a great job providing actionable steps in a way that encouraged instant application and results. For me, the program paid for itself within the first 3 months through helping me put together my portfolio, edit my resume, showing me how to make my LinkedIn work in my favor, mentoring, coaching, among MANY other things. I have not even completed all the courses and I am reaping the results.”


Introducing IDOL On Demand Bootcamp

Your one-stop-shop for every instructional design and eLearning development technique, skill, and insight you need to start or grow your career.

IDOL On Demand Bootcamp is instructional design training on your terms.

Master the design and tech skills companies look for. Dive into our extensive library of training and tools specifically honed for the instructional designer’s craft, ranging from exclusive industry insights to user-friendly authoring software, ensuring you're equipped for the real-world challenges of this dynamic field.

*Credits earned on IDOL courses On Demand may be transferred to an IDOL Academy upgrade. Simply settle the remaining difference.


"This is one of the best choices out there if you're serious about starting a career in corporate instructional design, but don't want to pay for a master's degree."


"The community that I found in IDOL was so huge in my career transition. Robin has created something truly special with IDOL and I could not recommend it more strongly to those looking to transition into the ID sector."


As an IDOL On Demand student, you’ll earn industry-standard credentials that showcase your skills to employers and clients.

Earn 4 credentials to help you stand out in the job market.
IDOL courses On Demand

Level 1: eLearning Development

Earners have demonstrated the ability to start with a provided storyboard and develop all the assets for course design. Earners are able to create job aids, instructional scripts, animations in Vyond®, and screen capture videos.

These candidates are able to create and edit eLearning courses in the Articulate Storyline® authoring tool using both basic and advanced interactions for a variety of purposes and situations.

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IDOL courses On Demand

Level 2: Instructional Designer

Earners have demonstrated the ability to work with clients and subject matter experts to evaluate problems and design sound learning solutions. Earners are able to complete a needs assessment, identify an appropriate learning approach, apply learning theory, design a learning solution, analyze select technologies, and evaluate learning design.

These candidates are able to analyze problems and design learning solutions for a variety of purposes and situations.

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IDOL courses On Demand

Level 3: IDOL Consultant

Earners have demonstrated the ability to work with clients and subject matter experts to evaluate problems and design sound learning solutions.

Earners are able to justify and describe their design thinking through case studies added to assets on their online portfolio.

These candidates are able to identify, select, and implement the appropriate technologies to serve the best interest of the organization and its learners.

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IDOL courses On Demand

Level 4: Master IDOL

Earners have demonstrated the ability to complete workplace learning solutions from start to finish for either a client or company.

Earners are able to conduct performance analysis to identify goals, gaps, or opportunities and use their skills to design and develop performance improvement solutions to address performance gaps.

These candidates are able to partner with businesses by performing a needs assessment, data analysis, communication, problem-solving, facilitation, and coaching.

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Here’s What You Get with Enrollment in the IDOL On Demand Bootcamp

Community of Practice

Our private community of practice for instructional designers lets you:

- Receive valuable peer feedback on all your designs, projects, and job application assets.

- Get answers to your questions from fellow professionals in the field.

- Network with other designers and discover job opportunities.

- Practice your interview skills through mock interviews with supportive peers and mentors.

- Find accountability buddies to keep you motivated and on track towards your professional goals.

- Keep your information private and remove social media distractions.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

As a student, you’ll have access to multiple levels of support like:

- Mentors who can offer personalized guidance and advice based on their experience in the field.

- Expert feedback from our Academy Coaches to help you improve your skills and reach your goals.

- Support from peers in the community who can provide feedback, answer questions, and offer encouragement.

- Support from the IDOL Team, who are dedicated to ensuring your success and satisfaction with our program.

Complete Career-Building Curriculum

You’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to do everything you need to land your dream job or advance in your career, including:

- How to craft a resume that stands out to recruiters.

- How to build a portfolio that demonstrates your skills (even if you don’t have any instructional design experience).

- How to makeover your LinkedIn profile so that it attracts recruiters.

- Full breakdown of how to design and develop for eLearning so you can achieve career success from Day 1.

- Instructional design models and theories that inform our field and lay a foundation for  your practice.

