Become an IDOL 27: Success Story with Fe’Dricka Moore

podcast Apr 29, 2021

Guest: Fe'Dricka Moore, Instructional Designer, and e-Learning Developer.

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL, I'll be chatting with Fe'Dricka Moore about her four-year journey of finding her new purpose after quitting her teaching job. We also dive into how it only took Fe'Dricka 4 months from start to finish to become an instructional designer in the IDOL courses Academy.

  • In this new role in her professional life as an instructional designer and eLearning developer, she will gladly continue to help people and improve their professional skills.
  • She was a teacher before transitioning to instructional design.
  • For a brief period, she used to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. It also helped her to appreciate more the color pink. 
  • She helps workers to onboard, upskill, and reskill their professional responsibilities and tasks.
  • She took 4 months to build her portfolio, and then less than a month later, she got a job offer.

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Become an IDOL 24: Success Story with Lusha Sha

podcast Apr 29, 2021

Guest: Lusha Sha, Instructional Designer

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL, I'll be chatting with Lusha Sha - Instructional Designer.

She will be sharing her experience of being an Instructional Designer. We will be discussing her success story and how she became made the transition to instructional design. 

If you are a new listener to become an IDOL, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email [email protected].

In this episode, we will discuss her success story:

  • She started researching IDOL courses from Facebook and other sites and joined the course.
  • She fell in love with the eLearning industry during her study at the University of San Francisco four years ago.
  • She is also a creative and collaborative person.
  • She got 2 job offers: Training specialist Traffic Management and the second one is Learning Experience Designer.
  • She works closely with experienced designers and graphic design teams as they are learning on e-learning as to how to build a project....
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Become an IDOL 22: Success Story with Kristi Oliva

podcast Apr 29, 2021

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL, I'll be chatting with Kristi Oliva - Instructional Designer.


She will be sharing her experience of being an Instructional Designer. We will be talking about how she became an IDOL while managing as a single mom. 


If you are a new listener to become an IDOL, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email [email protected].

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kristi discovered instructional design entirely by accident.
  • Her IDOL role in the Academy was about 7 months.
  • She had one interview with the recruiter that lasted about 30 minutes and then a panel interview about an hour with the team.
  • About two weeks later, she got the call from the recruiter with the job offer! She was over the moon thrilled that she had got the job.
  • Kristi transitioned from a full-time teacher to a full-time corporate IDOL.
  • She loves prototyping and showing their clients what she will be building for them.
  • She is passionate about loyalty and...
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Become an IDOL 26: Micro Personalized Learning with Dr. Jiani Wu

podcast Apr 29, 2021

Guest: Dr. Jiani Wu, Teacher Career Coach

In this episode of Becoming an IDOL Podcast, I'll be chatting with Dr. Jiani Wu - Learning Scientist and Instructional Designer.

She will be sharing her experience of being a Learning Scientist and Instructional Designer. We will discuss micro personalization, what it looks like, and how newbies can apply it? Her answers might inspire you.

  • To learn language apps of different levels with different content (Grammer, Voculabury, 2-minute video).
  • When all the micro-learning projects are over, it will turn into a big client-based project.
  • Whenever you complete micro-learning units, you can get a few points, and then you will earn a badge.
  • Micro-learning is a living map.
  • Also, adaptive learning is the next stage of Micro-Learning.
  • Adaptive learning is a lot of data crating.

If you are a new listener to become an IDOL, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email [email protected].

In this episode, we discuss:

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Working Full Time and Managing the IDOL courses Academy

When you are balancing your full-time job and the IDOL courses Academy, you may feel an overwhelming onslaught of emotions. You are excited to learn something new! You see hopes of being able to leave your current job or level up in an instructional design role. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed when you add something new to your plate. 

My goal is to share the lessons I learned during the 8-week cohort and how I managed my time while working a full-time job along with several side jobs and a family.  It’s not a one size fits all approach by any means.  

  • Prioritize your time and figure out your WHY.

I knew when I signed up for the IDOL courses Academy, the 8-week cohort would fly by quickly.  But I didn’t realize how much I needed to prioritize my time in the Academy. My schedule was already jammed packed before I started the cohort, and trying to figure out how to fit it all in was a challenge.

