Experience Products with Co-Founder of Xperiencify Murray Gray | 64

Guest: Murray Gray, Co-Founder Xperiencify 

In this episode, I'm chatting with Murray Gray, who is a Co-Founder of a new platform called Xperiencify. It is a learning management system where you can sell digital course products with gamification to motivate learners for completion. He shares his joy of creating software solutions to help business owners get more out of their businesses and help more people. If you want to leverage your time and expertise with building a course this podcast is a must listen!  

Listen to this episode below: 

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 Let me tell you a little bit about Murray Gray:

He is guy that loves building software platforms that makes life easier for marketers and entrepreneurs. It's all I do. He is a self-taught marketer and entrepreneur. He loves to learn new things, languages and skills.  He is the co founder of the company...

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Show Up for Yourself: Quiet Quitting and Career Transition

I already identified as a quiet quitter. When I took a break from IDOL, was I also quitting on myself?

When I started the IDOL journey, I thought “I’ve got so many transferable skills. I’m already qualified for many of these jobs!”  I dutifully created a website, crafted an ID resume, and refreshed my LinkedIn profile. I knew I faced hard work to upskill and learn about the ID field, but I had time to invest and a big IDOL goal that seemed reasonable to me. But five months later, no job offers. Not even a single interview! “What gives?” I wondered. I already identified as a quiet quitter from my day job - that’s why I became an IDOL! Was I now also quitting on my career transition? 

Sometime in 2019, my long-time enthusiasm for teaching began wearing thin. Twenty years of teaching freshman composition will do that to you, I reasoned. So I jumped into innovative teaching practices in an effort to continue learning and challenge...

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Masters vs. Certificates for New Instructional Designers with Rebecca Hogue

Guest: Rebecca Hogue, Demystifying Instructional Design

In this episode, I'm chatting with Rebecca Hogue a professor of Instructional Design at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She hosts her own podcast, Demystifying Instructional Design. Her varied experience, knowledge of the field and love for students 'aha' moments  makes this such a good listen.

Listen to this episode below: 

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Let me tell you a little bit about Rebecca: 

Rebecca works as a teacher for the Instructional Design program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She has a varied background in the field of Instructional Design. With first beginning in a small family own consulting business. Then moving towards training, high tech, corporate and higher education. She also hosts her own podcast Demystifying Instructional Design. 

Connect with Rebecca:  LinkedIn


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Career Changers: Showcase Projects on Your Resume

As a career changer, it can be difficult to showcase your instructional design (ID) skills when you haven’t had a chance to use them full-time. Standard resume advice is to write accomplishment statements for your work history. There is value in including transferable skills alongside accomplishments when they relate to your desired role. If you have a strong employment section but are not getting traction in your job search, strengthen your resume by adding a project section.


As a career coach for technical boot camps, I became familiar with project sections. I encouraged my students to showcase their best projects near the top of their resumes, even though they included the same information in their portfolios and GitHub pages. Students who showcased two to three of their best projects throughout their materials would gain traction in their job search. When they made it to the first recruiter call, we knew their resume was working. 


When it came time for...

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Become an IDOL 72: Success Story with Former Teacher Jennifer Berman

Guest: Jennifer Berman,  Instructional Designer

In this episode, I will be chatting with Jennifer Berman, an IDOL course Academy member who transitioned into an Instructional Designer in just 14 weeks. She worked for 17 years in Elementary Education when becoming the primary virtual teacher inspired a love for online learning. She tells how IDOL gave her the skills, feedback and goal setting that she needed to make such a quick transition. Listen in to hear how her corporate role compares to teaching! 

Listen to this episode below:


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Let me tell you a little bit about Jennifer:
Jennifer taught elementary school for 17 years and obtained her Masters degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. At first she thought about a career in Administration. During the pandemic after virtual teaching decided on a different route. IDOL courses Academy gave her just...
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Advocating for Accessibility


It’s now becoming common knowledge that humans have a wide range of cognitive differences, in addition to the physical ones that are more readily apparent. However, we’re still just scratching the surface with our understanding of conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. With that emerging comprehension comes persistent stigmas. I’ve experienced them in my own family and encountered them in the learning and development field.


In fact, what spurred me to write this was getting blocked by a doctor who has an active social media and podcast presence because I asked her to consider not using background music that contained vocals, as the vocals competed with what she said aloud. That doctor also is a professor at a state university, which made me wonder if she provides accommodations for her neurodivergent students. (Learning differences don’t go away when a person enters medical school, after all.)


This reminded me that we still have a...

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Become an IDOL 71: Success Story with Barbara Taylor an Internal Promotion

Guest: Barbara Taylor,  Manager of Training for Talent Acquisition

In this episode, I will be chatting with Barbara Taylor, IDOL alumni from cohort 3. She was able to transform her role within a fortune 100 company through her passion for Learning and Development with the implementation from IDOL courses Academy. She now serves as the training manager for 180 recruiters. Listen in now to hear more details on Barbara’s internal promotional journey.


Listen to this episode below: 

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Let me tell you a little bit about Barbara: 

Barbara has always had an affinity for instructional design and online learning and aspired to succeed in this type of position.  She began working toward her dream of landing a position in the Learning & Development field.  The journey was lengthy, and after receiving her master’s degree...

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The Need for Trauma-informed Instructional Design

Shouldn’t it be the adult learners’ responsibility to handle their mental health needs so they can access learning? Why should an ID even take mental health into consideration? Alumni, Mandy Brown, shares her answer.


The Need for Trauma-informed Instructional Design


When you design for learners, how often do you consider burnout? How often do you consider trauma? What about your learners’ survival responses? These are all questions I had to consider on a daily basis when I worked for a restorative justice center. 


I tend to use “trauma,” “burnout,” and the “survival response” interchangeably when I speak with mentees at IDOL courses Academy. And while there is a Venn diagram of the three, some quick definitions might help. 


The survival response (also called the stress response) is that deeply rooted instinct when one responds to danger, the fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses. We...

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Become an IDOL 70: Digital Learning that Makes Impact with David James from 360Learning

Guest: David James, Chief Learning Officer 

In this episode of Become an IDOL, I’ll be chatting with David James, Chief Learning Officer at 360 Learning. David has a wealth of information about our industry and he shares tips for creating digital learning that makes an impact. 

Listen to this episode below:

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Let me tell you a little bit about David:

David is Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning (formerly at Looop) and has been a People Development professional for more than 20 years, most notably as Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

David is host of The Learning & Development Podcast, a prominent writer and a conference speaker on topics around modern and digital L&D.

Connect with David: LinkedIn  | Website | Twitter | Podcast

Enjoy the Episode...

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No Pain No Gain: An IDOLs Journey

No Pain No Gain

Learn to accept the pain for the gain when you: 

  • Search your mind
  • Carve out time 
  • Reach out for help 
  • Work out the wrinkles 


No Pain No Gain

This old saying implies that gain will only come through pain.

Did you ever . . .

  • Search your mind and soul to find a gain worth the pain?
  • Carve out time in your schedule as a commitment to the gain?
  • Reach out for help when you were stuck and overwhelmed on a gainful journey?
  • Work out the wrinkles when the first attempt failed to gain?


Recently, I traveled The Narrows of Utah’s Zion Park. This hike journey rating of “moderately strenuous” did not frighten me. Yet the journey of walking in water and stepping on unknown rocky surfaces did cause some angst.  My instructional design journey presented me with unfamiliar terms and processes. To begin, the kickstart #DoItMessy assignments provided the path of pain to gain.


Because of the stunning views, I knew The...

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