- Interview preparation, simulations, and sample questions. 

Industry Preferred Software

You’ll get access to all the tools you need to create engaging and effective learning experiences, including:

- eLearning authoring with Lectora* with the Asset Library (Market Value $1404 per year)

- VR authoring with CenarioVR* (Market Value $4788 per year)

- Interactive presentations and guides with a Genially library access (Market Value $167 per year)

- 2D animation authoring with Vyond library access (Market Value $1099 per year)

*individual non-commercial license. This means you can build for your portfolio and non-profit work.

All the tools you need to build a successful eLearning career

We partner with the best tools in the learning and development industry to give you access through our school.

These tools alone would cost you $7,577.99 per year. With IDOL courses On Demand enrollment, you get unlimited access to all of these tools and so much more at a fraction of the cost!


ELB Learning is a Proud Sponsor of IDOL courses

We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with ELB Learning, a renowned leader in educational solutions. This partnership brings a wealth of opportunities for our students, enhancing their learning journey and empowering them to create better learning experiences.

That’s Not All! Your Enrollment Also Comes With…

Templates for Everything: Access hundreds of templates, workbooks, and tools that will help you build courses more quickly.

On-Demand Training: You'll work through the online training one lesson at a time at your own pace.

Workshops from Guest Experts: Dive into our extensive library of recorded workshops, featuring insights from leaders in the learning and development industry. With IDOL Courses On Demand, you have the opportunity to explore these expert-led sessions at your own pace, furthering your professional development on your schedule.

Optional Showcase: Elevate your instructional design and eLearning portfolio by showcasing your projects to a global audience of hiring managers and industry peers with IDOL courses On Demand.

Virtual Study Hall for Accountability and Meet-ups: Stay on track with your coursework, practice mock interviews, and connect with other students in our virtual study hall.

Association of Talent Development Pre-approved Program: IDOL courses® programs have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards professional development hours for initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. This program has been approved for a maximum of 40 points.


Join the IDOL On Demand Bootcamp today and learn the skills you need to score entry-level IDOL positions with $80,000+ starting salaries.

When you join IDOL courses On Demand, you get access to all of our unique features through your enrollment.

Patricia O. doubled her salary after 3 months with IDOL.

"IDOL is an all in one package that elevates you in the ID field. The community is awesome and Dr. Robin goes above and beyond for IDOLs."

-Patricia O.
Instructional Designer at Canopy Growth Corp
Jessica S. increased her salary by 61% after 4 months with IDOL.

"This course taught me to use the skills I already know I have and convert them into a corporate friendly environment. I learned to use my pre-existing skills as an educator and apply them towards a fast-paced learning environment with adult learners. With the help of the IDOL resources, my mentor and coaches, Robin, and the rest of the IDOL family, I not only crushed my IDOL goals, but landed my dream job."

-Jessica S.
Instructional Designer at Google
Cory W. increased his salary by 20% after 4 months with IDOL.

"If you're serious about becoming an Instructional Designer, IDOL courses is worth more than what you pay. There is now way you'll find everything you need to know to land a job just by researching and taking courses in college. This is coming from someone finishing his Masters in Education Technology. IDOL literally has step by step everything you need to land a job."

-Cory W.
Instructional Designer at
Liz D. increased her salary by 50% after 3 months with IDOL.

"IDOL was the best decision I made! The community was amazing and feedback was always given on any portfolio piece I posted. The course provides so much information. I have been able to go back within the course and reference what I need for my new job. It has been one of the top course purchases I have ever made."

-Liz D.
Instructional Designer at Canopy Growth Corp
Maya H. increased her salary by 60% after 6 months with IDOL.

"I’m so happy that I found IDOL courses. Not only did it help me fill the gaps between teaching and instructional design, it also gave me the tools to navigate the job search process. The flexibility of IDOL has allowed me to take my time switching careers while caring for my newborn."

-Maya H.
Instructional Designer at Apple

Stock photos have been used to honor alumni's salary privacy.

You will join hundreds of IDOL courses alumni, many of whom have landed the highest-paying job of their life within six months of joining.

Become an IDOL.