I needed to focus on WHY I joined the ...

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Become an IDOL 33: Mindset for Teachers Making Career Changes with Teacher Career Coach Daphne Williams

podcast Apr 09, 2021

Guest: Daphne Williams, Teacher career coach

In this episode of becoming an IDOL, I’ll be chatting with Daphne Williams - Teacher Career Coach.

She will be sharing her experience of being a Teacher Career Coach. She is an educational consultant. We will be discussing what really started creating resources for teachers or finding different paths outside the classroom. We will be talking about mindset and strategies for deciding what's next!

If you are a new listener to become an IDOL, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email [email protected].

In this episode we discuss:

  • Creating resources for teachers for finding different paths outside the classroom, and using different products for teachers.
  • Motivation, career advice and type of approach.
  • Facing different challenges and being the right fit for it, making the right choice by decisions.
  • Advice for making a career switch.

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Perfection Paralysis

 Many people strive to be perfect. Social norms push people to have this belief that we are less than if everything isn't perfect. Trying to reach perfection can be paralyzing, and most of the time, we do nothing.

Do you know what perfection paralysis is?

A defense mechanism. It protects you from being seen as less than or not seen as entirely perfect. Feelings are complex, and perfectionism paralysis could be similar to the fear of rejection. Don't expect to win the first prize trophy the first time you do something. Practice doesn't make you perfect. Practice makes you better. Better than you were the first day you started. The work you produce the first year you are an instructional designer will probably be a little embarrassing the fifth year in your career (keep a copy to compare). This is called growth, and it's the best part of life.

Perfectionism paralysis comes in many forms for instructional designers:

  1. Primarily the Inability to start
  2. Fear of putting your work...
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Visual Design Part 1: How to Get Started


When I was interviewing for my first Instructional Designer job, I was asked many times about what I thought were the three most important things that made an eLearning course good. There’s really a lot that I could have listed. However, I always mentioned good visual design as one of the crucial things to get right. And they agreed.

For several reasons. I am only going to focus on two.

We know that first impressions matter. Besides, many times our learners are not really excited about taking the course, even if it’s not compliance training. So we don’t want to make a bad impression and possibly alienate them. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but when we are browsing for a book, a film, or even a new beverage, we form an opinion based on the visuals. Have you ever decided against watching a film just because the graphics looked off? We need to gain the learners’ interest, not put them off. 

The other reason is that...

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Spill The Tax Tea To New ID Contractors & Freelancers

 Few of us ever test our powers of deduction, except when filling out an income tax form. ~ Laurence J. Peter

Currently, it’s Tax Season 2021. During this time of the year, some are ecstatic to anticipate a nice tax refund, while others dread paying a balance due to the IRS. Nonetheless, most people will prepare and file their annual income tax returns by the traditional due date of April 15. However, if you are new to instructional design (ID) and you are an independent contractor or freelancer, there are several important things you must consider when filing your income tax this year. Let me “spill some tax tea'' to you.

As previously shared on this Become an IDOL podcast, during my transitional period of becoming an IDOL, I worked as a tax professional for one of the major tax prep companies (and I still do as a side hustle...shhhhh!). When I filed my tax return recently, even with the increased earned income thanks to my current ID contractual job I gained...

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How to Use Any Technology

 Here’s something funny: 6 months ago, when I enrolled with the IDOL courses Academy, I didn’t know what HTML was. It’s funny, because, looking back, I still can’t believe how little I knew about technology. 

Two months later, I didn’t only fill that gaping hole about HTML, but I was copying CSS and Javascript codes to modify things on my website and add special functions to my Storyboard course. 

In two short, but very busy months, I built two websites with Google Sites, created videos with Powtoon, Camtasia, Biteable, and Vyond and I developed interactive courses with, Rise, and Storyline. None of which I had known much about before. I had not even heard of Canva, Visme, or Snagit either, yet I was now effortlessly designing images for my assets.

I am not here to boast. My point is that if I could do that, anyone can and I am happy to share some tips.



I think the best way to learn any tech is to find...

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