A Complete Checklist - Get instant access after enrolling!

Five industry-preferred tools are included in enrollment: 

  • eLearning authoring with Lectora* with the Asset Library (Market Value $1404 per year)
    *individual non-commercial license. This means you can build for your portfolio and non-profit work.
  • VR authoring with CenarioVR* (Market Value $4788 per year)
  • Interactive presentations and guides with a Genially library access (Market Value $167 per year)
  • 2D animation authoring with Vyond library access (Market Value $1099 per year)

4 Levels of Credentials

  • eLearning Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • IDOL Consultant
  • Master IDOL

IDOL Coaches to share tailored feedback and support

Members-only Community Platform (we have a very supportive and active community of practice)

Instructional Design training and resources to help you get a job in the field and upskill

Tutorials for different tools used in the instructional design and online learning industry

Templates for workbooks, worksheets, learner surveys, and so much more

A library of resources that continues to grow

Access to IDOL courses® processes, design tools, templates, and mentors 

Bonus Course Storyline for IDOLs ($297 Value)




Save $83 when you pay in full.





Works out to $1080 in total 


Need more flexible payment options? 

You can finance your tuition over (up to) 24 months through Climb Credit. Please note, options and interest rates vary according to your credit history. Early enrollment discounts do not apply. And all activities, including approvals, are managed by Climb Credit, not IDOL courses. 

Click here to start the approval process. →

"I would not have landed a corporate ID position had it not been for all the tips, tricks, advice and expertise shared with me in IDOL.

The coaches were so supportive and willing to help. As a recovering perfectionist, I appreciated the nudge to #doitmessy and just get moving. IDOL courses is vast and deep, it is the investment that keeps giving me a place to sharpen my skills. A lifetime of professional development. I am grateful to Dr. Robin and my coaches for all their support!"

-Rebecca Pollard
Lowman Education LLC
How soon will I land a new job?

The average person in our program takes about 6 months to learn the vocation, intern with a client, build a quality portfolio, and job application assets, and go through the hiring process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions                              

If your question isn't answered here email [email protected] or call / text us 1-786-453-5642 9 AM-5 PM EST Monday-Friday.

See why students say IDOL On Demand is the best thing that ever happened to their careers.

"The IDOL courses is life changing. It gave me all of the resources and more that I could ever need to land an IDOL job. From the coaching calls, to the community, to the many job building assets, and everything in between, it’s everything I needed and more. Highly recommend!"

-Erika Cheek

"IDOL helped me to revamp my portfolio and provided additional tools needed to become a stronger Instructional Designer. Connecting with others in the group along with the weekly coaching calls helped to keep me motivated."

-Veronica Reed

"IDOL gave me the tools and confidence to pursue this career path outside of k-12 education. In less than 3 months, I was able to build a strong portfolio, improve my resume, build a network, and land an IDOL job. I could never have done this without the Academy and its amazing community. I am thrilled to be a part of it!"

-Samantha Collier

"IDOL courses gave me all of the tools I needed to make the jump from teaching to Instructional Design. My interviewer was so impressed with my skills that she CREATED a job for me. I could not have accomplished my goals without the help of my mentors and coaches and the greater IDOL community!"

-Ricky Fisher

"A lot of teachers go about their careers year in and year out whether they're happy or not. They just think, 'this is it for me.'

Being a part of the IDOL family has shown me that I have so many skills that are transferrable and valuable to other industries.

I'm proud to say that I've landed a position with a wonderful Edtech company and I couldn't be happier. I plan to continue with IDOL to further improve my skills and keep looking ahead to growing and learning."

-Jonathan Aker

"Career changes are tough, but they're becoming a fact of life. I tried various methods during my gradual career change (just applying for jobs, university extension classes, self-directed learning online, etc.), but the IDOL helped me focus my energy and guided me every step of the way, on my own terms and on my own timeline. It's the perfect blend of direction and independence. You know IDOL is always there for you, but you don't have to rush and stress over it if you've got a million other things going on (and who doesn't?!). Any career change is a lot of work, but the IDOL has paid for itself many times over at this point, and I'm grateful."

-Leilani Serafin

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